Chapter 1849 Powerful Elemental Spirit Emperor (4)

Name:New Age Of Summoners Author:vinayraj
Chapter 1849 Powerful Elemental Spirit Emperor (4)

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'So, he could learn all the attacks that he ate but why is he not using the Lightning Blast?'

While escaping, Ajax thought of something which could help him in defeating the Elemental Spirit Emperor by making some changes to his existing plan.

That's right!

Even though it seemed like Ajax was running away, in fact, he had a plan and he was executing it until he thought of an additional thing when he heard the Elemental Spirit Emperor's words.

Earlier, the Elemental Spirit Emperor had swallowed two of Ajax's attacks, namely, the Lightning Snakes and the Lightning Blast; however, he only used the Lightning Snakes attack which was comparatively weaker than the Lightning Blast.

[Lightning Snakes]


"No matter where you run, you can't escape from me."

From time to time, the Elemental Spirit Emperor was using the [Lightning Snakes] attacks; however, Ajax didn't have a problem in dodging those attacks.

'With the Lightning Blast, the Elemental Spirit Emperor could easily injure me. There must be a reason why he could not use it.'

Seeing that the Elemental Spirit Emperor kept using only the [Lightning Snakes], Ajax became sure about his thoughts that the Elemental Spirit Emperor was unable to use the attack [Lightning Blast] that he swallowed after the Lightning Snakes.

'Is it because there was a cooldown to what he could swallow and digest?'

Whatever Ajax was thinking, they were all his thoughts based on his assumptions. So, he wanted to back his thoughts with some valid proof.

'However, he is asking me to use more and more attacks on him which means there was no cooldown whatsoever; or maybe, he could swallow and digest a limited number of attacks before that skill falls into a cooldown.'

'All I can do right now is, kill the Elemental Spirit Emperor and help the system upgrade itself.'

As the system upgrades itself, the more helpful it will be for Ajax. Moreover, even if he didn't want to kill the Elemental Spirit Emperor, the other party would kill him at any cost.

In short, it would be a life and death situation for Ajax and also, if the other party was devouring his Divine Spirit Consciousness, his soul might not return to the Soul Nourishment Tree.

Therefore, Ajax had to do his best to kill the Elemental Spirit Emperor even without the system's mission.

'Anyway, let's execute the plan I devised earlier. As long as it goes well, I can check whether my theories are right or wrong.'

Soon, Ajax put an end to his non-stop thinking as he decided to go with his plan for now.

"Didn't you hear me? No matter where you run to, you can't escape from me...Hehe."

The Elemental Spirit Emperor chuckled as he said those words; however, Ajax could tell that the Elemental Spirit Emperor was getting frustrated and could no longer play the 'cat and mouse' with Ajax.

'It looks like he is no longer in the mood to drag this fight any longer. I have to find the Dark Elemental Region soon.'

No matter how calm Ajax looked, he was also getting tense because to execute his plan, he had to find the Dark Elemental Region.

An Elemental Spirit World is a world that inhabits all kinds of Elemental Spirits and to do that, it should have all kinds of habitats to accommodate and nurture the Elemental Spirits.

Currently, Ajax is trying to find the Dark Elemental Region in the Elemental Spirit World because his plan heavily relies on the place that has rich Dark Elemental Energy.

Thus, Ajax was rushing towards a Dark Elemental Region according to the information he received from the elemental spirits that he formed the contract with, earlier.

'There it is.'

It didn't take much time for Ajax to find the place he was looking for and became a little excited.