Chapter 1729 Heavenhold (2)

Chapter 1729 Heavenhold (2)

Guan Wen's eyes narrowed slightly. She had encountered many formidable opponents, but the current Tian Yuhan was veiled in layers of mystery, rendering her unable to discern his true power.

In her opinion, the Heavenhold Orb in Tian Yuhan's hand was undoubtedly the Heaven Sealing Pearl, and Tian Yuhan had somehow inherited the power of the pearl. It was the reason she was able to become a god emperor in a short amount of time.

However, the appearance of Tian Yuhan made Guan Wen realize something. Originally, it would have been extremely difficult to give birth to a new god emperor due to the laws of the Divine Realm. It was obvious that the laws had changed.

A strange light glittered in her eyes as Guan Wen spoke. "Let me see how powerful the ancient inheritance is."

A terrifying devilish aura erupted from Guan Wen's body, distorting all space and devouring all light within the Heavenhold Realm. Within a split second, the entire world plunged into darkness, terrifying every living being.

"Retreat." Tian Yuhan said and stepped forward. The brilliant blue light of the Heavenhold Orb shone even brighter. It appeared as a radiant candle in a gloomy world.

Tian Jia and Tian Hualing quickly retreated and led all the disciples away. None of them were qualified to participate in this battle.

"Are you ready?" Guan Wen said with a playful smile.

She pointed her finger at Tian Yuhan, and a ring of dark energy appeared between her fingers. The immense power of the high-level God Emperor suddenly enveloped Tian Yuhan.

However, all that Tian Yuhan had to offer was calmness. She raised the orb gently, and several streaks of blue light burst forth, rushing towards Guan Wen from all directions.

"Heh." Guan Wen sneered. She flicked her finger lightly, causing the ring of dark energy to suddenly explode outward, colliding with the approaching blue rays.


It took an instant to turn the most sacred land of the Heavenhold Realm into ruins. All the buildings and mountains collapsed one after another due to the impact.

Even Wu Jun couldn't resist it and had to constantly retreat as far as he could. The battle between two god emperors wasn't something that a peak Divine Emperor like him was qualified to join in.

"Not bad." Guan Wen curled her lips. "But it isn't enough to defeat me."

A dark gleam suddenly flashed across Guan Wen's eyes, and a storm of darkness immediately swept across the entire space.

Tian Yuhan quickly unleashed her power in response, summoning a gigantic blue dome that enveloped the territory of the Heavenhold Sect. This dome effectively prevented the storm from exploding outward.


The barrier shook violently as the storm struck. It managed to withstand the terrifying force in the end.

Seeing this scene, Guan Wen opened her palm and made a grasping gesture.

Immediately, two devilish claws appeared and grabbed Tian Yuhan.

Tian Yuhan didn't seem to react, but a blue barrier suddenly appeared around her, blocking the claws.


The devilish claws ruthlessly struck the barrier but were unable to break through it.

Guan Wen didn't waste her time. Her aura surged, and a pitch-black skeletal claw appeared in the sky, descending upon Tian Yuhan.


The skeletal claw hit the barrier above Tian Yuhan's head, causing a massive explosion. Columns of darkness shot all the way to the sky, and the ground was transformed into a giant pit of hell.

Amidst the darkness, a blue light suddenly shot out of the giant pit, soaring towards the sky and exploding like a massive firework.

The skeletal claw was instantly shredded into pieces and disappeared completely.

At this moment, Tian Yuhan could be seen standing unharmed at the center of the pit.

"Oh?" Guan Wen was surprised to see that Tian Yuhan was safe and sound. "As expected from the ancient inheritance. This barrier looks more powerful than the renowned Shrouding Sky Barrier."

Guan Wen opened her hand, and a long black whip appeared. It looked more like a giant black python than a whip.

Without hesitation, Guan Wen swung the whip towards Tian Yuhan, leaving a long, tearing streak in its path.

Tian Yuhan infused more divine energy into the Heavenhold Orb, causing the blue barrier around her to instantly thicken, ready to withstand the ferocious whip.


An explosion as dark as purgatory detonated, causing the barrier to tremble violently, on the brink of shattering.

Guan Wen continued to strike the barrier, creating a crack with each whip.

Boom! Boom!! BOOM!!

The barrier managed to withstand and repair itself every time the whip landed. No matter how fast Guan Wen moved, she was unable to break through the barrier, which annoyed her.

"That's all you can do? Keep defending?" Guan Wen said with displeasure, but her hand never stopped moving.

Tian Yuhan remained silent and focused on protecting herself.n.-O..v-.e-(l(.b))I-/n

"Fine!" Guan Wen's patience reached its limit. The dark aura around her suddenly exploded as she swung the whip at Tian Yuhan, creating a black scar in space that stretched hundreds of kilometers long.

It was as if she had carved a deep abyss of darkness into the world.

The heavens and the earth split apart under the might of the whip, and the once intact blue dome that enclosed the battlefield was shattered. The dark storm quickly swept through, engulfing the entire territory of the Heavenhold Sect in all directions.

Seeing this scene, Tian Jia, Tian Hualing, and the other elders unleashed everything they had to create a barrier in order to protect everyone.

However, just as the dark storm was about to reach the barrier, a familiar blue dome suddenly appeared in the air once again, preventing the storm from advancing any further.

Guan Wen frowned deeply. She wasn't afraid of engaging her opponent head-on, but it was a different story when her opponent continuously blocked her attacks one after another like this.

"That damn power." Guan Wen uttered in dissatisfaction. She had never seen a defensive power created by an artifact as powerful as this one. It was an exaggeration at this point.

As the dark storm faded slightly, Tian Yuhan could be seen standing unharmed within the protective blue barrier.

She raised her head to look at Guan Wen and said. "It's my turn."

Her voice was plain, but it sent a chill down Guan Wen's spine.

Suddenly, the Heavenhold Orb in Tian Yuhan's hand shone even brighter, instantly dispelling all the surrounding darkness.