Chapter 1728 Heavenhold (1)

Chapter 1728 Heavenhold (1)

As soon as Wu Jun touched the barrier, a powerful force abruptly burst out from inside, blasting him and Tian Hualing away.

Tian Hualing spun several times in the air before crashing to the ground. However, she didn't care about her injury as she struggled to look at the barrier.

The aura earlier was so familiar to her... It was obviously Tian Yuhan's aura!

Wu Jun managed to stabilize himself in the air and looked at the barrier with caution. The aura wasn't inferior to his in the slightest... But how could that be possible?

He clearly remembered that the Heavenhold Realm King was only at the early level of the Divine Emperor at most. How did she become so powerful in just a few years?


All of a sudden, a brilliant blue light shot out of the passage and soared into the sky, accompanied by a terrifying surge of pressure.

All the ancient beasts in the Heavenhold Realm stopped their movements and raised their heads to gaze at the turbulent sky. Their hearts trembled for an unknown reason. Their instincts told them to run as soon as possible.

Wu Jun stared at the sky with a deep frown. Before he could move, another blue light suddenly shot from the barrier towards him.

Wu Jun's expression changed drastically as he hurriedly brought the sword forward, blocking the oncoming blue beam.


Wu Jun was instantly sent flying hundreds of kilometers. His arm shook uncontrollably, and his eyes widened in shock.

"A God Emperor's power!?" Wu Jun uttered in disbelief.

At this moment, the barrier inside the passage vanished, and two figures slowly walked out. The first one was Tian Jia, who had been thrown into the barrier earlier, and the other was the Heavenhold Realm King, Tian Yuhan!

However, Tian Yuhan's temperament had changed entirely compared to a decade ago. She became more feminine and charming. There was also a mysterious aura surrounding her. It was as if she didn't belong in this world.

"Sect Master..." Tian Hualing was delighted.

Tian Yuhan looked at Tian Hualing and waved her hand. Immediately, the wounds on Tian Hualing's body were sealed and no longer bleeding.

Tian Jia stepped forward and helped Tian Hualing up from the ground.

"We are saved. Our sect master has successfully become a God Emperor." Tian Jia spoke excitedly.

"What?" Tian Hualing was stunned and looked blankly at Tian Yuhan. Her brain was incapable of comprehending the situation... What was going on here?

In the past, they were already happy to have a divine emperor in the sect. But now, there was actually a god emperor here... Wouldn't this mean that their Heavenhold Realm would become a god realm?

"Help everyone first. Leave the rest to me." Tian Yuhan said calmly.

She swept her gaze over the ancient beasts in the scene and raised her hand. Immediately, her divine energy surged from her body, unleashing a bone-chilling wind that swept in every direction.

"Roar!" All the nearby ancient beasts let out roars and hurriedly ran away as fast as they could.

However, before they could move, the cold wind had already caught up to them and turned them into ice statues one after another.


Instantly, the ice figures shattered into countless ice particles. This similar scene happened across the Heavenhold Realm.

Wu Jun, who had survived Tian Yuhan's attack, looked at the scene in horror. The strength Tian Yuhan had displayed earlier reminded him once again that she was a genuine god emperor.

Tian Yuhan's gaze locked onto Wu Jun, causing him to shudder. The arrogance he previously showed was no longer there.

Without hesitation, Wu Jun activated his forbidden technique in an attempt to escape.

Tian Yuhan took a step forward, and a god emperor's power exploded. In a flash, she appeared before Wu Jun and thrust her palm forward.

Great shock instantly seized Wu Jun's heart as he hastily brought his sword forward, attempting to replicate the same trick.


A loud cracking sound echoed as the black sword in Wu Jun's hand shattered into pieces under Tian Yuhan's attack. It was unbelievable that a divine artifact was destroyed by her bare hand.

Wu Jun coughed up blood directly from the impact. He tilted his head to look at the sky and screamed. "Master, help me!"


All of a sudden, the sky shook as a devilish might fell down.

Tian Yuhan was enveloped by a soul-penetrating killing intent, but her expression remained calm and composed.

She raised her head to gaze at the sky and unleashed her aura.


The two most powerful auras collided in midair, creating a divine explosion.

Tian Hualing and the others were blown away directly by the impact. Fortunately, no one died as a result of it.

At this moment, a seductive woman emerged from the clouds. Her figure was enchanting, easily captivating men and causing them to lose themselves.

She looked down at Tian Yuhan and said with a seductive smile. "I didn't expect to see a god emperor in this small place... How interesting."

Tian Yuhan remained silent and continued to stare at the newcomer.noVE)lb-1n

The woman, Guan Wen, scrutinized Tian Yuhan from head to toe and said. "Your power is very strange. It doesn't look like you have achieved it on your own."

She paused briefly and then continued speaking. "Once upon a time, there was a formidable figure known as the Heaven Sealing God Emperor. This person's strength wasn't strong, but the artifact in her hand was... If I remember correctly, that artifact was called the Heaven Sealing Pearl."

"When she died, the Heaven Sealing Pearl had completely vanished, and no one could find a trace of it. There were many rumors, such as it being destroyed by her enemy or her changing its appearance and hiding it somewhere."

"Well... The latter one seems possible to me."

Wu Jun was enlightened upon hearing this. He stared at Tian Yuhand and said. "The Heavenhold Pearl... It must be the Heaven Sealing Pearl."

Tian Yuhan took a deep look at Guan Wen and said. "You came at the right time."

Guan Wen raised her eyebrows slightly. "Why? Are you going to use me as a sparring partner?"

Tian Yuhan didn't say anything but opened her palm. Suddenly, a blue orb materialized in the air.


The Heavenhold Realm abruptly shook, and a powerful barrier immediately spread across the entire space.

Guan Wen's expression changed slightly as she looked up at the barrier.

"Let's begin." Tian Yuhan said calmly.