Chapter 286

Where Qin Ran's half-head was grabbed off by Feng Feiyan's claw, another Qin Ran materialized out of thin air. He caught the half-head, then took out a bloody Universe Bag from it.

Holding the head, he turned and left, moving away from the explosion site. That Universe Bag contained quite a few Death Notice Pills he had put in. With this blast, everything within a radius of several hundred meters would be devoid of life for a long time. He had to get farther away.

The Death Notice Pill was something he came up with when researching the Longevity Pill. He seriously suspected that this pill formula had already touched upon the mysteries between life and death, like that so-called life equation or something. Because life and death were intrinsically part of the same realm.

A real man doesn't look back at an explosion site, that's just the way it is. He was afraid he would be poisoned to death by his own pills.

Qin Ran strode through the forest, hugging his own half head. Behind him, the Death Notice Pills mixed with Earth Flame Pills exploded in the azure sky, blossoming like a magnificent mandala flower.

Beautiful, alluring, deadly!

At the same time, it also marked the death of Qin Ran No. 2, the second Nascent Soul split body to die. It had lived at least one more day than the first one.

So when did Qin Ran make the replacement?

Clearly, the one who first appeared at the Chief Alchemy Hall's door was a split body. The split body carried a bag of Earth Flame Pills and Death Notice Pills together with Feng Feiyan, heading to Zhican Valley.

That was why this Qin Ran didn't open the mountain-guarding grand array with his own prestigious sect elder identity token. He didn't have an identity token, the real identity token was on his original body that tailed them on the ground.

That was also why this Qin Ran was not afraid of heights. This split body didn't obtain that excellent ability from the original body.The debut release of this chapter happened at Ñøv€l-B1n.

That was also why this Qin Ran didn't fear poison. Because he already knew it would be hard for him to survive.

That was also why this Qin Ran was said by that Zhican Valley disciple to have a weak physique and timid soul. His flesh was just a water-element mystic art of the original body, and his soul merely a bit of the original body's Nascent Soul.

That was also why this Qin Ran did not fear death...

Having travelled the route once, Qin Ran remembered the way. He soon returned to the Dao Sword Sect. Fearing being tailed, he took some detours, but still entered the Chief Alchemy Hall before 5pm.

He really didn't go back to check out the explosion site, because he didn't actually care whether the others lived or died, as long as Feng Feiyan was dead. And Feng Feiyan was undoubtedly dead.

Qin Ran walked into the Chief Alchemy Hall. Seeing it was him who returned, Ke Yue's expression changed slightly, realizing something was amiss. She hurriedly asked, "Elder Qin, where is Feiyan?"

Qin Ran's footsteps halted, then he stopped and his face gradually revealed grief, followed by tears falling down his cheeks.

Qin Ran didn't go looking for Yan Yi first, but went to see the Sect Leader instead.

"Sect Leader, I'm back." He greeted the Sect Leader.

"You returned safely?" Sect Leader Gu Yueming opened his eyes, looked him up and down, and seeing only paleness but no major issues, nodded with a smile. "Not bad, very skillful."

"There's nothing else really, just ran into some bandits and lost a Chief Alchemy Hall executive." Qin Ran said.

"The one responsible for recording for Jian Yuanjie?" Gu Yueming asked. "You can find another one yourself in the future."

"Sect Leader, you mean..." Qin Ran frowned. "I'll be in charge of the Chief Alchemist position from now on?"


As a shut-in, Qin Ran was very unwilling. He was silent for a good while before saying, "I'll continue sitting there for now."

Seeing Qin Ran, Gu Yueming shook his head with a laugh. He gestured for Qin Ran to show him the pills.

Qin Ran respectfully presented the Universe Bag to Gu Yueming with both hands. Gu Yueming took the Universe Bag and rummaged inside, taking out a bottle of pills to pour out and look at. He laughed, "Now that's more like it!"

Seeing this, Qin Ran secretly ridiculed him for showing off some low-grade pills when he didn't know anything about pills.

Gu Yueming checked the pills, and also opened a bag of spiritual herbs, taking out a ginseng root. Looking at Qin Ran, he laughed and scolded, "Not bad Chief Alchemist Qin, abusing your power for personal gain!"

"Oh no, I didn't put it away right away." Qin Ran's expression changed slightly. He hurriedly smiled at Gu Yueming, "This is for research, refining new pills."

Gu Yueming casually rummaged a bit more before putting everything back and tossing the Universe Bag back to Qin Ran. "Distribute these next month then!"

"Yes, Sect Leader!" Qin Ran saluted. Then he hesitated and asked, "Sect Leader, look, I narrowly escaped death this time. Is there no consolation prize for surviving disaster? (I risked life and limb for the Dao Sword Sect, resolving such a huge problem, is there no reward?)"

"Wanting to wheedle benefits again?" Gu Yueming laughed angrily, pointing at him and scolding, "Good ol' honest Qin Ran, who would've thought you're also such a scheming villain."

"How could Sect Leader say that..." Qin Ran was a little embarrassed. "Nevermind, I don't want anything."

He headed towards the cave exit as he spoke, but suddenly turned back when he reached the doorway and asked Gu Yueming, "Sect Leader, where does Chief Alchemy Hall clerk Yan Yi live?"