Chapter 285

Qin Ran felt content as he used public funds to purchase spiritual herbs for himself. Saying goodbye to Elder Sun at the gate of Zhican Valley, Qin Ran, accompanied by Feng Feiyan, soared into the sky towards Dao Sword Sect.

Standing with hands behind his back on the clouds, Qin Ran observed the mountains and trees passing swiftly beneath his feet. He thought to himself, "So this is what it feels like to fly on clouds."

He listened to Feng Feiyan's gentle guiding voice and remembered the routes they had traveled. He wondered where Feng Feiyan would take him, hoping for a serene and picturesque place.

He smelled the fragrance carried by the wind from Feng Feiyan's body, while also sensing the gradual onset of toxins within himself.

His complexion darkened gradually, feeling weakness creeping over his body. He began to feel dizzy and fearful of heights, his vision blurring as he went from standing to sitting.Dive into Stories, Embrace Enchantment: N♡vεlB¡n.

"Elder Jian always praised your alchemy skills," Feng Feiyan's tender voice echoed in Qin Ran's ears. "But now, it seems he may have been mistaken."

Qin Ran, weakened by the poison, slowly turned to look at Feng Feiyan.

She stood gracefully on the edge of the clouds, her figure elegant and her temperament gentle and knowledgeable. Against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds, with mountains and water in the distance, her hair floated lightly, making her appear unparalleled in beauty.

"You see, you are already poisoned, yet you are unaware. Doesn't this show how lacking your alchemy skills are?" Feng Feiyan's affectionate gaze met Qin Ran's, making him feel as though she were his sister or lover.

As the poison reached its peak, Qin Ran felt extremely weak.

He smiled and asked Feng Feiyan, "Throughout my past lives to this one, I've never quite understood Stockholm syndrome. Now that I'm near death, can you enlighten me?"

"What syndrome?" Feng Feiyan didn't catch it clearly. She smiled gently and said, "Qin Sect Leader, whatever you ask, I will do my best to answer."

"In simple terms, it's a strange feeling that occurs between the victim and the abuser," Qin Ran softly explained.

"Applied to you and Elder Jian, it's like you are Elder Jian's cauldron, where the finest essence of cultivation is extracted until nothing is left. Your entire cultivation is for Elder Jian's benefit, your perfect body exists solely to satisfy his desires. In every way, you are exploited by Elder Jian. So, I can't understand why you still respect him so much, even willing to risk your life for revenge?"

Upon hearing Qin Ran's words, Feng Feiyan was momentarily stunned. She hadn't expected Qin Ran to bring this up on the brink of death.

After a while, she replied, "Elder Jian guided me onto the path of cultivation, he is like my foster parent in this life. Everything I have is given by Elder Jian. Elder Jian only wants my body... and I willingly give it, longing for it."

"What?" Feng Feiyan only knew Qin Ran as a reclusive alchemist.

"First, I excel in alchemy..." Qin Ran replied self-assuredly to Feng Feiyan, "Quite proficient, especially in pharmacology. I'm so skilled that if you were to poison me, I'd be well aware; but if I were to poison you, no one would know."

Upon hearing this, Feng Feiyan's expression changed slightly. She examined herself from head to toe but found nothing amiss.

"Second, I excel in formations, even more than in alchemy..." Qin Ran unclasped the Universe Bag from his waist and continued, "So far, my greatest research achievement is integrating formations into alchemy."

Following Qin Ran's movements, Feng Feiyan looked towards his waist.

"Just a Universe Bag?" she raised a finely arched eyebrow, thinking, "Shouldn't there be two Universe Bags, one for personal use and one for temporarily storing pills?"

"Third, I excel in escape techniques, surpassing even my proficiency in formations..."

Qin Ran finished speaking, then suddenly vanished... or not vanished, he was still sitting cross-legged on a white cloud.

"Fourth..." he sighed with a look in his eyes that Feng Feiyan couldn't comprehend, a sentiment of attachment to the world, "I excel at surviving, a combination of the three skills mentioned earlier."

Feng Feiyan recognized that gaze, an attachment to life. Although she didn't understand, she sensed danger and shouted, "Run!"

But as she turned around, she realized her plump thighs had lost movement at some point. It was then that she realized she was poisoned.

Standing frozen, she felt her body gradually stiffen and turn cold. She saw the Universe Bag Qin Ran held slowly exploding...

At the moment of death, it seemed like her eyes had a slow-motion capability. She saw red flames mixed with black mist tearing the Universe Bag apart. Black and red emerged, shockwaves shredded Qin Ran, flames turned him into ashes, and black mist transformed him into dark vapor...

Helplessly, she watched as the flames and mist swept towards her.

Even in death, she couldn't fathom, "Why would Qin Ran do this?"