1217 Fraudulent

Gu Zhou sat down beside Qiao Nian and watched as she quickly entered the code. His lips curved up slightly.

His Nian’er was really amazing.

There was a lot of data in the database. Qiao Nian first investigated Li Yang.

Li Yang’s information was very easy to investigate. She was an orphan. When she was in university, she had once done a DNA match. She wanted to use this method to find her family, but she couldn’t find them for four years. Later on, she went to work. Due to her outstanding ability, she was promoted very quickly. When she was twenty-nine years old, she bought a camper van in An City. In the end, she died of bone cancer in less than a year.

Li Yang usually only interacted with her best friend, who had grown up in an orphanage. The two of them lived together, and some higher-ups even suspected that she was a lesbian.

Qiao Nian sorted out Li Yang’s information and sent it to the group chat. Then, she began to investigate Wang Tian.

Wang Tian’s information was just like the information they had seen. She was a little girl who had lived overseas since she was young and yearned to live in the country. Her grades were outstanding in all fields, and she was like a heavenly daughter. After returning to the country, her parents bought her a camper van in An City. She didn’t have to worry about money.

Wang Tian objected to the overtime system. Among the domestic workers, she looked more unique when she went to work on time and never worked overtime. However, her work ability was outstanding and the company turned a blind eye to her.

Wang Tian liked to go to bars. She often hung out in bars with her best friends. Some people called her the little princess of the nightclub.

Wang Tian was in good health and did not have any illnesses. She went for physical examinations on time.

Qiao Nian also sent Wang Tian’s information to the group chat and continued to investigate Su Li.

Su Li had an obedient personality and had asthma. Usually, during the holidays, she would stay at home or help her parents look after their shop.

Su Li’s daily interactions were simple, and her family background was indeed average.

Qiao Nian also sent Su Li’s message to the group chat. In the end, she said, “What I’m thinking is that we can’t confirm who did it with our guesses. Li Yang once did a DNA test and we’ll compare her DNA with Song Man’s. We’ll know if they’re related. Wang Tian and Su Li are still working in the Lu Corporation. We can use a physical examination to get their blood and hair and do a DNA test on them. Then, we’ll compare their results with Song Man’s. If they’re related, then there’ll be another clue. If we can’t find anything, we can only wait for the surveillance video.”

Jiang Chi looked at everyone and said, “This screenshot of the surveillance cameras was taken two years ago. The video is stored on a hard drive. Just now, Jiang Wen investigated and realized that the video seemed to have been deleted.”

As Jiang Chi spoke, his expression darkened. Someone actually dared to touch something that belonged to his Ghost City. Wasn’t that person’s hand a little too daring?

“When was the video file deleted?” Qiao Nian asked.

“A day ago.” Jiang Chi now suspected that there was a traitor in his ghost city. He couldn’t sit still anymore. Now, he yearned to return immediately. As long as he caught that person, he would definitely make that person’s life a living hell.

Qiao Nian looked at Jiang Chi, then at Gu Zhou beside her. In a low voice, she said, “Could it be that those people know that we’ve found Jiang Cheng’s diary?”

“That shouldn’t be possible. We hid this matter very well.” Lu Jiang frowned and said, “Only the few of us know about this. There shouldn’t be any outsiders.”

The other three people also stood up. Qiao Nian recalled Jiang Chi’s methods and hurriedly said, “Don’t kill him. We still have to investigate him.”

Jiang Chi really wanted to kill that person. Now that he heard Qiao Nian’s words, he took a deep look at her and nodded.

His gaze swept across Gu Zhou, who was beside Qiao Nian. Seeing his cold expression, he didn’t say anything and walked out.

Allen, who was guarding the door, naturally closed it again after Jiang Chi left.

Lu Jiang sat where he was and said, “Perhaps those three people have nothing to do with Song Man, but I think we have to investigate them thoroughly. Big Brother has decided to go to America to investigate Wang Tiantian. Su Li is in MY. I’ve already arranged for someone to investigate. You don’t have to worry.”