1218 Pervert

Some things couldn’t be rushed. Gu Zhou and Qiao Nian could only wait for the rest.

At night, in the presidential suite.

All the lights in the resplendent presidential suite were on, giving off a dreamy feeling.

On the fox-fur carpet in the living room, a woman with fair skin was lying on it. Her messy black hair fell on the carpet. There were still some red whip marks on her body, and she looked a little messy and beautiful.

Jiang Yue lay on the ground, exhausted. She was so tired that she couldn’t move. She had already experienced two hours of torture.


This was Boss Jin’s habit. He liked to play with S&M. Every time after it was over, Jiang Yue would be extremely tired.

The white carpet made her skin look even fairer and crystal clear. As she listened to Boss Jin shower in the bathroom, her eyes gradually turned cold.

On what basis?

Why did Qiao Nian easily gain the favor of those big shots, but she had to sacrifice so much to gain a little pity from Boss Jin?

At the stone gambling banquet today, she was really afraid that Boss Jin would send her out. Fortunately, Boss Jin chose her.

Hearing the bathroom door push open, Jiang Yue immediately put away the coldness in her eyes and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Boss Jin was wearing a bathrobe. He looked at Jiang Yue, who was lying on the ground. Looking at her face, he couldn’t help but smile.

She was really beautiful, like a high and mighty goddess. Her beautiful face and beautiful figure made it impossible for him to look away.

Not only were the whip marks on her body not ugly, but they also made him want to bully her even more.

He picked up the medical kit on the sofa. Although he was more open-minded when he had fun, he was worried that Jiang Yue would be injured, so he prepared the medical kit at all times.

Boss Jin reached out and picked up Jiang Yue, who was lying on the carpet. Looking at her pitiful face, his heart skipped a beat. He gently tucked her hair behind her ear and asked gently, “Yue’er, how are you? Do you hurt a lot?”

Jiang Yue’s long eyelashes trembled slightly. She blinked, and her eyes were filled with tears. Under the light, her eyes were filled with tears, making her look even more pitiful.

Looking at Boss Jin with those obedient and pitiful eyes, Jiang Yue saw that Boss Jin’s eyes instantly softened. She knew that Boss Jin couldn’t resist her obedient appearance at all.

Jiang Yue tried hard to put on a quiet smile. Her body was burning with pain. She looked at Boss Jin in front of her and said in a soft and coquettish voice, “Godfather, Yue’er doesn’t hurt. As long as Godfather is happy.”

When Boss Jin heard Jiang Yue’s words, his eyes were so gentle that water could drip from them. He gently carried Jiang Yue to the sofa, took out the ointment, and gently applied it on her. His movements were very light, as if he was treating her like a rare treasure.

In his life, he had only fallen for Jiang Yue and the woman he liked was obedient and adorable.

After Boss Jin helped Jiang Yue apply the medicine, he walked to the closet at the side and took out a satin nightdress. He took the initiative to help Jiang Yue put on her clothes before hugging her in his arms. He couldn’t help but kiss Jiang Yue’s forehead and ask in a low voice, “Yue’er, what do you want to eat tonight?”

Jiang Yue leaned lazily into Boss Jin’s arms and said in a low voice, “I’m good with anything.”

Boss Jin’s hand roamed restlessly around Jiang Yue’s body. He said with concern, “You’re really too thin. Why don’t you eat more meat?”

When Jiang Yue heard Boss Jin’s words, she gently rubbed her head against his chin and replied softly, “Okay.”

Jiang Yue was just subtly filrting. Boss Jin sensed Jiang Yue’s actions and couldn’t help but hug her tightly, his heart filled with gratitude.

God had really treated him well. He had actually sent Jiang Yue to his side. He hugged Jiang Yue tightly, yearning to merge her with his. He lowered his head and kissed Jiang Yue’s forehead, sighing. “Yue’er, I only hope that you’ll be by my side for the rest of your life and never leave me.”

Jiang Yue raised her hand and wrapped her arms around Boss Jin’s neck. From her angle, she could see Boss Jin’s fat double chin. She could feel that Boss Jin’s big stomach was pressing against her very uncomfortably, but she pretended to look at him happily.