Chapter 310 Attack 1

After resting, Lothur talked with Annaliese for a few moments while Viktoria finished meditating.

The way he recovered was different from hers. While he did not need to do anything, Viktoria needed to meditate and use her energies to correct the minor wounds on her body. So he was naturally faster than his wife.

"Are you going out now?" Annaliese asked in a low voice, still tired from the previous battle but already much better than before they left the coliseum.

Annaliese had not fully rested, but since she would be spending the rest of the night at her family's estate, she was in no hurry.

Lothur then said. "Yes, we'll deal with some matters to better prepare for the future... Anyway, you'd better focus on your recovery for tomorrow. We still have a long journey ahead of us."

"I know..."

At this moment, Viktoria finished what she was doing and opened her eyes as she stood up. "Are you ready?" She asked, eager to leave and settle this matter they had arranged as soon as possible.

Only then could she relax with him in the hotel room they were staying in!

Lothur waved to her and kissed Annaliese on her right cheek. "See you tomorrow."

With those words, he and Viktoria departed, hiding their movements until they secretly left the Frost estate.

Then they both hid their identities and left the vicinity of that area, following a path where no one was watching.

Lothur had his visual ability activated at all times, so they successfully dodged all the spies in the vicinity, leaving that area without alerting a single living soul.

And with that, it did not take long for them to head towards one of the Mouse Company's outposts!


When they reached the weakest post of the Mouse Company in Peters City, Lothur and Viktoria stopped in front of that place behind a big tree across the street.

'ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ No(v) e lBin ᴏɴʟʏ.',

"I can see about 30 people..." Lothur commented to his wife as he looked at the two-story building across the street, a place that seemed to be abandoned.

However, this silver-haired young man knew that this place was not abandoned, and the people who looked like homeless people in the area were all cultivators.

"You can see all of them from this distance and still through walls?" Viktoria asked in surprise, this being the first time she had seen Lothur using his Soul Bone ability. "Doesn't that mean you can see through other people's clothes?"

"Hmm, yes..." Lothur commented without giving it much thought.

Viktoria looked at him seriously beneath her mask, finding this ability quite useful and shameless. But after sighing, she asked. "Can you sense their cultivation level?"

"Not all of them..." Lothur looked at the various system message boxes with the information of the people in that place. "But the ones I can see are between the 2nd Transformation and the 9th. So there are probably no 2nd stage cultivators in this outpost."

"Then everything will be fine..." She muttered as she looked at the people in front of that place, the only ones she could sense the level from where she was. "How do you want to start? In fact, what do you intend to do?"

"Don't kill anyone. Just knock them out. I want to collect them all in the same area before I finish their lives." He replied.

Lothur had yet to explain to Viktoria how his bloodline worked. So hearing what he was planning, she had doubts about what her husband was planning.

However, she saw no problem in going along with his plans and readily agreed. "All right."

"Let's move!" He moved his neck, emitting some noises as he prepared for combat.

But they did not simply plan to go at their opponents by demonstrating their intentions to destroy that place. No, there was no reason for them to act flashy and end up creating a battle in this place.

So after exchanging a few words, Viktoria stayed in that place, waiting for the moment to start acting, and Lothur left towards those 'homeless people.'

From a cultivator's point of view, this masked person looked like just a mortal. Thus, there was no way for those disguised cultivators to realize who Lothur was.

At the same time, since each of them was much weaker than him, the strongest being someone at only level 6, he decided to clear the entrance of that place before Viktoria acted!

Lothur walked towards that 'abandoned' building as if he were approaching those individuals to ask for information.

When he did this, the five people around immediately paid attention in his direction without alerting themselves.

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They would be on alert if it were a cultivator, maybe even sound the alarms for that post. But with only one mortal coming near them, their reaction had been no different from the one they would have when being visited by a street dog.

"What does this mortal want?" One of the stronger ones there asked his companion, both near the entrance of that building.

"I don't know. Maybe he's lost... Anyway, back to that matter, the bosses are focused on finding out about that brat Lothur. So our post will stop its normal activities starting today to..." The other person was saying that when Lothur acted.

When one of those individuals was getting close to him, Lothur took the daggers hidden in his clothes and shot them hard against the cheeks of the strongest ones there.

Everyone paid attention in his direction as soon as he did this, but it was already too late for Lothur's two targets.

After a few fractions of a second, both who were talking near the entrance of that building felt Lothur's daggers go through their mouths from one side to the other.

But this blow was not as simple as that!

When Lothur had thrown such weapons, the tongues of those two were in a favorable position for his attack.

p So as soon as the daggers passed through their mouths, they lost their tongues before they even began to feel the intense pain of this cut.

However, while the other people had their eyes turned in the direction Lothur had attacked, he moved, using his movement technique.

In doing so, none of the remaining individuals had a chance to cry out in surprise as this young man attacked them mercilessly, causing them to faint in the blink of an eye.

Some of them simply took blows hard enough to make them lose consciousness. But the last of them fell asleep as Lothur strangled him.

As for the two men who lost their tongues, Lothur was also quick to act against them since even without the ability to speak, they could still manage to warn the people in that building.

Viktoria saw all of Lothur's actions from across the street and smiled under her mask, feeling good that her man was decisive and capable.

But seeing him looking back, she did not hold back and soon made her move to storm the building in front of her as he gathered the unconscious bodies in that doorway!


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