Chapter 309 Brief Questioning And Time To Act!

When Lothur and his two companions arrived at the Frost family's VIP area to depart together from the coliseum, everyone there was looking at him.

From the elders who had only paid attention to him during his marriage to Viktoria to those less significant members who bothered him daily, everyone was in disbelief at his performance.

Because of this, when he entered that place, still wounded from the battle earlier, the silence was present, while eyes and mouths showed signs of doubt.

Many there had already heard Viktoria talking about Lothur, but they had too many questions for him. So, finally seeing him there, each of these people put aside other questions to focus their attention on him.

That was true for Aiken and Mabel, but also for Simon, the most irritated this day, as he had worked hardest for the downfall of this family in this competition.

Seeing this young man getting help from Viktoria to walk, Simon was the first to step forward and question. "Lothur, I think you owe us an explanation, no? Why have you tricked everyone in the family all the way here? What are your intentions?"

Lothur looked at this person, who he knew was a traitor, and made a contemptuous expression. "I think you should thank me first, no? A thank you would be appreciated!"

Upon receiving this 'slap' in the face, Simon clenched his fists, but hearing the comments in the surroundings, he could not expose his thoughts against this young man.

People in this world did things and took the side of individuals who benefited them. Since Lothur had benefited the Frost family so much today, many there had already put aside the useless image they had of this young man in their minds. And with that, they thought such a person deserved to be congratulated and perhaps even receive some awards.

Simon then said. "You are right. I got a little overexcited... Lothur, thank you for your efforts. The family will not forget that in the future..."

"But we deserve some answers, no? If we knew of your abilities, we would have prepared better."

Lothur laughed at that. "That's what I'm afraid of: of you getting the chance to plan something..."

Hearing that, Simon frowned. But since he had nothing to suspect Lothur of, he did not consider the possibility that this person knew everything he had done.

Lothur then said, trying to avoid any suspicion. "I think I'm better off planning my own steps. After all, I'm not part of this family."

Mabel stepped forward and stood face to face with Lothur, wanting to slap this person who had deceived her for months. "Don't hide anything from me anymore." She said before looking at her daughter. "That goes for you too, Viktoria."

Aiken placed one of his hands on one of his wife's shoulders and said. "I know you have acted the best way you thought you could, and it has worked out as well as possible. But you have also done some very wild things because of it..."

"What is the need to kill your opponents, Lothur?" He looked at his son-in-law. "Do you know that the Sitz family will not let this go unnoticed? Besides, the Dohmen family will certainly seek justice!"

The people in the area agreed with this, feeling that Lothur had made severe mistakes in killing those three people.


Lothur then said in a mocking tone. "Patriarch, the Sitz family is already an enemy of House Frost. Or are you telling me that this and other powers acting vigorously against our party in this competition is a sign of friendship?"


"If you are not willing to do anything against your enemies, it is best to simply wipe out the family and their business because that is what enemies are already doing!"

"What I did was just what you all should have done long ago." He said, not regretting his actions at all.

Hearing this, the elders there felt complicated since, in fact, the Sitz family was acting practically openly against them. But they did not see the situation as simple as Lothur. It was much more complex for them to move against their enemies as there was a coalition of organizations against this family.

If they acted openly, it would only be a matter of time before the enemies gathered against them in a large-scale conflict!

What would they do when they were surrounded by most of the noble houses in the province?

There was only one way for them in this situation: extermination!

So many could not help but sigh at their terrible situation and helplessness.

But some there, particularly the younger ones, who had fought on this day, could not help but agree with Lothur.

All these youngsters were talents of the Frost family, who had their pride and wanted to be respected. In this way, they would much rather fight than accept their complicated situation, as the elders there seemed to prefer.

Therefore, most of them began to think even more positively about Lothur.

But that was not the case for Viktoria's cousin, Tobias.

'That bastard!'

'He's spoiling all of my father's plans, and he still has these absurd ideas that could destroy the whole family!' Tobias clenched his fists angrily, wanting to hit Lothur in the face.

Unfortunately, after today, he knew he was no match for his cousin's husband, which made him feel twice as bad!

Meanwhile, the people in the area chatted a bit with Lothur and Viktoria, talking about what had happened today and what to expect for the second day.

Some gave them hints, telling Lothur to guard himself against new opponents, not to kill anymore, and the like.

In the end, they set off together from the coliseum to the Frost family estate under the eyes of several spies from local families.


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After arriving at the Frost family estate, Lothur, Annaliese, and Viktoria headed to this woman's residence to rest from the previous fight.

After some time, Lothur finally saw his status after receiving the improvements generated by the previous fight.

[Name: Lothur Ritter]

[Physique: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger]

[Bloodline: Life Devourer]

[Cultivation: level 8]

[STR: 25.9 -> 26.6]

[CON: 65.4 -> 65.9]

[DEX: 22 -> 22.6]

[AGI: 30.2 -> 30.8]

[INT: 68.8]

[PER: 70]

[WIL: 74.4 -> 74.9]

[EVF: 1 -> 0]

Seeing this, Lothur felt the advantage of having a more resilient body from a technique-training standpoint. The better his body was, the greater the intensity he could train or fight. Consequently, better were his returns.

So even if progress in technique training became more complex over time, having a Constitution far above other attributes helped to reverse such a negative effect.

And so, he was experiencing these above-average improvements!

'Very well, in a little while, I'll increase my Constitution even more!' His eyes gained a murderous gleam as he thought about the Mouse Company.

'Time to settle our differences!' Lothur clenched his fists as he stood up to wait for Viktoria for them to leave.