Translated by Crooked

Edited by Dust Bunny 

Gu Xizhou “en”ed, and Si Yu pulled him to the cafeteria by the wrist.

“What do you mean?” questioned another teammate as four of them followed behind.

Fang Zhi walked at the back and explained what happened last night in a quiet whisper. When he finished speaking, the four of them stared back at him, dumbstruck.

“Y-you’re saying you spent the night in the duty room with that thing?” stammered the tall man, his throat bobbing. 

Fang Zhi nodded his head nonchalantly, ignoring their shocked expressions. There was no need to be so surprised. After all, this was common practice!

Si Yu listened to Gu Xizhou’s account of last night while eating breakfast. He looked down at Fang Zhi and nodded, saying, “You’ve improved.”

Fang Zhi suddenly raised his head from his meal, his expression full of surprise and admiration from Si Yu’s praise.

It must be said that Si Ge had never praised him before. Even though he tried his best to think about things, he was usually half a beat behind. Of course, in his heart he still thought that was mainly because Si Ge was a monster. While he was still trying to figure things out, Si Ge and Gu Ge had already brought him out of the world.

Fang Zhi licked his lips shyly, and his cheeks reddened.

“After hearing what you said last night, I have an idea,” Si Yu said after thinking. “Wait for me to check it out later. If my guess is right, we can leave soon.”

Fang Zhi, who was still proud of himself, listened to Si Yu and looked at him in confusion: ……

Si Ge is still Si Ge. I still haven’t understood anything, and you say we can leave. 

Gu Xizhou glanced at Si Yu. He was already accustomed to it.

The other four people were mystified, too. After listening to Si Yu’s analysis, they also knew that the people in Building Two couldn’t come back. Remembering how the people in Building Two refused to draw lots with them yesterday, they couldn’t help but feel a sort of unprecedented glee.

The four remaining teammates weren’t stupid. Seeing that Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi dared to spend the night with the female ghost, and that Si Yu even said they had found a way to leave, they exchanged glances and immediately decided to hold tight to these three’s thighs!

During the day inside the sanatorium, there was a dense and pungent smell of disinfectant. The floor’s silence was foreboding. 

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“Tbe biv yju, gbii obg Ojbhl! Po sbe rtbk eq ab ws boolmf jujlc, P’ii xlii sbe!”

The shrew-like voice’s abuses spread through the whole building. Song Nainai was thrown out of the duty room and fell onto the ground, and her eyes reddened. She knocked on the door. “Doctor, let me talk to my son!”

“Get lost–!” cursed the nurse. 

“Doctor, let me do it!”

The old lady put her hands together like a prayer and timidly stretched out her head before lightly pulling on the duty room door.

The person in the room didn’t tolerate it and grabbed a broom from the corner, jabbing the old lady twice and pushing her right to the ground. “Go back! What kind of call do you want to make? Every day you want to use the phone, but if it was useful, wouldn’t your son have picked you up already?

“Do you really not know, or are you just pretending not to know? Your son just doesn’t want you! He resents you for being troublesome and shuns you as a burden! Don’t bother Laozi, just go back to your room!” 

Song Nainai’s eyes reddened, and she began to cry sadly, silently shedding tears without a sound. Her whole person became spiritless, and her thin, stooped figure looked very pitiful.

Gu Xizhou, who was just exiting Song Nainai’s room, happened to see this scene.

“Fuck, why is this sanatorium like this? If there were a real sanatorium that dared to act like this, it would’ve already been on the news!”

Fang Zhi nodded emphatically. 

One of the people said, “They’re not afraid Song Nainai will tell her son if they’re like this?”

Si Yu replied, “This old lady has dementia. She simply can’t remember what happened before.”

“So they can bully people?” One girl couldn’t bear it and said, “But in the real world, things like this really happen.”

“This hospital doesn’t treat their patients well, and after the analysis of yesterday, we can conclude that the ghost is trying to help avenge the abused patients. That’s why it killed that nurse,” said Si Yu. 

“But how can we help? We can’t touch those NPCs! Killing NPCs is also against the rules; it’s a death sentence!”

“We can’t, but a patient’s family members can.” Si Yu smiled, pointing at Song Nainai’s retreating back.

Fang Zhi stared at him blankly. “A patient’s family members?”

Si Yu shook his cell phone, and the voice recording played on the phone repeated what the woman said to Grandma Song just now. “It’s enough to send this to the old lady’s son.” 

“What the fuck, when did you turn on the recorder?” The only girl left on the team sized up Si Yu, looking at him like he was a freak.

Gu Xizhou had actually seen Si Yu take out his phone. “Do you know his phone number?”

Si Yu ignored the girl and turned to smile at Gu Xizhou. He pointed to his own head and said, “You forgot that we looked at the patient’s profiles yesterday. I memorized all of the phone numbers.”

Gu Xizhou: “Then you call him…” 

Si Yu dialed a number on the phone and walked to a corner, keeping his conversation secret.



The sound of chains rang out. 

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow. That sound came out of room 305, but when they left just now, he clearly didn’t hear anything!

Gu Xizhou ignored the other people and directly opened the door to room 305. Inside the room stood a lofty door to the void in the air.

Did he make a mistake?

Was the door always on the old lady’s body? 

Gu Xizhou’s eyebrows twisted into a ‘川’ character.

Along with the appearance of the door, the room’s environment also collapsed and rotted. Gu Xizhou put his hand on the doorknob and lightly pushed it open.

There was really no sound on the old lady’s body, so how could the door appear?

This mission world was unexpectedly complicated. Gu Xizhou felt not only tense, but also something else indescribable. He pushed the door over at the same time as the others followed him over. Gu Xizhou glanced at everyone and then directly went in. 

After the familiar vertigo, Gu Xizhou collected his thoughts once more and found himself in the dark.

Boom boom boom.

According to Gu Xizhou’s experience, this should be the sound of a car engine.

After approximately half an hour, the car stopped, and Gu Xizhou finally saw some light. A familiar sanatorium fell into his sight. 

He was currently in a body like a patient that seemed to be unable to move. His line of sight was aimed at the sky, and then he heard a voice.

“Take him to the ward quickly!”

Gu Xizhou saw a familiar face. It was the middle-aged man who’d scolded them, but he wasn’t middle-aged right now. He looked about 25 or 26.

Could it be that this patient was in a coma, unable to move and braindead… 

Gu Xizhou had never experienced this kind of thing before. ‘He’ was brought inside a room. Then, everyone left and the room was deserted. It was silent.

Gu Xizhou didn’t know how much time passed, but it might have been two days or half a month before the room door finally opened.

A group of people came in.

“Our sanatorium’s environment is very good. Look at room 305 here; everything is new. The elderly can live with many people of the same age here, and their later years will be very merry.” 

After a woman spoke, two middle-aged men carefully looked around the room.

Gu Xizhou, still in a dazed state, watched the two middle-aged men pick up an old man in a wheelchair and dump him onto ‘him’!


What’s going on!