Translated by Dust Bunny

Edited by Crooked 

Gu Xizhou was obviously a little shocked when he was gently hugged from behind. He lowered his voice and asked, “What’s wrong?”

When Gu Xizhou asked this question, he hugged his arm harder and said in a low voice, “I just want to hold you, and also I know what the death condition is.”

Gu Xizhou was stunned before asking hurriedly, “What is it?”

In the office, Fang Zhi clutched the mirror he got from the mission world tightly. He still feels nervous when he’s separated from Gu Xizhou. 

After Gu Xizhou left, a strange ‘peng peng peng’ suddenly came from the hallway. It sounded like something was hopping down the hall. The sound was very far away to begin with and slowly, slowly drew closer.

A shadow could be seen under the door and Fang Zhi clenched his fists, but after following Gu Xizhou through so many worlds, he knew that thing couldn’t kill him as long as he hadn’t broken any rules. So, what he needed to do now was stay calm and watch it change. If he really met the death conditions, he could just hide in the mirror.

“Dong dong dong.”

Something outside knocked on the door.

“Is there anyone in the office?” A cold and clear female voice came from outside.

Fang Zhi didn’t speak. After a while, the door was suddenly forced open.

The woman came in, her face splitting into a bloody smile exposing a row of jagged teeth. She smiled at him in a way that was probably not well intentioned. The woman slowly closed in on Fang Zhi. As soon as it appeared voices came from everywhere.

“Fang Yuan, come closer, ba. Closer, ba. We can leave together, ba. We’ll be free when we die.” 

“Fang Yuan, come quickly, ba. If you die you won’t have to enter the mission world. Don’t be afraid.”

“Fang Yuan—”

Hearing those voices, Fang Zhi immediately went cold. These voices were from the people in Building 2! He’d just talked to them today!


Fang Zhi’s heart jolted and a chill went up his spine. Those teammates must be dead.

The woman’s jagged teeth were stained with blood. She slowly approached, almost laying her head on Fang Zhi. Each breath Fang Zhi took reeked of blood.

“Fang Yuan, come quickly, ah. We are waiting for you.” The woman didn’t speak, but the voices surrounding it didn’t stop. 

Fang Zhi swallowed, trembling, but he still didn’t move and said nothing. Since the woman had come in, he had been thinking about what he should do.

If Gu Ge and Si Ge were here, what would they do?

Jjiw vbkc olgra. Jjiw vbkc.

Lf vlvc’a vb jcsatlcu, jcv atlr atlcu tjvc’a lwwfvljafis jaajmxfv tlw. 

Eluta, jr ibcu jr tf vbfrc’a wffa jcs bo atf vfjat mbcvlalbcr, atlr atlcu mjc’a vb jcsatlcu ab tlw.

Pcrlvf atf boolmf bcf qfgrbc jcv bcf utbra rajgfv ja fjmt batfg rlifcais. Ktf utbra’r yief ojmf yfagjsfv agjmfr bo mbcoerlbc. Pa rffwfv ab yf kbcvfglcu kts atlr qfgrbc tjvc’a gec sfa jcv kjr ralii rajcvlcu atfgf. Par qeqlifrr fsfr kfgf fwqas jcv vjgx.

The female ghost just stood there, watching Fang Zhi attentively.

Fang Zhi’s heart pounded. The female ghost suddenly laid her ice-cold face against Fang Zhi’s. The face pressed to his wasn’t a bloody face that scared people, but it was as cold as ice. 

This was scaring him!

Fang Zhi resisted the urge to flee and sat back down on the chair letting that thing stand beside him. Although that thing’s eyes were black and vacant, he knew that it was looking at him.

Sitting just like that, the thing didn’t kill him and Fang Zhi spat out the breath he was holding. It seemed that his guess was correct.

The female ghost carried so many familiar voices that Fang Zhi suspected that everyone in building two was already dead. 

What was the death condition?

Fang Zhi’s brows furrowed, still seated in the same place. He ignored the female ghost in front of him, continuing with the nightwatch.

The rows of bloody teeth were a little intimidating. Fang Zhi examined his heart, finding it still pounding he turned his head silently and pretended not to see.

Gu Ge, come back quickly!  Wu wu wu, so scary! 

Fang Zhi was just thinking this when the bell rang. Someone in room 305 was calling for the doctor.

Fuck, why did they have to have such bad timing?

Fang Zhi was practically speechless. Should he go or not? He was working for the hospital right now. If a patient rang the bell, he had a responsibility to go. It was just that there was a ghost standing right next to him.

“Ding ding—” 


When the bell rang for the third time, Fang Zhi took a deep breath, got up, grabbed the record book, and left the office.

Da da da.

Da da da. 

Footsteps followed him. He took three steps forward and then stopped. The footsteps behind him also took three steps and then stopped. Fang Zhi took out his mobile phone and pointed it behind him. The female ghost was close, it was less than half a meter behind him.

Fuck, this damn thing was following him! Fang Zhi cried.

Fang Zhi walked over to room 305, took a deep breath, and pushed the door open. Inside the room there was a dark lump. Fang Zhi relied on his memory to turn on the lights.

When Fang Zhi went in, the female ghost didn’t follow him. Instead it stood outside, squinting its eyes and staring intently at the room. 

“Doctor, you’re here!” Song Nainai jumped out of bed and grabbed Fang Zhi’s hand.

“Song Nainai, don’t panic, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” Fang asked in concern.

“No.” Song Nainai shook her head.

Fang Zhi was patient and asked again, “Then what’s wrong?” 

Song Nainai pulled Fang Zhi over and said mysteriously, “I think there’s someone in my room!”

“Someone?” Fang Zhi glanced around the room stunned. The room was very small and only had one hospital bed. There was a nightstand at the head of the bed and a TV and air conditioning unit hanging from the wall. There was nothing in the bathroom either which couldn’t hide anyone.

Fang Zhi automatically searched the room. With a gulp he finally looked under the bed. It’s not under the bed, right?

Fang Zhi knew that kind of horror movie plot and took a deep breath, mirror in hand. If anything went wrong he could just enter the mirror, but when he stretched out his neck to look, there was nothing under there. 

“Song Nainai, I looked but there’s no one in your room,” Fang Zhi consoled her, glancing at the female ghost standing in the doorway.

Song Nainai also looked around the room. “But someone was just here!”

Because it was a mission world, everything an NPC said might be a crucial piece of the puzzle. That’s why Fang Zhi immediately said, “Why do you think someone was in your room? Did something unusual happen?”

“Yes, I’d just gone to bed. Through the haze I felt very cold. I wanted to pick up the covers but then someone else picked it up and covered me.” 

“Someone helped cover you with the blanket so you think someone is in the room with you?”


Fang Zhi took out his notebook and recorded Song Nainai’s words before patting her on the shoulder and consoled her. “But now we can’t find this person. Song Nainai, look, if this person helped cover you with the blanket, are they a bad person?”

Song Nainai thought for a moment before nodding in agreement. “They helped cover me with the blanket, so they can’t be a bad person.” 

“Since they’re not a bad person, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Song Nainai, go back to sleep. Do you want to ask around the hospital tomorrow to try and find him?” Fang Zhi coaxed Song Nainai as if he were talking to a child.

Song Nainai pressed her hands together and pondered it for a moment. “Okay, ba. Thanks doctor.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Under Fang Zhi’s watch, Song Nainai lay back on the bed and Fang Zhi helped Song Nainai with the blanket. 

Gu Ge said that everyone in the mission worlds was real. Fang Zhi empathized with Song Nainai in his heart and couldn’t help being a little nice to the old lady.

After arranging the blanket for the old lady when Fang Zhi was preparing to leave, Song Nainai told him again, “Thank you, doctor.”

Fang Zhi, “Don’t mention it. Goodnight, Song Nainai.”

Wrapped in the blanket, Song Nainai laid down on the bed. In the doorway, the female ghost stood there in a daze. Fang Zhi was just about to leave when a black shadow suddenly rushed towards the door. The black shadow punched the female ghost. 

The owner of the fist turned to look at him somewhat startled.

Fang Zhi pointed to the female ghost who was being pressed to the floor by Gu Xizhou and said helplessly, “Gu Ge, what are you doing?”

Gu Xizhou’s brow twisted into a 川 character. Seeing that Fang Zhi was totally unharmed, Gu Xizhou let go of the female ghost in embarrassment. “I thought you had an accident…”

The female ghost who was just beaten by Gu Xizhou, “…” 

Fang Zhi shook his head. “I’m not hurt. I haven’t triggered the death condition so it seems as though it can’t kill me and can only follow me around.”

Just now, Si Yu had been holding Gu Xizhou, but because he was worried about Fang Zhi, he hurried downstairs. It gave him a fright when he couldn’t find any trace of Fang Zhi in the office.

Gu Xizhou ‘en’ed and asked Fang Zhi why he was in room 305 and Fang Zhi told him what had happened just now. Gu Xizhou pushed the door open and said a few words to Song Nainai. He confirmed that there was no sound of chains on Song Nainai. Song Nainai didn’t have the door and Gu Xizhou left in disappointment.

“Gu Ge, do you hear the voices surrounding the female ghost?” Fang Zhi lowered his voice to ask Gu Xizhou. 

Gu Xizhou nodded. “I hear the voices of the people from Building Two.”

“There are eleven different voices on this thing. Everyone in that building is dead.” Gu Xizhou listened carefully. Two people died yesterday and there were nine people in Building Two, making eleven people.

Fang Zhi thought for a moment and said, “Gu Ge, I think it should have something to do with our job. It seems that so long as we finish our work carefully, it can’t kill us. Just now when it came to the office, I had the feeling that it just wanted to scare me away.”

Gu Xizhou patted Fang Zhi’s shoulder in encouragement. Fang Zhi was indeed correct. 

Just now, Si Yu had already analyzed it for him. He was certain that the people in Building Two would die tonight. As soon as Gu Xizhou came downstairs he heard the voices from Building Two coming from the female ghost.

“Your analysis is almost the same as Si Yu’s. So long as we satisfy the patient’s needs, this thing probably won’t attack us. On the other hand, if we refuse the patient’s requests it will automatically trigger the death rule.”

When Gu Xizhou finished speaking, Fang Zhi looked stunned. He knew why the people in Building Two were attacked. Those patients were tied to the bed. In a way they had already refused those patients requests since those patients couldn’t even make requests or press the call button.

Two people and one ghost shared the office. At first, Fang Zhi was a little nervous, but Gu Xizhou was there and he soon fell asleep without realizing it. 

After being woken up by the nurse at the shift change in the morning, Fang Zhi rubbed his eyes and left the office with Gu Xizhou.

As soon as they left the Building One office, they met up with the others. Because the female ghost went up to the third floor after midnight, the four people on the first and second floors passed the night without incident and met with Gu Xizhou’s group.

Several of them had dark circles under their eyes and couldn’t stop fidgeting with their hands.

One of their teammates frowned and glanced at the time. “We have seven people in this building, why haven’t the people from Building Two come down yet? So slow, ah! How long will it take, ah?” 

“Them? Don’t bother waiting,” Si Yu said, his hands resting in his pockets.

“What… do you mean by that?”

Si Yu ignored him, turning to Gu Xizhou with a smile. “Gu Ran, let’s go to the cafeteria, ba. I’m hungry.”