Ye Fan looked at Ling Yue affectionately, he knew that the purpose of Ling Yue's voice to stop him at this time was very simple.

That is, she is worrying about his well being, fearing that he is not this guy's opponent.

Although Ling Yue is the head of the underground forces, and she seems to be a tiger before others, but once she meets him, she becomes a mouse meeting a cat.

If he told her to go east, she won't dare to go west.

Now is not the time to care about her, now he wants to make this Yang Lu pay his due price. After speaking, Ye Fan endured the pain and prepared to attack Yang Lu!

Boy, let you feel the real terror of me, the King of Soldiers!

But what happened next made Ye Fan stunned.

In fact, it wasn't just Ye Fan who was stunned, even Yang Lu was also stunned. This... the development of the plot is a bit different.


Just when Ye Fan was about to attack Yang Lu a second time, Ling Yue slapped Ye Fan backhanded.

Yes, the second heroine slapped the first protagonist, and the slap was very crisp.

It was as if someone suddenly set off a firework in the dark silent night.

This... what kind of operation is this?!

In Yang Lu's impression, this second heroine is Ye Fan's complete licking dog, but now…

In fact, this slap is just a light wrath, that Ling Yue is showing now.

After all, she loved her father dearly, but this guy, even if had a chance to save her father, he didn't.

He approached her only for his own self-interest, and even tried to use her influence.

Thinking of this, Ling Yue felt that she was simply a fool, a super super big fool!

The most ridiculous thing is that she has become a licking dog of such a person? Even if she forgives herself, her dead father may not be able to forgive her!

But this is all in the past, from now on, I want to be my true self, and I must get rid of the shackles of the novel author!

As for how to get rid of it, it is obvious that Yang Lu is the key!

Although she has suffered two slaps, but she can understand so many things, and this is really a big profit for her!

"Ling Yue, what are you doing? You dared to hit me?"

After a while, Ye Fan finally came to his senses. Then he looked at her angrily and asked.

How dare you hit me when I kindly helped you?

Today, she must give him a reasonable explanation!

"Because he saved me just now. If you want to take action against my benefactor, then you should think it over again!"

To be honest, when seeing Ye Fan's face before, Ling Yue felt very very happy.

But at this moment, when she saw Ye Fan's old face, she felt like vomiting.

Regardless of whether Yang Lu wanted to save herself just now, she has made up her mind to have a good relationship with Yang Lu! As for Ye Fan, wherever it is shit. He can go and rest!

Immediately afterwards, Ling Yue stood in front of Yang Lu, and then said.

"Brother, thank you for saving me."

"Don't worry, as long as I, Ling Yue, am here today, no one can hurt you!"

When Yang Lu listened to Ling Yue's words, he was stunned for a moment,

but then he said with a serious face.

"You're welcome. Saving lives is what all should do."

Yang Lu looked serious on the surface, but deep down in his heart, he was very happy.

[I didn't expect such a turnover. It's interesting, really interesting.]

[Perhaps, I should tell her who the real murdered of her father is.]

[It's a pity that there was no video just now, otherwise the scene of the male protagonist being slapped must be widely advertised!]

[King of Soldiers? Isn't he just being beaten by a woman like a slapping baf now?]

[Speaking of which, Ling Yue is a powerful woman. In fact, she is better than Lin Xiaohan except that her boosoms is a little smaller than the first heroine!]

Here, when Ling Yue heard what Yang Lu said in front of her, she became excited.

The real murderer? Who is it? Who is it?

She already knew from Yang Lu's previous voice that Wang Laosan was just a pawn, and the person who killed her father was someone else.

Now, she can finally know who it is.

It's just that within two seconds of Ling Yue being happy, Yang Lu changed the subject and stared at her bears.

In an instant, the muscles on her face trembled.

Is Lin Xiaohan the number one heroine?

No wonder I feel uncomfortable every time I see that woman! Maybe this is the sense of repulsion between the heroines?

She couldn't accept Yang Lu saying that she was inferior to Lin Xiaohan, because Ling Yue felt that she was a hundred times better than Lin Xiaohan!


Just when Ling Yue was about to speak out what was on her mind, she suddenly found herself at a loss for words.

Damn author! He must have restricted her from saying anything related to the inner voice. (She is probably cursing author of this book, not the novel in the novel.)

Don't let this old lady see you, otherwise I will definitely torture you.

"Ling Yue, are you sure you want to protect him?"

"Today, I will make it clear. If you protect him, then we will not be friends from now on!"

"If you get out of the way, then I'll make you my woman!"

Seeing Ling Yue talking happily, Ye Fan over there said with a gloomy expression.

He felt that once he said this, Ling Yue would definitely apologize to him, and hope that he would forgive her.

I really know this woman too well.

Didn't she always want to be his woman? No problem, as long as she gets out of the way now, she don't have to worry about her slap from a moment ago.

Not only did he not care about this matter, but he would also make her his own woman!