Didn't Ling Yue always want to be his woman? As long as she gets out of the way now, then he will fulfill her wish.

I believe she will be ecstatic after hearing this sentence!?

After all, she was head over heels for him and had also hinted many times in the past.

When Yang Lu heard Ye Fan's words, he suddenly felt goosebumps all over his body.

Did the author really wrote such cheesy lines?

Is the protagonist’s brain really so hard-headed to say such stupid things in front of so many people?

But even so, he still looked helplessly at Ling Yue over there.

[No surprises. Ling Yue will be moved soon.]

[Urban brainless novel is like this. The lower the IQ of the protagonist, the more the heroine likes him.]

[Probably, even if the protagonist goes to toilet, Ling Yue will say awesome, right?]

After Yang Lu glanced at Ling Yue next to him, he complained silently in his heart.

When reading these type of online novel, you must not read it with your brain, otherwise, you will definitely die from word poisoning.

Didn't you see that when Ye Fan said this, everyone around looked at Ling Yue with envious eyes?

Obviously, they are actively playing the roles assigned to them by the author, serving as a qualified background for human flesh worship.

Not surprisingly, Ling Yue will rush to Ye Fan soon, and say with tears streaming down her face, is this true? Is this real?

Speaking of which, the system said before that if you slap the heroine, there is a probability that it will be reflected on the protagonist.

The slap that Ling Yue gave to Ye Fan just now must be the work of system, right?

If that's the case, it's quite interesting, but it's a pity that it's only one slap. It would be nice to slap this skinny protagonist a few more times.

It's just that while Yang Lu was thinking about this, when he saw Ling Yue's eyes, he was startled.

[Huh? Why does Ling Yue's little eyes feel a little different?]

At this moment Ling Yue actually rolled her eyes at him. Yes, it was just a roll of her eyes. Could it be that she is different from what I think in my heart?

In fact, Ling Yue really wants to kick over now, is she so brain-dead?!

But she still held back, and then said to Ye Fan coldly.

"I'm not interested in being your woman, now you can leave!"

"If you don't leave, then don't blame me for being rude!"

Is she really so horny to be his woman? It really makes her feel a little sick!

Yang Lu over there was stunned when he saw this scene.

[This... This plot is a bit crooked! How can it be like this? Your role is not like this!]

Yang Lu became a little worried, because he felt that Ling Yue's plot direction was somewhat uncertain.

Hearing Yang Lu's heartfelt voice, Ling Yue's heart trembled a little. This old lady is not something you can see through.

Ye Fan over there also didn't expect that this woman would say such a thing. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he sadly found that his brain capacity was not enough.

Who can tell him what is going on!?

At this moment, one car after another stopped around them. Then a group of people rushed

down from the car.

"Sister Yue, are you okay?"

"Sister Yue, who bullied you?"

These people are Ling Yue's subordinates. Someone called them just now, saying that Sister Yue was in danger here.

That's okay, and then they called up their staff, and they all rushed over. For a while, there were dense crowds here.

Ye Fan was startled when he saw this scene.

He knew that if he was at his peak, dealing with these guys would be a piece of cake.

But now that he was seriously injured, and the strength of Yang Lu on the opposite side was unknown, if he continued to stay, he didn't know what would happen to him.

"Okay, Ling Yue, I hope you don't regret it!"

"Yang Lu, this matter won’t settle easily! Just wait for me!"

After Ye Fan glared at Yang Lu over there viciously, he limped and walked away step by step with difficulty.

Those who knew Ye Fan were stupefied. Brother Fan, who has always been unrestrained and calm, when did he fall to such a state?

Seeing this scene, Yang Lu immediately shook his head sympathetically.

[I didn’t expect the dignified King of Soldiers to be such pitiful.]

[But why do I want to laugh so much now, hahaha!]

Yang Lu couldn't help laughing wildly in his heart, what could be more interesting than the protagonist being deflated?

But at this time Yang Lu also noticed that Ling Yue was looking at him. Then Ling Yue said.

"Brother, this time I really want to... thank you."

Ling Yue deliberately accentuated the last two words of thanks. If I didn't want to get more information from your heart, I would definitely have kicked it.

"Ahem, no problem. You don’t have to say thanks. I still have something to do, so I'll go first."

[Fuuuck, why does this woman look at me so strangely?]

[No, I have to leave here quickly, it's better to keep a distance from this woman.]

Yang Lu felt that he had to leave here quickly, otherwise, he didn't know what would happen.

Hearing Yang Lu's heartfelt voice, and seeing Yang Lu's anxious appearance again, Ling Yue immediately became happy. Then she said directly.

"Wait a minute, little brother!"

Just when Yang Lu was about to leave here, to his surprise, Ling Yue directly stretched out her sallow arm, pressed it directly on his shoulder, and then pressed her whole face close to him and said with a super gentle voice.

At this moment, Yang Lu could even feel Ling Yue's breathing.

[Damn it, what is wrong with this woman? Why are you so close to me!?]

[I have never been so close to a woman since I grew up!]

[Why is my face so hot? Get away from me!]