"Black skirt, black hat, yes, it's her!"

Yang Lu took a glance, and at the moment, on the guardrail not far away, a woman in a black dress and a black hat was sitting on the railing.

One of her hand is holding onto the railing, while the other hand is holding her own pair of shoes.

Although he didn't see the face of this woman, but this black skirt and black hat is Ling Yue’s standard fashion style in the novel.

This suit was bought by her father for her, and she has been wearing it since her father’s death.

But don't think that this woman will keep wearing this suit forever. Once the protagonist Ye Fan said that she would look better in a different color, the next day, she sealed up the suit to rot in dust.

Afterwards, every time she saw Ye Fan, she would wear clothes more fashionable clothes, and she cared about Ye Fan's opinion much more than her own. Yang Lu was very speechless about this.

There are a few bodyguards standing not far away, and they should be Ling Yue's subordinates.

Although the current Ling Yue has avenged her father, her foundation is still not solid. There are several other guys who are as strong as her and are looking for opportunities to deal with her.

At this moment, there are a few tourists here who want to enjoy the scenery of river under the shining moonlight of the night.

But when they saw those vicious security guards, they still stood far away.

[Host has only five minutes left.]

At this moment, the system beep sounded again. Then Yang Lu didn't even think about it, and rushed towards Ling Yue over there.

Five minutes? It's too long. For me, one minute is actually enough.

Heroines of this novel, of course, are the perfect materials for slapping.

Anyway, he doesn’t have a good impression of this woman. After all, as the head of the underground forces, she has done a lot of things that violated his conscience.

Apart from these, she absolutely shouldn't be with Ye Fan, the protagonist.

"It's been a long time since it was so peaceful."

Ling Yue, who was sitting on the railing at the moment, closed her eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air.

During the day today, she just dealt with Song Laosan and his gang. Without

that guy, she can have peaceful days for a while. It's just a pity that Song Laosan’s most important subordinate ran away, and that guy was also a ruthless person.

But a single tree can never be compared to a forest. He is alone, and Ling Yue has nothing to worry about.

Feeling the cool wind blowing from the lake below, Ling Yue felt refreshed, and she hadn't felt so relaxed for a long, long time.

If that guy Ye Fan is by her side now, what a great thing it would be.

Thinking of Ye Fan, Ling Yue felt a little angry.

What good is being a security guard for that woman. I can pay him at least ten times the price!

Also, what's wrong with having a meal with her? But just when Ling Yue was angry, the roar of his subordinates entered her ears.

"Who are you? Don’t move!"

Seeing Yang Lu walking towards the elder sister's head at high speed, Ling Yue's subordinates immediately felt that there was a crisis, and then they were ready to stop him.


It's just that what they didn't expect was that when they rushed to Yang Lu, and as they were about to stop him, Yang Lu's feet suddenly accelerated, and in the next second, he appeared directly behind them.


This was what these people were thinking at the moment, and even Ling Yue over there couldn't help being amazed when she saw this scene.

"Little brother, you..."

Just when Ling Yue was astonished at why Yang Lu was so fast, what she didn't expect was that Yang Lu had already appeared in front of her.

Seeing Yang Lu standing in front of her, Ling Yue showed a characteristic smile on purpose, and then said softly.

"Little brother, you want to date me…?"