Yang Lu checked it carefully, and found that there were three golden treasure chests in his mind at the moment.

This made him excited, not to mention other things, just this treasure chest looks extraordinary. Then Yang Lu said impatiently.

"Open the first treasure chest!"

[Ding! Opening first treasure chest!]

[Congratulations to the host for getting Wudang¹ Dragon Foot Kung Fu!]

The moment Yang Lu finished speaking, the first treasure chest opened, and then a book appeared directly.

After appearing, the book turned into dots of golden light, spreading throughout his entire body.

In an instant, Yang Lu felt that his legs became super powerful. Yang Lu also checked his attribute panel.

Dragon Foot Skill: 1/9

You must know that this is one of Wudang's top exercises, with a total of nine layers.

If this thing is practiced well, it will be a piece of cake to smash ricks and split irons. What's more, this technique can also enhance movement speed.

It can be said that once this kung fu is practiced to perfection, protagonist wouldn’t even have a chance to be arrogant in front of him. This first gift is really good!

"Open second treasure chest!"

[Ding! Opening second treasure chest!]

[Congratulations to the host for getting Eyes of Desire!]

The second treasure chest was opened directly, and a pair of eyes appeared. There is also an explanation of the eyes next to it.

Introduction: Once you stare at someone for more than 30 seconds, you can completely lose that person's mind and increase the desire in this person's heart by ten or even a hundred times.

Thinking of this, Yang Lu was overjoyed. If this is applied to the heroine, then...

[Special reminder: It cannot be used on the heroine, and in the process of using it, the user has to make sure to have eye contact with target for at least 30 seconds.]

"This is… a bit tasteless!"

Maybe guessing what Yang Lu was thinking, the system directly added a supplement information.

In this case, it feels like the difficulty of using this Eye of Desire has instantly increased.

After all, a normal person can’t stare at others for such a long time of 30 seconds, right? If one looks at each other’s eyes, then the most would be only for a few seconds.

In an instant, Yang Lu was not so interested in the Eye of Desire anymore.

"Open the last treasure chest!"

Yang Lu is now focusing all his attention on the last treasure chest. Since this treasure chest is the finale, I believe it won't disappoint me!

[Ding! Opening first treasure chest!]

[Congratulations to the host for getting Real Character Extractor fragment: 1/10!]

“What is this?”

When the last treasure chest was opened, Yang Lu discovered that it was just a black and white card and its name mention above.

A real character extractor card? What is this?

[When the host gathers all the fragments, it can be assembled into a real character extractor card. With this card, host can extract the people from real

world as a character into this novel world. For example, host can even extract the author.”

After listening to the words of the system, Yang Lu finally understood what this card was for.

He didn't expect to be able to extract real people as characters in this novel world, which is a good thing.

Just imagine how interesting it would be if he can extract the author of this novel into this novel world.

But now he only has one-tenth of the fragments, and it will take time to get them together.

“System, I recall that I got a lottery drawing opportunity, when I slapped the heroine?”

After opening all the three treasure chests, Yang Lu was still not satisfied.

Then he suddenly remembered that after slapping the first heroine, the system had rewarded him with a chance to draw a lottery. In other words, the system should not lie, right?

[Yes, host. You had successfully slapped the heroine, and got a chance to draw a lottery as the reward. Do you want to use the lottery draw?]

What relieved Yang Lu here was that the guy in the system still kept his words.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Lu was about to use this lucky draw opportunity, but at this moment, the system’s voice resounded in his mind.

[Second heroine – Ling Yue is found in the nearby surrounding! Issuing urgent mission: Slap Ling Yue within ten minutes.]

"Ling Yue!"

When Yang Lu heard this name, his body moved slightly.

Ling Yue's father was the underground king of the entire Dragon City back then. As for Ling Yue, her father actually didn't want her to get involved in this industry.

It's just that after Ling Yue's father was killed, she stepped onto this road without hesitation.

Relying on her impressive strength and superb IQ, she soon took over her father's position.

Of course, in the end she became one of the harem of the protagonist Ye Fan!

However, the most ridiculous thing is that, after the male protagonist acquired her, he ignored her and didn’t give much interest.

Even so, Ling Yue didn't complain at all, and even blocked a bullet for Ye Fan. This woman... there is something wrong with her brain.


1. Wudang: The Wudang School, sometimes also referred to as the Wu-Tang Clan, is a fictional martial arts school mentioned in several works of wuxia fiction.

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