At this moment, Fang Ran also figured it out.

"Dad, according to what you mean, our Fang family is from uncle Fang Er, to Du Tong Du Yan, and then to Du Qian, governor of the Great Song Dynasty. After calculating the relationship layer by layer, we have the business we have today."

"And now, that Chen Lin came out to do business as soon as he opened up in the Great Spirit Realm. Then his status is at least equivalent to that of Du Yan. It is precisely because of this relationship that you let us get close to that Chen Lin. Forest."

Fang Xingqiu nodded, and looked at his children with relief: "You guys are finally enlightened."

"Moreover, as far as I know, the governor in charge of the Great Spirit Realm is Thrall who controls the realm from the five parties. Among the governors, his strength and status are even better than our Governor Du Qian of the Song Dynasty. .”

"Based on this calculation, Chen Lin's status is even higher than that of Du Yan."

"You say, when we meet a big shot with this status, how can we miss the opportunity, so naturally we have to make friends!"

Having said that, the eyes of several people became brighter.

However, Fang Ming still had some doubts: "Dad, you said that Chen Lin's status is equivalent to that of Du Yandu. Then I don't understand. Du Yandu is a master of the three-party control level."

"As a result, that guy is only at the sixth level of the Yuantai Realm. Not to mention superior to Du Yan, he is even worse than his uncle Fang Er, and even worse than Dad and Uncle Twelfth. How can he hold such an important position with such strength?"

Fang Ming's question made the excited Fang Ran pause for a moment, and the joyful expression on his face froze, showing suspicion: "Brother's words also make sense."

After all, the son and daughter looked at Fang Xingqiu together.

Fang Xingqiu's expression didn't change, but he lowered his voice mysteriously, and said to his son and daughter, "You guys are still too young."

"About Chen Lin's strength, in fact, your twelfth uncle and I have figured it out a long time ago. He deliberately concealed his strength, and the vitality fluctuations in his body are definitely not at the sixth level of the Yuantai Realm, at least at the eighth or ninth level of the Yuantai Realm. level."

"Besides, this might be the result of some kind of cover-up method. It is possible for Chen Lin to reach the level of control."

"Hidden strength!"

"Controlling the environment, is it really that powerful?"

Fang Ming and Fang Ran couldn't help thinking after hearing what their father said.

Fang Xingqiu warned again: "All in all, it is almost certain that Chen Lin's identity is absolutely extraordinary. So, no matter what, in the next time, you all try to please him and get closer to him."

"Especially Xiao Ran, you should dress up well, and then use the methods you usually use to make friends in the Song Dynasty, and strive to take down Chen Lin."

After Fang Ran listened, her beautiful eyes lit up, her eyes rolled, her mouth smiled, and she said confidently: "Dad, since you have a goal, don't worry, I will definitely take that Chen Lin down."

"Dad, I'll go back to my room and dress up."

After finishing speaking, Fang Ran happily went back to her room.

Fang Xingqiu nodded with a smile, and said to his son: "Xiao Ming, although your sister is the main force, you should do more to help, put away your usual arrogance, and don't offend her."

These words made Fang Ming feel a little uncomfortable, but he also understood that if he could really curry favor with such a big shot, it would be of great benefit to his family.

So he also nodded and said, "Dad, don't worry, I understand."

"Okay, you go back and prepare." Fang Xingqiu smiled and waved his hands.

But at this moment, Fade Chen just walked out of the private room, ready to stroll around on the airship.

At this time, Fang Ran ran over in a da-da trot: "Mr. Chen, you are alone!"

When Fade Chen heard Fang Ran's pretentious voice, he felt goosebumps all over his body, nodded and said, "Yeah!"

Fang Ran squeezed out a bright smiling face, and leaned over: "Mr. Chen, let's go shopping together. I heard that there is a party on the deck, and it is very lively."


Before Fade Chen had time to refuse, Fang Ran grabbed Fade Chen's arm, leaned against Fade Chen, and walked out while pulling Fade Chen: "Young Master Chen, let's go, there will be no room if we go late. "

Fang Ran pulled Fade Chen to the deck of the airship.

The explosive music, the writhing crowd, the splashing of alcohol, and the men and women who are almost stuck together.

The form of this party was not much different from the ones Fade Chen had seen on Earth.