Fang Xingqiu smiled, and patted Fade Chen on the shoulder.

"Brother Chen, it's just right for us to walk together."

After finishing speaking, Fang Xingqiu looked at his son and ordered, "Fang Ming, go and book tickets, five tickets, to Huaxia Capital."

"Dad, you—" Fang Ming was a little reluctant to run errands, and frowned.

Fang Twelve, the guard at the side, said, "Let me go."

Fang Xingqiu instructed: "Twelve, remember to buy VIP seats."

After finishing speaking, Fang Xingqiu looked at his daughter again: "Fang Ran. This is the first time for Chen Lin to come to the earth. You can go shopping with him, and you can learn more about the earth."

"Dad, I—" Fang Ran's mouth puffed up, a little reluctantly.

Fade Chen also waved his hand and said, "Brother Fang, you're welcome, I can just stroll around by myself."

Fang Xingqiu insisted: "Xiao Chen, let Xiao Ran accompany you. Although this earth is good, there are also many profiteers. It is the first time for you, Xiao Chen, to have someone to accompany you is more convenient."

Having said that, Fade Chen is not easy to refuse.

And Fang Xingqiu also winked at his daughter, gave a few instructions in a low voice, and called over.

Fang Ran came to Fade Chen, looked up a few times, squeezed out a smile, and said, "Chen Lin, what do you like, let me take you to buy some souvenirs."

"Uh—no need, Fangzheng is going to leave later, so there's no need to bother." Fade Chen said calmly.

Fang Ran said again: "Then are you hungry? Is there anything you want to eat? I'll take you to try it."

"Uh, I'm not hungry yet. Thank you very much! I'll take a break, and you can go shopping by yourself." Fade Chen wasn't very interested.

At this point, Fang Ran couldn't bear it anymore, hummed lightly, turned and left: "Then you rest!"

Not far away, Fang Ran's grumbling sound came to Fade Chen's ears.

"Dad, really, I insist on currying favor with this guy. Not to mention his looks, he's not funny at all. He's so boring."

Fade Chen just pretended he didn't hear it, bought a mobile phone from a small shop nearby, and fiddled with it in his hands.

Counting it, it was almost twenty years before Fade Chen returned to Earth this time.

Although the mobile phone has been updated, its general functions have not changed. After playing with it, Fade Chen quickly became familiar with it, and began to search the Internet for information about Huaxia and slaves.

About half an hour later, Fang Ran came over, licking a cone in his mouth, looking down at Fade Chen who was squatting on the side of the street, with a flash of impatience in his eyes, and said: "Chen Lin, time Here we go, let's go."

"Uh, um, thank you!" Fade Chen got up.

The two walked back together, Fang Xingqiu greeted him from a distance with a smile: "Xiao Chen, Xiao Ran, you are back, how is your shopping?"

"It's okay!" Fade Chen nodded.

Seeing this, Fang Ran also nodded and said it was okay.

"It's almost time, the airship is about to take off, let's board it." Fang Xingqiu said.

"Airship?" Fade Chen was a little surprised. After walking a certain distance, he saw the "airship" with his own eyes.

The overall shape of the airship is similar to the plane in Chen Fei's previous impression, except that the cabin in the middle is much larger. In the upper position, there are several tractors similar to hot air balloons.

Moreover, whether it is the passenger cabin or the hot air balloon above, the surface is engraved with complicated lines of magic circles, fluctuating with strong aura.

Obviously, these airships are all driven by aura.

Seeing that Fade Chen was interested, Fang Xingqiu took the initiative to introduce: "This airship is something made by earth monks. Although the speed is not fast, it is more spacious and comfortable. If you are not in a hurry, it is the first choice for travel."

Immediately, a group of five boarded the boat.