In an instant, everyone outside the red wall raised their heads and looked into the air.

I saw two people in the air, looked around, and looked at the people who were waiting for them below.

The tall man raised his mouth slightly and said, "You are the people of Huaxia, right?"

"Since they're all here, that's just right. I have a small request."

While speaking, Zhuang Wei, the short man on the side, waved his right hand lightly, and a whip made of condensed vitality lifted up and floated into the air.

At the end of the whip, there was a graceful woman bound, it was Lin Qiuhan.

"Sister Qiuhan!"

"Boss Lin!"

Seeing his face clearly, a voice suddenly sounded from below.

Seeing this, Zhuang Wei knew that he had caught the right person, and lightly moved his right hand to let the person down.

But at this moment, Mu Yuqing didn't hesitate, immediately jumped into the air, roared, and attacked Zhuang Wei.

Seeing this, Yu Wuyou looked unhappy, waved his right hand lightly, his vitality whistled, and with a snap, he blocked Mu Yuqing back.

"You—" Mu Yuqing's throat became sweet, and her face sank.

On the other side, Zhuo Qingyu, who was about to attack from behind, at this moment, with Zhuang Wei's punch, his pretty face became hot, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body fell.

Almost at the same time, at a camp located a thousand meters away, shells roared out from the muzzle with violent roars and jets of fire, flew high into the sky, and charged towards Yu Wuyou and Zhuang Wei.

The rapidly approaching shells covered the two of them like raindrops.

The two noticed and turned to look.

"What, a hidden weapon?"

Yu Wuyou frowned slightly.

At this moment, the cannonball flying at the front had already rushed in front of Yu Wuyou and was about to hit.

Seeing this, Yu Wuyou waved his right hand, and a burst of energy burst out of the air, hitting the cannonball without incident.

"This hidden weapon is too slow, too big, and useless."

Yu Wuyou shook his head, obviously disliking this hidden weapon.

But just as he finished speaking, there was a bang, the cannonball burst open, and a scorching wave roared.

Yu Wuyou was a little caught off guard, and his figure was drowned by the flames.

The subsequent shells came one after another, detonated by the heat wave, and rumbled in the air, like gorgeous and violent fireworks.

Immediately, the entire red-wall compound, including the ground, shook.

Fortunately, this is an important place, and all kinds of security measures are very comprehensive, so there is not much damage at this moment.

In the air, the successive explosions of flames and smoke had completely drowned Yu Wuyou and Zhuang Wei, and no one could be seen.

"Did you make it?"

Below, someone asked nervously.

Xu Junshan's face was sinking like water, and he said sharply: "Top martial arts masters, it's not that simple, continue to attack."

So, a series of shells continued to hit.

However, this time, without waiting for the cannonballs to approach, a strong wind whistled, directly blowing away the smoke and dust in the sky, and Yu Wuyou and Zhuang Wei stood in the air unharmed.

They saw the shells flying in the distance, their eyes sank, and a flash of anger flashed.

"Noisy bugs!"

Yu Wuyou waved his hand, and dozens of shells exploded in the air.

At the same time, Zhuang Wei blasted his right arm and aimed at Xu Junshan and others, "It's your order.

Then die! "

Xu Junshan suddenly looked solemn, shouted loudly, and resisted with luck.


Zhuang Wei's boxing style hit Xu Junshan.

Almost without any blocking effect, Xu Junshan was knocked out, and even Zhu Kuishan and others around him flew out backwards, vomiting blood, and all were injured.

Seeing such a situation, Mu Yuqing touched the blood on the corner of his mouth and shouted: "All warriors, come together!"

In an instant, dozens of warriors above the fifth level of Yuansoul Realm rose into the air together and attacked Yu Wuyou and Zhuang Wei.

All kinds of vitality whistling, with different martial skills, transformed into different forms, attacked.

However, Yu Wuyou and Zhuang Wei, who were at the center of the attack, had no fear, and even had a mocking sneer on their faces.

"A group of ants, dare to resist!"

With a cold snort, Yu Wuyou moved.