In the past few days, Xu Junshan and the others have thought of many ways to contact Chen Fei, but they have not been successful.

Even Xu Junshan personally went to Kunlun, found the cave dug by Chen Fei, went deep into it, and searched.

As a result, he was also blocked by the invisible film, unable to enter, and naturally unable to contact Chen Fei.

In the end, I could only leave a note outside, and then rushed back.

After a minute passed, everyone in the house looked at the red-walled compound not far away, and then looked at their watches, feeling even tighter.

Finally, Zhu Kuishan couldn't sit still, stood up and said, "I can't wait like this.

On Xiao Chen's side, don't you have any clues? "

Xu Junshan looked serious, looked at his phone, and said coldly, "No news."

This time, Zhu Kuishan was even more anxious, and his footsteps involuntarily quickened, "What should I do?

If Xiao Chen's relatives and friends die in the hands of those two, how will we explain to Xiao Chen at that time?

Also, what are these two going to do?

I—" Mu Ning frowned and said, "Old Zhu, what's the use of you talking about this now. "

"There must be a way!"

Zhu Kuishan said anxiously.

"any solution!"

Mu Ning asked back.

For a while, the room was silent, and everyone was silent.

In the past three days, you can say that you have racked your brains, thought of countless ways, exhausted all means, and contacted an unknown number of people.

But the result didn't change a bit.

In the face of the absolute strength gap, the so-called strategic methods have become ineffective struggles.

At this moment, everyone felt as if they had fallen into the icy lake water, and the water surface was still rising, submerging their necks, reaching the position of their mouths, and soon reaching their noses.

This pessimistic and almost hopeless feeling makes them feel helpless.

... At this moment, Chen Fei in the depths of Kunlun Mountain, sweating profusely, gnashing his teeth, took the last step, and finally you have stepped on the last step.

At the moment when his feet landed, Chen Fei suddenly felt his body light up, and the terrifying pressure on his body dissipated instantly.

Then, a cool vitality flew out of the hall and entered Fade Chen's body, instantly repairing the injury in his body completely, allowing his physical condition to fully recover.

Chen Fei moved his body and felt as if he had been reborn. His body became much stronger, his vitality became more pure, and his spirit increased a little.

What surprised him the most was that his cultivation realm jumped to the ninth level of the primordial embryo realm.

You must know that when he returned to the earth from the lower realm, his realm was the fifth level of the primordial embryo realm.

Later, he found the "Jade Purity Sutra" on the stone pillar, and after trying to practice it, he reached the sixth level of the Primordial Embryo Realm.

That is to say, Fade Chen crossed these twelve steps and raised his cultivation base by three levels at once, and came to the ninth level of the Origin Embryo Realm.

With such a cultivation speed, even Chen Fei, who has always been known for his fast cultivation speed, was very surprised at this time.

"Now, I should have the strength to fight against the cultivator of the upper control realm!"

Fade Chen clenched his fist and whispered to himself.

Before, he had played against several monks in the control realm, and even wounded and even killed a few.

But on closer inspection, Chen Fei could only be regarded as barely blocking the opponent's offensive. The key killer move that really worked was shot by Lord Tianming residing in his body.

Therefore, it can't actually be regarded as Chen Fei's real strength.

But now, Fade Chen feels that he can face the cultivator in the control realm without the need for Lord Tianming to take action.

"Go back and find a chance to try it."

Chen Fei whispered, continued to step forward, walked to the gate of Yuxu Palace, and wanted to push the door in.

However, when he used his hands to exert strength, he felt that the gate of the palace was motionless, like two majestic mountains.

Chen Fei gritted his teeth to stimulate his vitality, and almost used his maximum strength, but the result did not change, and the door was still closed.

"Does opening the door, and going up the stairs before, also a test?

It seems that my current strength is not enough! Just have to wait for the next time. "

Fade Chen shook his head and whispered to himself.

"I don't know how long you have been in retreat, how is the situation outside?

Time to go out and see. "

Thinking of this, Fade Chen turned around and walked down the steps, into a swirling light curtain.

A burst of light changed, Chen Fei's eyes flashed, and then his feet fell to the ground.

He took a closer look and found himself back in the cave where the stone pillars stood before.

"came back!"