Min Xinduo face with a touch of shame, by them to make.

"Mummy, what are the big brothers and sisters doing?" he asked

Luan Zhi picked up Wu Nian and said:

"Wu Nian, these brothers and sisters want to scare your father, so that he can't bully you and your mother in the future!"

Wu Nian nodded his head in a vague way, and then he said:

"grandma, please let them be light, don't scare daddy away!"

The crowd laughs wildly!

A row of black cars slowly stopped outside the villa garden. Ji and Qing stepped down from the first one.

Today, he is wearing a formal suit, a tie on his white shirt, a bridegroom's label on his chest, long legs and polished shoes.

His hair was neatly combed, just like a God, and his face, which was inviolable, radiated an unstoppable smile. He took the lead to the gate of Minjia villa.

When they came to the door and saw the closed door, Ji and Qing stood still and did not speak. Tom beside him coaxed and said:

"well, the bride is not welcome!"

Xiao Qi and a group of subordinates, all dressed up formally, followed behind happily, fearing not disorderly saying:

"boss, give the red envelope quickly!"

"Mr. Ji didn't bleed today, but he couldn't see the bride."

Ji and Qing didn't scold them and waved. A man ran over with a big red bag in his hand and went to Ji and Qing to take a bag.

Ji and Qing nodded.

The man went to the door, took out a handful of red envelopes from the bag and put them in the crack of the door.

Tom and the gang looked at it, and quickly came forward to help, pushing the door hard.

This is a festive red envelope. Although there may not be a lot of money in it, people are still scrambling to reach out.

A whole bag of red envelopes streamed through the door.

Someone took the red envelope, opened it and exclaimed in surprise:

"ten thousand! So much! "

The people standing beside him are more motivated, and they try their best to grab the red envelope.

Seeing the gap between the two doors getting bigger and bigger, people inside the door can no longer block the attack of people outside. Fang Yuanyuan and several girls push min Xinduo to the bed and take off the two shoes on her feet.

Min Xinduo inexplicably watched them hide their two shoes.

Just hide, the gate was broken!

Ji and Qing rushed in with the people and went straight to min Xinduo's bedroom.

Outside the bedroom door, luanzhi and Min'an song stand quietly, blocking the way of Ji and Qing.

They looked at each other with a smile and did not intend to embarrass Ji and Qing.

Min'an Ge patted Ji and Qing on the shoulder and said:

"if you dare to let my daughter leave another drop of tears, wait to eat my fist!"

The people behind Ji and Qing are quiet.

"Don't worry! Dad, mom, I must be good to Duoduo! Better than myself

Ji and Qing said sincerely and solemnly made a promise.

The two men turned aside and the door was opened.

Ji and Qing saw min Xinduo sitting on the bed at a glance. The bright red joy was set off, and her face was flushed and beautiful!

Min Xinduo looked up at him, he also looked at Min Xinduo.

Behind Tom smile, with people rushed in, a glance to see minxinduo bedside empty, immediately began to look in the room.

Min Xinduo's friends smile to block, where can stop those quick men?

Ji and Qing went to min Xinduo's bedside, took her hand, lowered her head and gently kissed.

Min Xinduo only felt the itch on the back of his hand, and his lips were hot and hot. The breath was spitting on her face, which was especially warm!

People around look at this scene, has not yet responded, Ji and Qing will min Xinduo hit horizontal in the arms, turned around and rushed out of the bedroom.

"Oh, the shoes haven't been found yet."

Someone called.

According to the custom here, we have to find out the hidden shoes before we can take the bride away.

Tom, holding a high-heeled shoe in his hand, cried:

"found it, found it!"

He ran out laughing.

There are several other people, also from a place to turn out another shoe, also smile to catch up with.

Ji and Qing will min Xinduo directly into the car, put on her shoes, can not help holding her hand, the heart has emotion, but can not say.

Min Xin flower also slightly droops the head, the corner of the mouth hooks out the good-looking radian, will finger and Ji and Qing tightly together.

The number of wedding cars increased to more than 20, forming a long line, from the south to the north of the city, and from the west to the East, which took two hours.Numerous media live broadcast of this magnificent wedding, where the wedding car goes is overcrowded, and the wall screen of many buildings displays the wedding slogan.

Relatives of both sides have been sent to the church ahead of time, waiting for the arrival of a new couple.

When the wedding march sounded, Ji and Qing, led by min Xinduo, appeared at the end of the red carpet and walked slowly towards the priest in the church.

"Mr. Ji and Qing, are you willing to marry Ms. min Xinduo? From now on, we will take care of her, protect her, cherish her, and never give up. "

Ji and Qing didn't think about it, so they said:

"I will."

The priest turned his head and looked at Min Xinduo:

"Ms min Xinduo, would you like to marry Mr. Ji and Qing? From now on, honor him, be true to him, love him until death. "

Min Xinduo looked at Ji and Qing, a delicate bell hung under her beautiful neck, and the small bell swayed gently with her movements.

She keeps the bell!

Ji and Qing smile bigger!

"I will!"

Min Xinduo said, the eyes are full of Ji and Qing's appearance.

A dazzling wedding ring is covered with min Xinduo's ring finger. The ring ring is inlaid with 20 neatly cut diamonds. A 15 carat pink diamond in the middle reflects the attractive light.

Ji and Qing lowered their heads, approached min Xinduo's neck and whispered:

"Duoduo, you are finally mine! We can finally be together. "

"And me

No read tender voice from the two sides, he is standing in Ji and Qing's legs, Yang head looking at two people.

Ji and Qing picked him up and said fondly:

"of course! Of course my son will be with us. "

"Well, from today on, you will be called Ji Wu Nian!"

Min Xinduo said with a smile.

Friends and relatives stood up and clapped their hands. Those who knew the truth knew how hard it was for them to be together!

After experiencing a lot of difficulties, a lover really gets married!

Ji and Qing held Wu Nian in his right hand and min Xinduo in his left hand, and walked outside the church.

"Mummy, can I have a sister? All the other children have brothers and sisters. I don't want a younger brother. How lovely my sister is

Min Xinduo looked at Ji and Qing with a coquettish look in her heart and sighed that it was not all good for a child to be too clever!

Ji and Qing said with a happy smile:

"dear son, how many sisters do you want

Min Xinduo gave him a bad look. How many?

Ji and Qing just wanted to make fun of Min Xinduo. Unexpectedly, Wu Nian really broke off her fingers and began to calculate:

"one sister is definitely not enough, two sisters or three sisters? Daddy should be able to raise a lot of younger sisters

Ji and Qing burst out laughing:

"well, it seems that daddy has to work hard

A pun to see Min Xin flower, and was Min Xin flower appreciate a white eye.

The family of three slowly walked out.

The sun shines on the earth, just like a parent taking care of children.

Happy days, still very long!

The rest of your life is leisurely, and you taste together!