Wen Tiantian and Ji Jingchen come back from the outside and see the three people in a state of anxiety. They immediately want to call the police when they know what's going on.

Wen Tiantian pulled Ji Jingchen aside and asked anxiously:

"it's all you. Don't let me tell our son that mindlessness is our grandson. Now that I've lost my mind, what can I do? "

Ji Jingchen looked at the three people over there and whispered to him:

"don't talk nonsense. Now things are not sure. Who knows whether they are true or not? Besides, it's children's business. What's your hand in it

"no as like as two peas when you were a kid," you forgot? When he was only four or five years old, he was so clever even before he was taken away

Wen Tiantian said with no hesitation.

In her heart, Wu Nian has always been regarded as her own grandson.

Even now, Duoduo and Qing are in conflict, but in their eyes, they are bound to have some twists and turns, and the final result will be good!

After talking for a long time, they did not reach a conclusion.

Just as several people were thinking of each other, the old housekeeper came in and said breathlessly:

"master, madam, young master is back!"


Luan Zhi asked.

Min Xinduo had already rushed out of the house. On the grass in the distance, a small figure was coming towards this side. When he saw min Xinduo, he quickly released the hands of the people around him and ran away.

The setting sun left only a touch of afterglow, and the surrounding scenery gradually became blurred.

But min Xinduo recognized at one glance the Wu Nian that ran toward her, and ran to rush in the past.

"Mummy, mummy, I don't want to be here!"

Close, min Xinduo just heard the cry of no thought, ran a few steps quickly, and held him in his arms.

"No idea, where have you been? I'm scared to death

She was so worried that she was about to cry.

Wu Nian's two small hands put their arms around min Xinduo's neck and gave her a few kisses on her face. She said with pride:

"Mommy is not afraid. Wu Nian is a man! I don't want to find Daddy

He held out his hand and pointed in the direction of running behind him.

Min Xinduo looked over there, and her heart suddenly jumped up. As Ji and Qing approached, she had the idea of retreating.

Ji and Qing stopped a step away, smiling at Min Xinduo.

Wu Nian stretched out his hand to hold Ji and Qing, who naturally took over his arms and held him in his arms.

"Mommy, this is the father who has no idea! Isn't it very handsome? Daddy is the best. He lives in a big house and teaches swimming without thinking. A grandmother also made delicious cakes for Wu Nian

Unread naive to show off how powerful his father is!

Min Xinduo stood quietly, looking at the total is Ji and Qing trumpet copy of the mindless, there is a kind of feeling as if separated from the world!

The dim sunset light sprinkles on Ji and Qing's face. The fragrance just bathed penetrates into her nostrils, which makes her feel shocked!

Ji and Qing carefully looked at Min Xinduo, never had a moment so focused.

Not far behind him, Li Jiawen stood still, passing two people and nodding at the door of the villa.

The most exciting thing was Wen Tiantian, holding Ji Jingchen's hand and whispering: "you see, I'll say they are very well matched!"

Through them, she seems to recall the way she stood with Ji Jingchen when she was young.

Ji Jingchen held her hand tightly and rubbed it.

Luanzhi and Min'an Ge looked at each other, and they sighed a little in their hearts after all.

That's it!

Even if Ji and Qing have some hidden defects in their feelings and their daughter likes them, what does it matter?

At the beginning, I fell in love with Min'an song, which surprised many people?

Why should we be too harsh on children?

When all of us have accepted the final result, min Xinduo is still in a daze.

The chatter is just mindless!

Wu Nian talked for a while, and seemed to feel the silence of the two adults. He also slowly closed his mouth and looked at this and that with his big eyes.

After a long time, Ji and Qing took the lead in opening their mouth. With endless tenderness and affection, they exhausted all their strength and said:

"let's get married, Duoduo!"

Min Xinduo has a sour nose. She has been waiting too long for her to think that she can't wait. She is so cold that she no longer has a trace of hope. She goes far away to raise her children alone.

Now, the truth comes out.

Min Xinduo's tears surged out and helplessly lowered her head, which was incompatible with her capable and neat professional clothes.


See min Xinduo cry, no read in the heart is not good, curling mouth will cry out.Ji and Qing are in a hurry and don't know which one to coax.

Min Xinduo suddenly raised her face, but her tearful face was filled with the most brilliant smile and said:


Wu Nian flattened her mouth and swallowed her tears back. She said with a cry voice:

"Mommy doesn't cry!"

Min Xinduo broke her tears into a smile. She hugged Wu Nian and kissed his little face. She had the same fragrance of bath gel as Ji and Qing. She coaxed:

"Mommy, this is happy!"

Wu Nian blinked and laughed. He put his left arm around Ji Youqing and his right hand around min Xinduo. He said with a smile:

"Wu Nian has mommy and Daddy! How happy

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, she held out her hand and touched her chin

Never had the joy filled his heart, almost let him faint in the past.

This scene, he even dare not think!

He came from the dark, hands full of blood, met min Xinduo, brought sunshine, drove away the darkness!

His world, from now on, is all warm!

Fortunately, he almost gave up!

It's a foregone conclusion.

A month later, Qingshui City ushered in the most grand wedding of the century!

The bride, min Xinduo.

The bridegroom, Ji and Qing.

Dozens of top-level cars carrying relatives and friends drove towards the bride's house under the leadership of Ji and Qing.

Min Xinduo got up early and, after a few hours of fiddling with the makeup artist, finally appeared in front of his family.

Luanzhi and Min'an song stand together, watching their daughter in white wedding dress standing in front of her face painted with beautiful bride's makeup, long hair coiled up, hazy headdress draped behind her.

Just like the pure white goddess of heaven!

"Mommy is so beautiful today!"

No idea came out from behind the crowd and said with his head up.

Pretending to be angry, min Xinduo bent down to help him pull the hem of his small suit and said:

"isn't Mommy beautiful at ordinary times?"

How could the intelligent mindless be baffled and immediately said with a smile:

"usually the mother is beautiful, but today's mother is as beautiful as a fairy!"

"Ha ha ha ha!"

Children's words make people around laugh!

Luan Zhi stepped forward and took the jade bracelet on her hand and put it on min Xinduo, saying:

"Duoduo, this is something that has been handed down all the time. Although it is not worth much money, it is my most sincere blessing to you!"


Min Xinduo's words are in silence.

She took out a jade pendant and said to min ange:

"Daddy, this is the jade pendant you gave me. I know it's good for your health, so wear it! "

That jade pendant can not only strengthen the body, but also engrave the appearance of a family of three, which can be regarded as a thought!

"Silly girl, you don't come back! And Qing has bought a villa by the side, walking is only a few minutes. Yes? You want to fly away? "

Min'an GE's playful words diluted luanzhi's sentimental feelings.

Min'an Ge changed hands and hung the jade pendant around his neck, happily expressing the love of his grandfather and grandmother.

Fang Yuanyuan and Lawrence with a pair of twin daughters, standing on the edge of Min Xinduo, quietly looking at her, happy for her!

Chen Jiaqi and Zhang Xinyi are still single. They nestle together and are moved to tears. They exaggerate their tears and beg for Fang Yuanyuan to introduce them a rich and handsome boyfriend.

A few friends from minxinduo University also came, standing on the side silently blessing.

Li Jiawen came in, with a faint joy on her face and said:

"master, madam, the bridegroom is here!"

The crowd rushed to the exit, blocking the door of the villa.

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in particular, she yelled at Chen Jiahuan! Don't even want to marry us