Chapter 330 Epilogue

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Chapter 330 Epilogue  "It has been a long time since we last saw each other," said Dennis, sitting one seat away from Julie. "You must be surprised to see me here."

"I am," replied Julie and said, "I didn't know you were invited to the wedding."

It was because only the vampires of Veteris and a handful of hunters were invited to build and keep the relationships between each other. 

"Moltenore invited me," informed Dennis, which brought a surprised expression to Julie's face. 

That was a big leap of change, Julie thought to herself. It was because in the beginning, when she had just joined the university, there were times when Roman and Dennis didn't look each other in the eye. There were always mocking remarks thrown at each other. 

"Rome told me about your help during the fight night. Thank you for that, Dennis," Julie was grateful that in the beginning, even though Dennis was working for Joaquin, in the end, he had still decided to help them. If Roman hadn't come on time, the witch with whom Douglas had joined hands would have done more damage to her. "Can I ask you something?"

"Please go ahead," came the polite words from Dennis. 

"Why did you work for Joaquin?" Julie questioned him.

Dennis stared at her for two seconds before his eyes shifted to look at the people who were dancing on the dance floor. He replied, "It was due to my circumstances. Joaquin was the one who saved me from dying, and he let me avenge my family's murder. He provided everything I needed and I became his devoted follower. But then my thoughts started to waver."

He then turned back to look at her, and Julie didn't question why his thoughts had wavered. Because she already knew the answer. 

Instead, she asked him, "What do you plan to do now that Joaquin is no more? You didn't wait to graduate."

Dennis smiled, adjusting the glasses on his face. He said, "That is indeed an unfortunate turn of events. I don't think Veteris will be keen on taking me in again. The kind gesture has already been offered by allowing me to live after what I did."

"The people in here aren't as bad as what others portray it to be, you know?" said Julie, and she wondered what Dennis would do once he left this place. 

"You only tell it because the Elder vampires are now somehow related to you. One who is your father-in-law and the other your foster father?" asked Dennis, and he shook his head. "I know someone who lives in the next state. He is an old acquaintance and I can help him with his work. One that doesn't involve scheming against the vampires or humans."

"I see..." Julie's voice trailed. 

It seemed like Dennis had already made up his mind and wanted to start fresh. Julie didn't want to suggest anything more, as she thought maybe that was the right thing for him to do. 

"I hope you will be able to make the best out of your days and create good memories, Dennis," said Julie, wishing him nothing but happiness. 

Dennis nodded, "Thank you, Julianne... Even if Roman hadn't invited me, I would have come to meet you once, before I leave this place. I don't know if you are aware of this, but you have been a blessing to most of us. Even when I am away from here, I will remember the good times that we shared with each other while I was still a student of Veteris," he said to her before getting up from his seat. 

Julie also stood up with him, "I will keep those memories with me too, Dennis," she smiled at him. 

"I should get going now. Maybe someday we'll meet again," said Dennis, and saying it, he finally walked away from there. 

Julie took a deep breath before letting it go. So many things had changed, while some nostalgic memories came around. 

She saw her cousin Joel who came to where she was sitting, and asked her, "What are you doing sitting here all by yourself, sister Julie?" 

"I was resting my feet. Are you having fun?" Julie asked him, and the young boy enthusiastically nodded his head. "I am glad to hear that."

"Dad said I should ask you for a dance with me," said Joel, and the little boy soon pulled her hand, taking her back to the dance floor. Julie laughed as she twirled and moved front and back with her cousin. 

It was a joyous occasion for everyone who had come to attend it. 

Roman and Malcolm Moltenore had stepped down from the dance floor. Holding a glass of drink in each of their hands and sipping it. 

"Father," Roman addressed the man, who turned to look at him. "There is something I would like to speak to you about."

"Go on," Malcolm nodded, wondering what Roman wanted to tell him. 

"Julie and I bought a house not too far from here. And we would be thrilled if you and mother could come with us," said Roman. 

"Of course, we will come visit you, Rome. Petronile and I would be more than pleased to spend time with you two," smiled Malcolm. 

"No, not temporarily but permanently," Roman corrected as Malcolm didn't seem to get it the first time. 

Malcolm looked genuinely surprised, and with a slight frown on his face, he said, "You don't have to trouble yourself with that, Rome. Petronille and I have already decided to live in another town."

"It is no trouble at all. The house is as big as the mansion, and in fact, it has the same structure as the one that you grew up and lived in without any change. I think it would be quite lonely for just Julie and me to live there," stated Roman, and then he added, "We would be more than happy to have you live with us."

"It wouldn't be right though. To intrude in your space—"

"Please," Roman pleaded to the man. When he was small, his mother was the only person he knew, but when he came to live with the Moltenore's family, things had changed. "Dante had transferred all the money from the land that belonged to our family to my account. I have only made use of something which rightfully belongs to you and Tristan. So you do not have to think that you are living in my house, the house will be ours."

Malcolm chuckled, hearing this, a sigh escaping from his lips. He said, "I will ask Petronille and see what she thinks about it. Okay?" 

Roman gave him a nod. 

"But wouldn't it be rude to only have us there? I am sure you would want your mother and your father to live there too," Malcolm was referring to Donovan and Lilian. 

"That has been already arranged too," came the dutiful answer from Roman. "I have already spoken to Tristan about it."

"I see," murmured the man, and he then placed his hand on Roman's shoulder. Words didn't have to be spoken, as Roman could sense how proud the man felt. "You should go to Julie for that last dance before the bride and the groom get ready to leave."

Once everything headed towards the end, it was time for the bride to throw her bouquet. Everyone stood, taking their position and ready to catch hold of it, wanting to participate. 

Simon shouted to Melanie, "Don't worry if you aren unable to catch it, Mel. I will get it for you," and Mel turned red before sending a small glare at him, as his words earned quite a few chuckles from the crowd. 

Piper had already taken her position, and the crowd cheered, wondering who would catch the bouquet and be the next one to be married soon. When she finally threw the bouquet, everyone's eyes focused on the bouquet that flew in the air, and finally, someone did catch it. 

But the person was the least expected one. 

It wasn't a female who caught the bouquet but a male, less an Elder vampire. Remy Oscar. 

"Looks like at last, you will have someone next to you, Remy," remarked Donovan, who stood near him. Remy stared at the flowers but didn't refuse the idea. 

The bride and the groom were the first ones to leave there, spend time alone, and the hunters decided to take their leave, including the other guests. Most of the vampires dispersed, taking themselves to rest, while Julie and Roman took themselves to sit on a tree branch. 

They hadn't changed their clothes and were still in their wedding attire. 

"Are your feet hurting?" Roman asked, noticing her bare feet swinging on either side of the branch. She held the straps of her shoes in one of her hands while she watched the guards shifting the table and chairs while the string lights had been turned on. 

Julie turned and smiled at Roman, "Just a little. I am not used to dancing. How did things go with both of your parents?" 

It was because she and Roman had discussed them coming and living with them. Julie had no other family of her own except for uncle's family, and she wanted to treasure the ones she had been blessed with. 

"Smooth," replied Roman, and he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. "I love you, Winters," his words held affectionate in them as his fingers lingered on her skin. 

"And I love you," Julie responded, leaning into his touch. 

When they moved closer to each other, there was a creaking sound, and suddenly the branch upon which they were sitting broke. Before they would fall and crash to the ground, Roman caught Julie in his arms and landed on the ground without much impact. Julie's heartbeat had quickened while she was let down to stand on her feet. 

She laughed at the timing, "That was unexpected."

Roman kissed her temple, "Mm, we can continue it later. Come, we have somewhere to go."

"Now?" asked Julie, and he gave her a nod.

They both walked away from Veteris and reached the bridge that led to the town of Willow Creek. With Cillian, who had helped her regain her ability to open the portal again, Roman knew that Julie had been wanting to open and meet her family again. And now that the wedding ceremony was over and there was nothing important to do, with ample amount of free time in hand, he felt it was only right to open it. 

Julie felt the increase in her heartbeat, excitement and nervousness coming to fill in her body. She brought her hand up, and soon a black circular portal opened that connected to the different pasts. She didn't know which time of the year she had opened, but she looked forward to it. 

Before she could step into the portal, she asked Roman, "Will you accompany me?" 

"Always," replied Roman, slipping his hand in hers and holding it firmly. 

And together, they stepped into the portal, disappearing inside it. 

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