Chapter 329 Always by my side

Chapter 329 Always by my side  Music Recommendation: Opaline- Novo Amor

When Julie reached the tree with red leaves on it, as mentioned in the letter, she found Roman standing right under it. He wore a greyish-blue suit and a white shirt. His hair was combed, similar to when they had done the main play on the stage. His red eyes stood stark against his complexion, and he watched her walking toward him. 

Stepping close to him, they hugged each other, and Julie felt Roman kiss the side of her neck before pulling away from her. 

"You look breathtaking and lovely," Roman complimented her, noticing her lips pull up and her eyes crinkle at the sides. His eyes fell on the hairpin he had bought for her, "More beautiful than the day before." He couldn't take his eyes off of her. 

Julie placed her hands on his coat and said, "You look handsome. Just like a prince."

Roman slipped his hand into hers and said, "Come, everyone must be ready."

Julie nodded, the smile on her lips not disappearing even for a second. When they reached the aisle, everyone had already taken their positions. Her eyes fell on the priest, and her eyes widened in surprise. 

"Don't tell me he is the one who is performing the ceremony," Julie whispered to Roman. 

One corner of Roman's lips pulled up, and he nodded on seeing Luciano stand at the arch of flowers. The Elder vampire wore a white cassock and held a book in his hand. Julie was sure that it wasn't just her who was right now staring at him. 

"Donovan said that Luciano was once studying to become a priest before he was turned into a vampire," replied Roman, his lips continuing to twist. 

"Wow, that's an irony," murmured Julie, and they heard the wedding music begin by the band.

Tristan had already taken his place next to a less grumpy Elder Luciano, his nose up high as if he was the most important person here. 

The maid of honour and best man to walk first was  Ms. Dante and Elder Castiel. The second couple was Olivia and Maximus, and the third couple to walk was Julie and Roman. 

Even though there was a long time before Julie and Roman would marry, she could only imagine how beautiful it would be when their time would come. Her heart skipped a beat as she smiled at the people she knew, who now stood at their tables, watching them. 

"This is the first time I am someone's bridesmaid," whispered Julie while holding Roman's arm. And it made it that much special that she was Ms. Piper's bridesmaid. 

"How about the next time when you walk down the aisle, it is for our wedding?" questioned Roman with a straight face, and Julie quickly turned to look at him before looking forward. 

"You sure about it?" she asked him because she was yet to complete her graduation and land a job. 

"Mm," hummed Roman in response. "I don't see why we have to delay it when you are mine and I am yours already. Maybe we can wait until Piper and Tristan finish their honeymoon."

Julie blushed at Roman's thoughts about their future. It seemed like he had planned everything about their future, which made her happy. 

Before they parted to go and stand on the groom and the bride's side, Julie leaned in to kiss Roman's cheek. She whispered, "Okay."

When it was the bride's turn to walk, Piper appeared at the entrance with Mr. Evans walking her down the aisle. She looked very happy and held a bouquet in her hand. It had been left as a surprise to everyone, as Piper had already told that the one who was going to walk her down the aisle had already asked her, and it had everyone wondering who it could be.

Mr. Evans and Ms. Piper had been close to being Veteris' staff handling the students, but Julie didn't know that Evans was closer to the vampiress. Her face brightened even more than before. 

Soon the guests settled in their seats, and Elder Luciano started performing the wedding ceremony between Tristan and Piper. With only close family and friends attending it, with a few alive, it made it that beautiful and warm. And during the ceremony, Julie and Roman couldn't keep their eyes from each other as they continued to stare. 

Somewhere between, Julie couldn't control the smile, and her eyes lowered in shyness due to the intense gaze from Roman. 

Soon the rings were exchanged after the vows. Elder Luciano then declared, "I now announce you to be husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," in a prim and proper tone. 

Maximus, who stood on one side, commented, "He's kissed the bride many times already—"

Luciano sent a glare at Maximus to shut up, and some of them laughed while Piper and Tristan moved closer before kissing each other. Cheers and hooting filled the place, people clapping for the newlywed couple. 

In the back, Lilian, who held Donovan's arm, said, "Back then I was worried that after I died, he would have a hard life and his heart would grow cold. But I am glad that he found the right people to care for him."

Donovan watched his son laughing about something that one of his friends said, and he nodded. His son had grown up well indeed. 

"He has taken after you. No one can resist both of your charming nature," replied Donovan, picking up one of Lilian's hands and kissing the back of it. 

"Always good with words, aren't you, Mr. Donovan," smiled Lilian. 

"All good words only for you," Donovan smirked, and he was glad how things had turned out to be. "Julie is a wonderful girl."

"Indeed, she is. I heard you wanted to kill her before," said Lilian, and Donovan let out a nervous laugh. "Such an obsessed father, not letting him have a human girlfriend, when you didn't mind sleeping with me."

"Now, that was completely different. I can explain..." said Donovan in a solemn voice. 

Lilian watched her son smile, something she was getting used to, and it brought peace to her mind. When Roman was a small boy, he had always been serious, and it was partly because of her. After all, like Donovan said, Roman had inherited her nature, but also that the surroundings around them had curbed and removed his happiness. 

She was glad to see him happy, knowing there was someone apart from her or Donovan who loved him immensely and without a doubt in the heart. 

The wedding soon transitioned from the quiet and elegant wedding to a rush of music when the newlyweds got on the dance floor and were later joined by others. 

Julie had circled her arms around Roman's neck while he had his arms around her waist as they moved to the music. She had placed the side of her face to rest on his shoulder. 

"I hope every day can be like this," Julie murmured. 

"They will," promised Roman. "We have more friends than foes, and the enemies don't exist here anymore. And everyone is more than pleased to have you on our side."

"You make it seem like I am some goddess with wonder woman abilities," Julie smiled, and she lifted her head to meet Roman's eyes. 

"You are a goddess to me. A goddess I am unable to keep my eyes off of you today," replied Roman, and he dropped his hand from her waist. He took one step away from her before pulling her by her hand, and Julie turned around before being caught in his arms. A giggle escaped from her lips as she hadn't expected it from him. 

The bad boy had moved, thought Julie. She was soon turned around again before being almost dropped to his side while he supported her by holding her back. 

They continued to dance until everyone switched partners, taking turns, and Julie decided to go and rest her feet a little by sitting at the nearest table so that she could continue to watch people dance. 

And while she watched friends and family together, someone cleared their throat behind her and Julie turned to notice Dennis here. She hadn't expected him to be attending the wedding. She wondered if Roman had invited him. 

"Can I sit?" he asked her, and Julie nodded.