Chapter 1536

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The vast river of chaos is boundless, containing endless pure and vast power of chaos. Moreover, it is full of a magical power, which is a weak light and the light of the origin of chaos!

Cui Hao is naturally no stranger to the light of the origin of chaos. It can even be said that the reason why he can have today's achievements is absolutely inseparable from this clear light!


In an instant, Cui Hao felt an unimaginable ancient breath, revived, sensed his breath, and made a connection at once.

"Come on... Come on..."

A kind of cold and heartless wave resounded through Cui Hao's heart and shocked him!

When Cui Hao first came to the source of chaos, he once felt this ancient smell and call, and called him again!

The supreme power was so mysterious that Cui Hao immediately sensed the end of the long river of chaos through it, which seemed to be the source of the call! Not only did he feel this, he also sensed the third part. At the moment, he is leading some powerful special chaotic creatures to fight, and what they resist is strange creatures emitting the smell of heaven

"Chaos tree! Let's go!..."

Cui Hao opens his mouth, carries the chaos tree, and suddenly reaches the end of the chaos river!

Here, filled with an ancient, boundless, primitive, mysterious, decadent atmosphere, everywhere is a dead silence, no light, no time, no space, no chaos, no creatures, no world

Everything is gone, only eternal loneliness!

At this time, a mechanical wave came over, without a trace of emotion, cold and ruthless, "get my power... The source of representative power, the source of defeating law..."

With this fluctuation, a chaotic ball the size of Castanopsis appeared, and the power emitted was so extraordinary that it was endless!

The origin of chaos!

When Cui Hao saw the chaotic ball, he had such a shock and insight in his heart. He waved and immediately touched the chaotic ball with supreme power.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss..."

Suddenly, a kind of majestic and suffocating terrorist force immediately filled the air!

It's so powerful. It's incredible!

For a moment, this power merged with Cui Hao and quickly injected into the supreme world!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!..."

Suddenly, Cui Hao's power began to soar, and his control over the long river of chaos was increasing at an incredible speed!

At the same time, Cui Hao also gave birth to a kind of enlightenment and knew the relationship between the long river of destiny and the long river of chaos! They represent the source of force and the source of law. They fight with each other and want to devour each other!

However, it is obvious that the long river of destiny has an advantage, especially after the occupation of the hundreds of millions of universe bred by the long river of chaos, it is more and more terrible to slowly obtain the source of power and stack it in pairs!

The chaos river is more and more difficult to resist. Now it is the end of a powerful crossbow. It rotates the inheritance of hope and completely instills its own strength into Cui Hao, the Supreme Master. I hope he can reverse the defeat!

Cui Hao's strength is improving, and his understanding of the source of power is also rising! Of course, the chaotic tree has also been watered by power, and it is also getting stronger!

Just when Cui Hao got the origin of the long river of chaos, the boundless river of destiny suddenly shook, and an ancient breath that had slept for endless years woke up!

It is too great and ancient. At the moment of its emergence, a shot immediately saw through the changes in the long river of chaos. At the same time, this breath also found a figure in the long river of destiny!


This majestic and majestic atmosphere immediately impacted and wrapped this figure

Time passes slowly, one billion years, ten billion years

Cui Hao is in the long river of chaos, surrounded by a chaotic tree supporting the sky. His breath is becoming more and more terrible and majestic, and his control of the long river of chaos is also rising!


At one moment, Cui Hao opened his eyes in vain and showed an angry look on his face!

The origin of chaos, billions of universe, at this moment, crushed by the boundless power of heaven, it is collapsing! Among them, hundreds of millions of creatures with unclear numbers are screaming and falling!

All this is too fast. Even today's Cui Hao has no time to stop it, and his face shows a dignified state, because the long river of fate has awakened!

The roar was earth shaking. A long river filled with time fragments and extremely great and detached appeared. It was the long river of destiny that rushed to the long river of chaos and wanted to have the most tragic collision with it!

In front of this long river, there is a huge body as high as 100 million feet. It is the sun worshipping the heaven! However, in the eyes of Yang worshipping heaven at the moment, there is a pure cold and ruthless, which contains a creepy breath like the way of heaven!

Showdown, here we go!

At this moment, Cui Hao's heart was full of blood!

The attack of those special creatures from the long river of fate has long ended. It's just a small fight, and this is the battle of life and death! At that moment, Cui Hao brought all the creatures in the long river of chaos into his supreme realm. As for the long river of chaos, it was concentrated and surrounded by him!

Seeing this tall and boundless body, Cui Hao knows that this person is not a sacrifice to heaven, but a long river of fate! As for myself, now it should be a long river of chaos? It has integrated 80% of the power. Although Cui Hao is not sure, he knows that this war is inevitable! At the same time, he was also worried. Sister Helen didn't know what the situation was!


On the other side, "Yang worships heaven" punched, and the endless river of fate behind him began to bloom a strange brilliance! Among them, there is the power of heaven, but more, it is an irresistible and almost desperate terrible power!


Cui Hao roared and hit the same punch!

Suddenly, the earth fell apart, and a terrible force swept Wuji!

The war started miserably. Cui Hao fell into a disadvantage in an instant. The opposite Yang sacrificing heaven was really too strong under the blessing of the long river of destiny. Although he also obtained the power of the long river of chaos, it was still far from enough!

Fortunately, Cui Hao has the assistance of chaos tree and the supreme weapon of heaven and earth xuanhuang mother gas tripod, which reluctantly competes with it!

The two sides fell apart. Finally, Cui Hao was seriously injured, and Yang Jitian stopped on his way to kill. The long river of fate surrounded him

I don't know what the situation is, but Cui Hao certainly won't let go of such a rare breathing opportunity. He quickly ran away. At the same time, he began to think about countermeasures!

While accelerating to gain full control of the chaotic River, Cui Hao thought of other ways!

The fifth floor of Wanjie Tianzhu!

Cui Hao thought of the last legacy of the king of creation. When he thought about it, he successfully broke the barrier left by the original king of creation and obtained the items. It was a dark green jade slip, in which only two words were hastily left, sentient beings

Sentient beings?

These two words made Cui Hao think deeply. He thought of the law of sentient beings left to him by the white skeleton. Now, with the breeding of supreme power, the crown of wisdom has reached an incredible level. Maybe you can try to obtain the power of sentient beings?

When Cui Hao thought about it, the crown of wisdom appeared in the supreme world. 1.296 billion universes and hundreds of millions of creatures all got a connection with the crown of wisdom. But how to get their power?

Cui Hao was distressed and didn't know what to do for a moment!

At this time, he thought of the item left by the king of creation in the Tianbei, which was suspected to be the only weakness of the long river of fate!

So Cui Hao hurried to check!

With Cui Hao's strength now, it's naturally easy. He finally saw that the thing hidden in the endless light was a special and incomparable rune, in which the images of hundreds of millions of beings flickered, and the rune skillfully linked them together!

"This is... The true meaning of fate!"

Cui Hao's heart was shocked. He suddenly realized a lot of things!

With Cui Hao's current strength, his comprehension and realm have long been detached. In a moment, he realized most of it!

Cui Hao lost himself in thought after continuing to realize

Ten billion years later, Cui Hao opened his eyes in vain, laughed and said, "wonderful! So clever! I see!..."

At this moment, Cui Hao's eyes twinkled with the images of hundreds of millions of beings. He realized that he completely understood the true meaning of fate! Moreover, it is the mystery of how fate connects with all sentient beings!

As soon as he read it, Cui Hao made an ingenious connection with hundreds of millions of creatures in the supreme world. From them, Cui Hao got an invisible but extraordinary power! Boundless, concentrated in the palm of Cui Hao's hand and turned into a light red air mass!

"This power... Can be called the power of the world of mortals!" Smiling, Cui Hao thought to himself.

After seeing the power of the world of mortals condensed in Cui Hao's palm, the whole river of destiny was shaking violently. In vain, it frantically poured into the Yang sacrifice celestial body, and its body soared again and again, and its power increased violently!

Obviously, what the long river of fate felt, it also began the final means!


The two sides killed together again. Cui Hao killed with the power of the world of mortals, which hurt Yang Jitian. However, with his crazy counterattack, Cui Hao was also seriously hurt and coughed up blood!

The power of the world of mortals, mixed with the power of hundreds of millions of sentient beings, has a strange restraining effect on the long river of destiny, but it can not reach a fatal level!


At a certain moment, the body of Yang worshipping heaven suddenly shrunk ten thousand times, and the breath also weakened a lot. A bright extreme, containing a strong extreme heavenly breath, rushed out surrounded by the mysterious aura of endless destiny! The aura suddenly caught Cui Hao, making him imprisoned and unable to move!

Yang Jitian laughed, killed him, and with the power of heaven and earth, he wanted to completely destroy Cui Hao!

"Cui Hao! Die!..."

Yang Jitian was shouting. At this moment, it was no longer the long river of fate that dominated this body, but Yang Jitian!


Cui Hao was surprised and instinctively wanted to fight back. However, he couldn't move at all!!!


At this moment, Cui Hao's heart gave birth to a feeling of despair and couldn't help sighing. In an instant, in the supreme realm, 1.296 billion universes and billions of creatures felt his sadness and despair!

Are you dying?

At this moment, all creatures trembled, unwilling, strongly unwilling!

Whether mortals, beasts, practitioners, or even some humble lives, they all have a strong unwillingness. This unwillingness is extremely strong and pure. It instantly turns into a torrent, more and more loud and vast, which contains an unlimited longing for great freedom!

At this time, there is a strong and inseparable emotion. We should pursue freedom and true self, and cut off all fetters!

Any danger, any emotion that can't be stopped!

All the emotions are very strong and become an invisible but great force. The world collapses, the universe collapses, life sings for it, and all things cheer for it!

This power can hardly be described in words, and all adjectives seem to be eclipsed in front of it.

At the moment, Cui Hao's face was touched and pious. There were only three words left in his mind, Da Weian!

What is greatness? Cui Hao never thought about this problem, but at the moment, he is very firm in his heart. The burst of desire of endless creatures from the deepest part of his heart is the real great bank!

Nothing can surpass this power, not even in the same breath!

This kind of power fills Cui Hao's heart, pure, vast and moving, which makes him instantly have the power of infinite courage and hope, and the realm has instantly reached a real greatness!

Cui Hao's whole body burst out and suddenly burst out a light on his birth. At this time, a bright, intoxicating and almost suffocating light! If you have to describe it, only the three words "immeasurable light" can match!

At the same time, Cui Hao's strength is also soaring! Soaring! Unlimited inflation!

There was a quiet smile on his face. Cui Hao grabbed and photographed it towards the sun worship day. His palm soared infinitely, and the texture was perfect. It was a suffocating feeling. It was a great and supreme breath!


A palm, like a Buddha taking a monkey, fell into the palm of the sun worshipping the heaven. Then, with the scream, it completely disappeared, and a faint light emerged. Soon, surrounded by the great smell of Cui Hao, it turned into a woman, Helen!

"Sister Helen, welcome home!..." With a smile, Cui Hao hugged the woman!

Yang Jitian was killed, and the long river of fate finally fell into the hands of Cui Hao. The strength of Cui Hao, who integrates the two long rivers, is constantly improving, and the realm has already reached an incredible level!

Endless years pass by. Hundreds of millions of creatures in the 1.296 billion universe in the supreme realm continue to interpret all kinds of love, hate and separation worries. The legend of Cui Hao has been passed down from generation to generation in the mouth of the most powerful people, and has become a myth and legend!

In an unknown place, Cui Hao, who has practiced for an unknown number of years, opened his eyes in vain and looked up at the sky. His eyes were blooming, but his face was incredible and surprised!

Finally, he whispered, "it turns out... The world we live in is just a corner of endless heaven and earth! The mystery of life, endless heaven and earth, waiting for me! I, Cui Hao, come!!!"