Chapter 1535

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Emperor Zun, once unattainable existence, now he can sharpen his knife against them! Cui Hao's heart was very excited. At the same time, he did not forget to fight Shenshi and others, including Shi Tiandi Zun, who were protected by his supreme power and killed the enemy!


With one punch, the world collapsed and everything disappeared under one punch, but Cui Hao's punch has locked a figure shrouded in black gas in the long river!

This is the dark emperor!


With a roar of anger, the dark emperor suddenly urged a dark roulette to kill him, and the emperor's weapon burst out great terror!

The advanced level is the primary supreme. This is Cui Hao's first shot. He ignored the emperor's weapon and hit it like a mountain!


With a loud noise, the black wheel shaped emperor's device suddenly cracked everywhere. With a sad cry, it was suddenly smashed and flew out. Cui Hao's fist was still unstoppable. Target, dark emperor!

Strong! Too strong!

In the face of such a scene, even the dark emperor was terrified. The enemy was simply invincible!

Fighting back with all his strength, the dark emperor showed his means of pressing the bottom of the box. However, he was hit hard by Cui Hao's fist and fell into the depths of the river!

"Hua la..."

At this time, Cui Hao has stepped into the long river, and the chaotic tree is very excited to meet him. Thousands of chaotic branches spread and expanded rapidly

Over the years, chaos tree has settled in Changhe and occupied an absolute advantage over the control of the nine Changhe. Now, with the participation of Cui Hao, it is naturally unstoppable!


Soon, the depths of the long river burst, and with the attack of countless chaotic roots, a figure appeared in confusion. It was the dark emperor! Although he is very embarrassed, he is unwilling to leave the long river, because he can draw a lot of strength from it. Once he leaves, he will be eaten back and too weak!

"I see..."

When Cui Hao was in this long river like black ink, the supreme power filled the air. He soon made a wonderful connection with the liquid in the long river. By this, he realized a lot!

This long river can be called the long river of darkness, which is completely the mystery of the origin of darkness. The power contained therein is particularly pure and terrible. In particular, it also contains an extraordinary power of rules, which can also be called magic. If you want to obtain the recognition of the long river, you must form a contract with it! In this contract, Cui Hao felt some breath of the dark emperor!


For Cui Hao, the power of this rule is extraordinary and powerful. However, his supreme power can still explode. With his strong urging, this power invades. A moment later, the whole dark river surges and rolls, and it is extremely concentrated. For a moment, it surrounds Cui Hao's side. As for the dark emperor, he cheerfully yells and is thrown out!

In an instant, Cui Hao gained control of the long river of darkness! Moreover, it is not the kind of control to reach a contract, it is complete control!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!..."

At the same time, the other eight long rivers are also rolling. Among them, one emperor is breaking out with all his strength. On the one hand, he has to deal with the chaotic tree that occupies the upper hand, and on the other hand, he has to resist the attacks of God stone and others!

In terms of strength, they are only one step away from breaking through to the emperor, and their respective weapons are even more extraordinary. They are even comparable to the emperor's weapons of the Nine Emperors, and the battle is unprecedented intense! Overall, Cui Hao has an absolute advantage!


Just as the nine long rivers were surging, an indescribable breath of Wei'an broke out. It was invisible, but Wei'an was detached and ruthless. It seemed that it had existed for hundreds of millions of years. It burst out from the depths of endless nothingness and filled the place all at once!

"The power of heaven......"

At the moment of being broken open in the depths of the endless void, Cui Hao saw a faint extraordinary River, which is accompanied by endless time fragments and contains endless great power!

That is the long river of fate!


For the first time, the chaotic long river also gushed out an extraordinary light, mixed with some clear light. Finally, it was able to block part of the power of the heavenly way rolled down, while the rest was extremely strong and rolled down towards the nine long rivers!


Cui Hao roared, and the heaven and earth xuanhuang mother gas tripod in his palm suddenly flew out. It suddenly soared and blocked the rolling of heaven's power. Huge earthquakes kept shaking and crumbling!

Taking this opportunity, Cui Hao broke out and went all out to carry out the strongest killing!


One blow, Cui Hao exploded the dark emperor, and took the essence of his whole body in his palm.


With one kick, he kicked the emperor Guangming severely, made him scream and finally fell

The Tiandi xuanhuang mother Qi tripod, a primary supreme weapon, is shaky and difficult to hold on for too long. Cui Hao is crazy about killing. Finally, all the Nine Emperors fell, and their nine long rivers were refined by Cui Hao and scattered to Da Shenshi and others.

The nine great emperors stand in the endless years of heaven and earth, overlooking the source of chaos, but in the end, it is really sad!

After completing these, the heaven and earth xuanhuang mother gas tripod couldn't carry it, crashed and fell, and the power of heaven and earth rolled like a tide and swept down! If it is not the supreme weapon, there is nothing that can block the power of heaven for so long!


Waving his hand, Cui Hao first put away all the beating stones and others. Although they are powerful, they are still too weak to face the power of heaven!


Surrounded by the supreme power, Cui Hao's body soared. Holding the xuanhuang mother Qi tripod of heaven and earth, he bravely attacked and fought fiercely with the power of heaven and earth!

"Woo woo..."

At this time, the nine chaotic trees also converged and became an immeasurable group of extraordinary chaotic trees, swaying and blooming with endless brilliance, assisting Cui Hao to fight with the power of heaven and earth!

The roar swept the world. This kind of war has got rid of the shackles of moves. The battle is the collision of original forces, fierce and dangerous!

The battle was fierce. Even if it was as strong as Cui Hao coughed up blood, with the help of chaotic tree hair, in the end, this great power of heaven was defeated by Cui Haosheng and completely disappeared!

For some reason, the long river of fate did not continue to erupt. It attacked Cui Hao and chaos tree. It chose silence! Maybe it's because this is the intersection of two long rivers. Even its current influence can't ignore the long river of chaos.

"Settle in the long river of chaos!..."

At that moment, without hesitation, Cui Hao rushed towards the endless river of chaos with the chaotic tree!

Although he defeated the power of heaven, Cui Hao's heart became more and more heavy. This is not the peak power of heaven at all. This is just a small part. If he breaks out with all his strength, can he stop it? Not at all!

When he was very close to the long river of chaos, he seemed to feel something, suddenly filled with a creepy force, and seemed to be vigilant to distinguish the identity of Cui Hao and chaos tree!


At this time, Cui Hao's perspective eyes were naturally stimulated, and the perspective golden lights bloomed one after another! At the same time, the brand of chaotic green lotus appeared in the chaotic tree!

After perceiving all this, the chaos River sent out a cheering cry. Then, the obstruction and isolation were completely cancelled and asked them to stay!


With a loud noise, Cui Hao and chaos tree fell into the endless river of chaos!