Chapter 161: Unexposed

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Jing MO was momentarily stunned, but then a wave of elation washed over him. ‘Xia Xin trusted me!’

“Thank you for your trust,” Jing MO said softly.

“What’s there to thank me for? You trust me too, don’t you?” Xia Xin responded. He’d shared his own secrets with her as well.

“Guess we’re both in the same boat, aren’t we?” Jing MO managed a wry smile. He faced dangers because his family pressured him to return home, while she was at risk due to online rumors that branded her a Beast Master.

“I’m a bit concerned,” Xia Xin confided, her face clouding over. “Sun Hu came over earlier to discuss this. He said he knows how to handle it, but I’m not fully convinced. One person’s explanation can’t silence everyone. If someone with ulterior motives catches wind of this, I won’t be safe.

Safety was her deepest concern. If government agencies approached her, she wouldn’t fear a thing; she’d have the backing of the state. But if criminal organizations found out about her first, they might force her to manipulate animals into committing crimes. Just imagining that scenario sent a chill down her spine.

“Get some rest. Stop overthinking it,” Jing MO advised.

After Xia Xin retired to her room, Jing MO went back to his own, but he didn’t sleep. Instead, he called Sun Hu.

“What’s up?” Sun Hu answered.

“Any good solutions for handling Xia Xin’s situation?” Jing MO inquired.

Sun Hu frowned, “Just tell people she can sense the emotions of animals. It’s a common trait among animal lovers.”

“That won’t work, ” Jing MO immediately rejected the idea.

“Why not? Do you have a better solution?” Sun Hu challenged.

“Xu Ping and Xu An have been arrested for arson and attempted kidnapping,” Jing MO began. “We can use their situation to quell the public’s speculation about Xia Xin.”

Sun Hu paused, not grasping the connection immediately. “How does that work?”

Sun Hu was a top-tier agent. In the past, he could handle these small matters, but he was too busy at the moment. He was so busy that he couldn’t react immediately.

Jing MO elaborated, “First, go with your plan—inform the public that Xia Xin has a special connection with animals. Then, tell them that Xu Ping and Xu An had tried to kidnap her because of such rumors. Urge people not to believe or spread such tales as they can put Xia Xin in harm’s way.”

Sun Hu finally caught on, “You really missed your calling, you’d make a great agent. What a mind!”

Then, as if it just hit him, Sun Hu said, “Wait, why are you so keen on solving

Xia Xin’s problems when you can’t even solve your own?”

Jing MO chose not to respond. “Don’t worry about Xu Ping and Xu An. They won’t talk. And regarding them, set up a meeting for me. I want to see them.” With that, he hung up.

On the other end, Sun Hu stared at his phone as the call ended, cursing under his breath, “Selfish jerk. Use me and then dump me.”

“I just mentioned you seemed overly concerned about Xia Xin, and you hung up on me?” Sun Hu grumbled.

Despite his complaints, Sun Hu didn’t ignore Jing Mo’s request. After all, clearing Xia Xin’s name was crucial, and Xu Ping and Xu An were the key to that.

Jing MO visited the police station before the recording of his variety show.

“Is it possible for them to be released on bail?” Jing MO asked the police officer.

“The fact that you’re allowed to visit them is already a special favor,” the police officer replied. “They’re charged with arson in a forest reserve, not to mention attempted kidnapping. They won’t be bailed out. We’re letting you see them because you’re a public figure and also a victim. Maybe you could persuade them to confess.

“I understand,” Jing MO said. “I was just asking for the sake of it. I have no intention of bailing them out. They’re not good people..”