Chapter 160: Trust

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For every word Sun Hu spoke, Xia Xin’s face grew darker. Reflecting on her recent actions, she had to admit her behavior had been excessively bold. Her eyebrows furrowed as a Question suddenly struck her.

“What did you mean by saying that I rode a lion? Who knows that I did that?” Xia Xin questioned Sun Hu.

“Jing MO saw you. He was caught on camera for a brief moment when he went to look for you. A sharp-eyed netizen spotted it,” Sun Hu replied.

At that, Xia Xin’s frown deepened. “Is there any way to clear things up? ‘The term ‘Beast Master’ sounded mystic and fantastical. If people actually believed that about me, wouldn’t that make me a target for those with nefarious intentions, possibly wanting to dissect me for experiments?’ The thought sent a chill down her spine.

“I initially thought there was no need for clarification. A mix of truth and fiction could heighten public interest in you. There are even people hailed as ‘Rain Gods’ by netizens, aren’t there? But considering the recent issues with Xu Ping and Xu An, I think it’s better to set the record straight,” Sun Hu advised.

Hearing this, Xia Xin nodded frantically. “Yes, yes, let’s clear things up, no more of this nonsense.

“So, will you tell me the truth? What’s going on?” Sun Hu asked, his face grave.

Caught off guard, Xia Xin hesitated. Explaining that she was a ‘Beast Master’ would seem absurd, but denying it would only raise more questions. She didn’t know what to say to counter Sun Hu’s claims.

Sun Hu, sensing her hesitation, sighed deeply. “I’ve sent Jing MO away; it’s just the two of us now. I won’t expose your secret. What is really happening?

Letting this fester online is not in your best interest.”

A shadow crossed Xia Xin’s face. “Could I still leave the entertainment industry at this point?”

By now, Sun Hu felt fairly certain about his suspicions. “It’s too late for that. From the moment you step into the public eye, almost everything you do is now public knowledge. You have your own fan base who will keep tabs on you—they’re deeply invested in every aspect of your life.”

“Backing out is not an option now. So, what’s the truth?” Sun Hu pressed.

Sighing, Xia Xin finally spoke. “I can indeed sense animals’ emotions. I can understand their feelings, but I’m far from the Beast Master status that netizens are attributing to me. I don’t want to end up as someone’s lab experiment.”

She didn’t reveal everything to Sun Hu, only providing him with enough information to proceed. Even the selective disclosure stunned him.

“You can clearly understand animals’ emotional states and even get them to help you?” Sun Hu confirmed.

After receiving Xia Xin’s nod, he relaxed. He said, “That’s not a big deal. Plenty of animal rights activists can do similar things, just not as effectively as you. I know how to handle this now. Get some rest; you have a variety show to attend tomorrow.”

With that, Sun Hu hurriedly exited the house. Only then did Jing MO, who had been waiting upstairs, descend.

“What happened, Xin?” Jing MO inquired.

Xia Xin relayed the matter about the trending topic, explaining Sun Hut s visit. Jing MO nodded, choosing not to probe further.

“Aren’t you curious?” Xia Xin asked.

“I am, but it’s your private matter. You’ll tell me when you’re ready,” Jing MO responded.

Jing Mo’s words implied that Xia Xin had her own space, and he wouldn’t invade it under the guise of concern. If she wanted to share, she would.

Touched by Jing Mo t s trust, Xia Xin opened up. “I can communicate with animals, and understand what they say, but I haven’t reached the level of a Beast Master.”

Xia Xin believed that she shouldn’t divulge too much to Jing MO, yet her heart trusted him implicitly. This trust made her willing to share some of her secrets with him..