I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that I got a call from the assistant because the report I worked on throughout the night was damaged by a file error and could not be opened.

But when I saw the breakfast tray, everything was fine! I don't have to write a report anymore! (Laughing)

After a while, I wouldn't wake up as a high school student living on my own in a studio in Gosichon again. Please don't...

You won't wake up as a high school student living alone in a studio apartment in Gosichon after a while. Please don't...

"Today is the day of Sir Moore's visit. We will guide you to the drawing room."

Who is Sir Moore...? I looked at the worker with a blank look on my face, but I just smiled and nodded when I saw that the worker expected me to know who that was.

I think I'll have to pretend I'm an amnesiac, but I can't get the timing right. I followed the guide and stepped through the white door, which was accentuated by elegant gold decorations.

First of all, when I meet this Lord Moore, I'll have to try it right away... huh?

"Long time no see, miss."

A very handsome man was sitting on a chair in the drawing room.

When he turned to look at me, his black hair swayed and his dark eyebrows, almond-shaped blue yes, and the lower eyelashes that are positioned like a pattern along the corners of the eyes move me like a masterpiece. The bridge of the nose extends neatly and sharply from the forehead to the tip of the nose, and the jawline is sharp from the angle of the ear to the corner of the ear.

And the red lips on the clean skin were moving.

He was talking to me.

Was this a dream?

"Have you eaten yet? There is a good restaurant nearby for pre-dinner snacks."

A reflexively honest answer came out.

"Yes, I did..."

"I see. I see."

The me of  five seconds ago, please shut up. Why couldn't you accept the handsome guy's offer?

Fortunately, the handsome man did not give in and spoke again. Well done handsome man, wonderful, handsome man!

"Then why don't we take a walk in the garden together? The beautiful rose garden in this mansion always comforts me."

You must have faced some difficulty recently that has made the expression on your face so melancholy. Usually, a person would think that it's your job to cheer other people up, but since his face is handsome, this development is also likely. He must be a handsome guy with a story. It's good to be consoled by a handsome man.

"All right."

And we went straight to the garden. The morning sunlight shone on the dew on the rose petals, and the entire garden shimmered as if it had a glitter fairy attached to it.

But what glittered more was that face. It was thrilling. It was amazing. A handsome man is the best.

"There was no day when the roses in this mansion were not beautiful every time I visited, but the garden seems more beautiful and lively today. Is there any special method used here?"

Ha ha ha! It's only because your face is handsome that this type of low-quality cliched comment gets stuck in my brain. Hey, wait a minute. This is not the time to use your brain. How to garden this house? I really don't know anything, but I have to figure it out. I have to make up a way that doesn't exist and let them know.

Let's buy some time!

"Well, actually, I'm not very good at garden work... I'll find out when I meet the gardener."

"Oh, you don't have to do that for me..."

The man smiled softly. His eyes and lips curved softly and elegantly.

Is it because the angle of light has changed that makes your eyes sparkle? No, the glitter fairy who had descended to the roses must have transferred its attentions.

"Thank you, I'm very happy.“


All right, today is my first day of becoming a fan. Now that we have something to be a fan of, the quality of life can't be any better! Long live transmigration!

"I will do my best as a fiance. Rose."


Was this an auditory hallucination?


He looks embarrassed by the way I echoed his words.

"Yeah... It's true that I can't visit well after this time, so it's embarrassing to call myself a fiancé"


Calm down, my brain. You're hallucinating. It's not a big deal, but I've never had anything like a love life before.

"But I don't have a schedule this month, so I think I'll be able to visit you often. ...Are you all right?"

"That's fine."

It's not hallucination. Yeah, it's not. I've hit the jackpot. Reason and morality have stopped fighting and made a dramatic reconciliation. They've put their arms around each other's shoulders and raised their thumbs and cheered. Anyway, won't I see that face for a month? I'll take care of the rest in a month! I think I did the same thing right before the end of last year's finals, but that was probably because of my mood.

"I'll come often."

The corners of his lips turned up.



After a walk and a light lunch together, the handsome man left.

He asked me this and that throughout lunch. Is your body okay, what's your favorite food, is there any inconvenience staying at home, is there anything bothering you these days, etc.

And I had a flash of realization at that moment. I forgot about it because of his handsome face, but I tried to make it seem like I lost my memory, so I said, with a serious expression on my face, "Come to think of it, my memory these days... I forget a lot of things and I don't remember when I was young."

The man looked surprised at my words and asked anxiously.

"How long has it been since you showed symptoms?"

"No, it's about a week."

"Are you taking any action? Did you talk to the others?"

"I think it's a temporary symptom because I'm sick... I haven't told you yet. This is my first time."

Of course, I'm going to talk about it here and there from now on.

"I see."

The man nodded his head and lowered his eyelashes, giving him a sad expression. Then he raised his gloved hand on the table and placed it over mine.

Wow, your hands are as handsome as your face? I can feel the large back of my hand and the elongated fingers extending straight through the joints even on the gloves.

"On my next visit, I'll make sure to find something to help you with your symptoms. As Rosé said, it could be a temporary symptom, so don't worry too much."


Ah! Ah! Is this what a fan feels at a fan signing event? I lightly grabbed his hand and caught my breath as I watched the handsome man's hand retreat. And I decided to see the man off.

I'm really a fan now. Profile! Let's gather the profile of that exceedingly beautiful man!


The following is the information on the fiancé, which was collected by secretly looking at the working people.

1. His name is Lucas Moore

2. Age is the same as my original body before I transmigrated (but I don't know how old this body is).

3. Heir of a large landlord's family in a complex area

4. Seems very busy with his business

5. Only has free time a couple of months a year

6. Frequent visits to this mansion only during that time

7. That time is now

This is crazy. What kind of period drama is this? Thoughts of all kinds of Western dramas, from Pride and Prejudice to the North and South, went rushing through my head. At this point, I wondered if I was delusional and in a coma because of overwork.

I pinched my forearm. Ugh, it hurts.

"It's time for a walk, miss."

I think people in this family are addicted to walking. It seems that people who work at this time every day call it a walk time. Even today, I already took a walk with my fiancé earlier in the morning, but they tell me the time again. I have a purpose today anyway, so I think I can go to the garden again.

I'm going to find a gardener and ask him how to manage the garden in this mansion! Then the next fan meeting with the gorgeous fiancé... No, even in regular meetings, I will be able to talk naturally and look at his face. (Laughing)

In fact, the first thing that came to mind was to ask a worker about it. However, I was embarrassed to ask them to do something that would take time because I had already used a lot of their time to collect information on my fiancé.

So when I went out to the garden again, I thought it wouldn't be bad to try it myself. It's just amazing that I feel like I'm willing to work voluntarily because I don't have anything to do.

I hummed my way out to the garden. For your information, the note was a huge hit song by a male idol who ranked 14th on the Melon chart last year.


Working Rules

3. If you find a gardener who is trimming roses, you should avoid the spot immediately. Don't look back until you leave the garden.

4. No songs of any kind, including humming and whistling, are allowed in the garden.