Chapter 1.1 - Gold Spoon Experience

(Translator’s Note: The “gold spoon” in the chapter title refers to the “spoon class theory” that’s popular in South Korea. The type of spoon refers to the wealth of the family one was born into. A gold spoon means a family background that is in the top 1% of society. As used in the story, “a golden spoon” simply means a wealthy person.)

On the day that I fainted after spending two sleepless nights to finish my final term paper, it’s clear that I didn’t just faint. I must have transmigrated because I was now in an unfamiliar world in an unfamiliar body.

“Lady, should I get you some washing water?”

Of course, I have no complaints about this situation because when I opened my eyes it was as though my dream of winning the lottery came true!

I looked down happily at my hands as I dipped them in the water in a gold leaf-covered basin. They were white and slender, clearly the hands of someone who had never done any manual labor in their life. Wow, this is it! This is the power of money!

“Where would you like to have breakfast?”

“In the bedroom.”

The door opened, and a maid with a tray entered. One look and I knew it was my breakfast: two pieces of fluffy white bread, cream of carrot soup, and even a poached egg. It was such a perfect sight that I almost clapped.

“Shall I open the window?”

Outside the window, bright red roses were in full bloom. The petals, brilliantly shining in the morning sun, swayed in the breeze, and the gorgeous scent of roses reached my nose. It’s truly Mother Nature’s natural perfume.

When I took a deep breath, I could feel the fresh morning air filling my chest. A spring morning with no air pollution, and a king-sized bed with a rose garden view to start the day! This room even has a reception room. This was a level of luxury that was impossible to achieve, even on a hotel tour overseas.

At that moment, I had the urge to cry from joy, but I just moved the spoon faster as I ate. The soup was so delicious that I almost shed tears right then and there.

“Are you planning to visit my study again today?”

This was the best part.


This body was an unemployed golden spoon! Based on the conversations I’d overheard over the past week, it seemed that this person was weak, had a chronic illness, and rarely went out.

So you think the life of a recluse living without the civilized conveniences like smartphones and the Internet is so boring? No. If you have money, you won’t be bored.

Let’s go to the study first. The study room of this house has an enormous number of books that it could be called a library. It’s well organized, and I can easily find the books I wanted.

In addition, because of the large number of books, I can access all kinds of printed matter, such as all magazines, adventure novels, and romance novels, not just clichéd classic books!

…Actually, there are also erotic novels which I’ve been looking at these days. Hahaha…

And if these were not enough, I could also place an order for more books, but I haven’t done that yet.

Lunch was delivered to me as I stayed locked in my study during the day, reading all kinds of popular fiction. Ahhh… I indulged in the beauty of life by tearing off the duck legs. I don’t know how they do it, but every time I ate a piece of the well-seasoned meat, the juices burst like a bomb inside my mouth and the texture of the meat was so fine that it seemed to melt and disappear down my throat.

I even wanted to chew on the bones… Let’s hold that impulse in. It was quite awkward earlier when some servants came in when I did that last time…

“It’s time for your walk, miss.”

After eating lunch and reading books, it’s time for a walk. I’m given a shawl to wear and a stroll around the rose garden in front of the house that’s so huge that I think there are places in it I haven’t seen yet. Seeing the exquisitely blooming roses among shrubs that are taller than me, I feel as though I’m exploring an old castle in Europe that I’d have to pay an entrance fee to tour.

Oh, and during my promenade, there is a fountain with a knight sculpture.

I gazed happily at the water flowing out of the helmet of a statue of a knight with his sword raised. The blue sky, the white fountain, and a few red rose petals falling into the pool of water were very beautiful.

As I strolled in the garden, my stomach began to growl, and I was called inside for dinner.

“Did you have a pleasant time today?’

“Yes, mother.”


Dinner was a family affair. A woman with red hair, who was probably my mother, was amazingly beautiful. If she were in 21st century Korea, talent agencies would have handed her their business cards with every step she took in downtown Seoul.

Across from me was a girl of about the same age as me. I think she’s probably my sister who’s older by a year. Although she’s not as beautiful as her mother, her fair, freckled face and droopy eyes are attractive. I guess she looks like an idol.

“Then let’s have a pleasant meal.”

YEAH! Seeing the (probable) mother of this body lift her knife, I quickly picked up mine as well.

Dinner was steak, a thick piece of meat exquisitely cooked and meltingly tender. In particular, the meat around the long and thick bones is so savory that I want to gnaw it. I ignored the grass on the side of the plate and attacked the meat as hard as I could.

What’s really unfortunate is that the (probable) older sister of this body didn’t even touch the meat and only ate the grass.

Could it be that she has trouble digesting food, so she never puts a fork in the meat? Or is she a vegetarian? Come to think of it, I never saw her eating meat this entire week. Of course, I believe everyone should respect each person’s beliefs and preferences. I licked my lips while looking at the leftover steak on the other side of the table, but I couldn’t bring myself to say that I would eat it.

“It was a pleasant meal. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“It was a pleasant meal.”

“It was a pleasant meal!”

My answer was 100% pure and sincere. I tried to suppress the emotion that welled up in my face. Even the vanilla ice cream for dessert was perfect!

Afterwards, I went to the private room connected to my bedroom to listen to music, embroider, or shop through catalogs. There were many kinds of clothes and accessories, but I didn’t stop at that and leafed through the pages to smile at the wide variety of goods available for purchase, such as snacks, dolls, and furniture, until it was time to retire.

“Shall I prepare your bed?”

Then they put a hot water bottle on my bed, brushed my hair, brought me a washbasin, and took care of my clothes! Wow! In addition, they also turned off the gramophone and put away the catalogs I had left on the table quickly and quietly. I felt as though I’ve been spending my days in a five-star hotel!

When the staff left after lighting scented candles, I fell into a sound sleep to the fragrance of herbs, apples, and roses.

Hmm. It’s another perfect day without homework, part-time jobs, or student loans. Transmigration is the best!


Employee Rule Book for Roses Vine Mansion Workers

Your receipt of this mail means that you meet all the conditions we have set out.

Prior to your first job, there are some work rules you must be familiar with. These rules are listed and provided as cards and are enclosed in the envelope inside the mail with a confirmation of the rules.

If your confirmation is not submitted within 15 days, your employment will be cancelled immediately and this mail will be recalled.

Employers do not compensate for any disadvantages arising from breaking the rules of work.

Work Rules

1. You must wear the provided work clothes while working.

2. All eating and cooking activities, including meals, are allowed only in the workers' dormitory.