Chapter 173 - Chapter 173: The Three Years To Erase

Chapter 173: The Three Years To Erase

Translator: _Min_

Song Ling recently had Zhao Xuan investigate due to being preoccupied with an online public opinion crisis. Now, the results of that inquiry only fueled his fury.

He switched on his computer and, using his hacking skills, accessed bank transaction records. As expected, the logs showed that Gu Dai had indeed transferred that sum of money to Su Ting years ago.

For a moment, he considered using his skills to teach Gu Dai a lesson, but then remembered she had some formidable programmers on her side. Grudgingly, he refrained.

But the more he thought about it, the angrier he became, as if a relentless fire were burning his insides. Song Ling wished he could just take a knife and stab Gu Dai to death.

A knock at the office door interrupted his turbulent thoughts. Zhao Xuan’s voice sounded, “Mr. Song, there’s an important gala tonight. Will you be attending?”

In a fit of rage, Song Ling grabbed the mouse from his desk and flung it at the door. A loud crash followed, and he bellowed, “Cancel it! And don’t disturb me again, or you can pack your things and leave!”

Meanwhile, in the car.

Su Ting looked at Gu Dai and gently inquired, “1 heard there’s a gala at the Capital Hotel tonight. It sounds like it could be fun. Would you like to go, Sis?”

Having taken over the company recently, Gu Dai hadn’t had much time to relax. This gala seemed like a perfect opportunity.

She nodded, replying, “Sure, what time is it tonight?”

Su Ting, who had been prepared for a possible rejection, was elated to hear her agree. He said enthusiastically, “The gala starts at six. I’ll pick you up, Sis. It’ll likely run late, so make sure to rest well when you get home.”

Gu Dai smiled and simply said, “Alright.”

Su Ting, recalling their recent encounter with Song Ling at the store, asked softly, “Sis, do you think Song Ling is regretting his decision? He seemed a bit jealous earlier…”

Gu Dai paused, puzzled, “Jealous?”

She tried to recall the details but realized she had already forgotten what Song Ling had said and how he’d acted. She finally said, “It’s unlikely. After all, his true love is Jiang Yue, and he’s always been fond of her. Why would he feel any emotional upheaval because of me?”

Su Ting’s eyes dimmed slightly.

Gu Dai sighed, “I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry. Even if Song Ling becomes jealous one day and starts liking me, I won’t reciprocate. The things that happened during the three years 1 lost my memory are what I’d most like to erase from my life.”

Hearing this, Su Ting’s spirits lifted, and his eyes sparkled as he looked at her.

With work commitments awaiting him upon his return to the country, Su Ting dropped Gu Dai off at home before leaving.

As Gu Dai stepped out of the car, she saw Gu Zhi standing at the entrance. Her eyebrows furrowed as she approached him and asked, “What are you doing standing here?”

Seeing Su Ting drop Gu Dai off, Gu Zhi was consumed by a frenzied jealousy. However, when she heard Gu Dai’s question, she quickly suppressed her irritation and lowered her head, saying, “Sister, I’d like to take the evening off tonight.”

Gu Dai didn’t inquire as to why Gu Zhi needed the time off. She simply responded, “You can take the evening off. Just make sure to organize all the new clothes that have arrived.”

Thinking of those clothes, Gu Dai felt somewhat helpless. She hadn’t expected that after telling her third brother to stop buying her clothes, her other brothers would start doing so instead.

Gu Zhi was flabbergasted by what Gu Dai said. Disbelievingly, she said, “All those clothes? You want me to sort through all of them? How long is that going to take?”

Considering the volume of clothing, Gu Dai conceded, “Fine, organize half of them then.”

Gu Zhi hadn’t expected Gu Dai to compromise and cut the amount in half. Unable to resist pushing her luck, she said, “But even half is too much. 1 have a gala to attend at six this evening; there’s no way I can finish in time.”

Gu Dai looked at her sister coolly. Having mentally simulated the task based on her understanding of Gu Zhi’s efficiency over the past few weeks, she knew that Gu Zhi could easily finish sorting half the clothes by five o’clock.

Thus, Gu Dai said flatly, “If you can’t finish, then I’ll have to start questioning your capabilities. Perhaps it’s time for you to go to the countryside for some character building.”

The mention of ‘countryside’ struck terror into Gu Zhi.. Snapping back to reality, she said tearfully, “1 can finish! 1 can get it done before six, just don’t send me to the countryside!”