Chapter 172 - Chapter 172: Smashing The Phone In Anger

Chapter 172: Smashing The Phone In Anger

Translator: _Min_

Jiang Yue was unaware of Song Ling’s thoughts. Seeing him accept the tie, she sighed in relief and cheerfully said, “Take me back to the hospital, please.”

Song Ling promptly refused, “I have business at the company. You can go back by yourself.”

Without waiting for Jiang Yue’s reaction, he quickly turned and left.

Jiang Yue stood there, unable to believe what had just happened.

She had thought Song Ling came because he heard she was being bullied by Gu Dai. To her astonishment, he hadn’t shown any concern for her and had hurriedly left.

Could it be that he had actually come for Gu Dai?

No, that can’t be. How could it be for that woman, Gu Dai?

Jiang Yue repeatedly denied the possibility, but every time she thought of Gu Dai, a deep hatred filled her heart.

Upon exiting the store, Song Ling noticed several clerks placing packages into a car. Intrigued, he approached and asked, “Who are these purchases for?”

These associates were in charge of home deliveries and were not present in the store earlier. Unaware of the previous events, they cheerfully responded, “They’re gifts from our white-card VIP member, Miss Gu Dai, to Mr. Su Ting. She’s ordered dozens of suits, along with matching accessories. She must really love Mr. Su Ting.”

“I think so too!”

As the associates drove away, their voices fading into the distance, Song Ling finally snapped back to reality. His face darkened like coal upon recalling their words.

Gu Dai must have spent a considerable amount on Su Ting to have white-card VIP status.

Ha, Su Ting is just a freeloader. He Jets a woman spend money on him, and not just a little but dozens of suits. He’s nothing more than a freeloader!

Although Song Ling thought this, the realization that Gu Dai had only gifted him a single tie gnawed at him.

Angrily, he strode into his car, slammed the door shut, and sped off.

Zhao Xuan, watching Song Ling storm in, guessed that he must have encountered Gu Dai again, and was dismissed once more.

This had been the pattern for some time, and he had grown accustomed to it.

Zhao Xuan shook his head in resignation, clicking his tongue mentally.

Mr. Song looks like he has fallen for his ex- wife, but it’s too late now. She’s surrounded by impressive men; Mr. Song really doesn’t stand a chance.

Song Ling stopped in his tracks, his eyebrows furrowed and voice icy, “Zhao Xuan, I have a question for you.”

With that, he walked into his office.

Zhao Xuan’s body shivered upon hearing his name. Had he accidentally voiced his inner thoughts?

Zhao Xuan entered the office, then asked nervously, “Mr. Song, what did you want to see me about?”

Staring at Zhao Xuan, Song Ling queried, “1 asked you to find out where the money Gu Dai got from my grandpa was spent. Have you found out?”

Relieved that he wasn’t about to be fired, Zhao Xuan quickly responded, “I’ll follow-up on that.”

Zhao Xuan quickly picked up his phone and urged the private investigator on the other end. Moments later, the results were sent over.

Upon seeing the information, Zhao Xuan’s face turned pale. However, under the intimidating gaze of Song Ling, he managed to muster the courage to speak. “Miss Gu Dai transferred the money to Mr. Su Ting.”

“What did you say?” Song Ling’s voice thundered, eyes narrowing dangerously.

Zhao Xuan trembled, holding his phone as he stammered, “I… I—”

Impatient, Song Ling snatched the phone from Zhao Xuan’s hands and read the information displayed on the screen.

An icy chill emanated from him, intensifying by the second. In a fit of anger, he hurled the phone to the ground and coldly ordered Zhao Xuan, “Get out!”

Staring at his shattered phone on the floor, Zhao Xuan didn’t dare utter a word and hurriedly left the office. His heart bled; after all, he had just bought that phone a couple of days ago.

After the office door closed behind Zhao Xuan, Song Ling’s fury erupted. With a savage kick, he struck his office desk and then slammed his fist into the wall, eyes burning red with anger.

So, Gu Dai had known Su Ting three years ago and had even transferred money to him. it seemed they had been involved with each other since then, and yet she played innocent in front of him.

For three years, Gu Dai had put on a facade of being deeply in Jove with him. How utterly disgusting.

They were nothing but a pair of scoundrels—a loathsome man and a despicable woman!