Chapter 282 Are You My Brother’s Girlfriend?

Those who have power in their hands decide the life of the people. Fortunately, Fein was already an S rank, so he didn't have to worry much.

Humans instinctively sought power. They didn't really need a reason. It's already been proven in Human History. Humans waged war against each other for power. It's their nature. And Fein doesn't really need a reason either. It's already carved deep within his being.

'Me and my meaningless philosophical thoughts.' Fein looked dazedly at the sky and sighed like a reclusive sage.

"Hey, it seems they stopped talking," James said, which interrupted Fein's thought process. James to the direction where Michael and Celine sat.

Fein could only follow James, as he was also curious about this Legendary Celine and her stats. And she's also Michael's future girlfriend if they really became on good terms just now.

Anthony, Kiba, Gregory, and Azazel looked at each other.

"So what now? Do we follow them?" Kiba raised his eyebrows.

"No... That's boring. How about we enjoy and drink something here?" Gregory grinned and pointed at the table with champagnes and wine on the long table. He was already familiar with Celine since he had known Michael and he knew all the problems Michael have faced. He can just greet Celine later.

Anthony shook his head at his captain's proposal. He hates drinking alcohol. Losing control of one's body is something he doesn't like. He has a controlling type of personality. If the situation isn't under his control, he would feel slightly uncomfortable.

"Where would you go then?" Gregory already knew Azazel's reason, so he didn't intend to persuade him.

"Collect some information," Anthony said simply, without emotion. He walked to the crowds of people and blends with them until the big three and Gregory can't see him any longer.

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Kate puckered her lips. "What a weirdo."

Azazel, on the other hand, felt the opposite. He thinks that Anthony has a pleasing personality. He turned his head to Gregory. "What's his name again?"

Kiba and Kate looked at their friend weirdly. Because usually, Azazel wasn't at all interested in people in general unless that person was outstanding enough to pique his interest.

"Anthony," Gregory didn't know why Azazel suddenly asked. "He is our one and only strategist. Forgive him, he's always like that. Sometimes he's outgoing, while sometimes he's serious."

Hearing this, Azazel nodded. But a strange glint appeared in his eyes. Just like what he thought. Anthony and he should have some similarities. Just the first time they met, he can't already read Anthony. He looks plain and simple, but always gives Azazel a feeling of being seen through. Like he was a naked man, all his secrets were for him to see. Such a guy was dangerous, but Azazel believes that such an intelligent man is worth befriending.

Little did he know that Azazel had already recorded his ability and personality in detail. If he knew that Anthony wrote his shortcoming in the battle and some possible counter for his energy absorption, it might change his mind.

"What are we waiting for? Let's talk about that later. Let's go and drink." Kiba patted Gregory and Azazel on the back.

"Bastard, go easy on this old man's bones." Gregory gritted his teeth.

"Hahaha!" Kiba laughed. He found Gregory's reaction funny. Azazel couldn't help but smile.

Just like that, the three guys walked to the long table to get some drinks unceremoniously. Some of the girls in the hall look at Kiba and Azazel with blush. After all, they are handsome in their own right. Furthermore, their status as the Big Three simply added a bonus to their charms, plus their splendid physique, apparent even in their suits, would put bodybuilders to shame.


"Are you my brother's girlfriend?" After talking to Kate, Fey found out she was thinking too much. The girl in front of her wasn't bad as she thought. The uncomfortable feeling she was feeling was slightly lessened because of this.

Hearing her question, Kate, who was laughing merrily, suddenly froze. "What is it? Did I hear it right?"

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Fey felt weirded by Kate's sudden behavior, but she decided to ignore it. "I said, are you my brother's girlfriend?"

'Fein's girlfriend?' Kate looked at Fey in a daze.

'So he has a girlfriend all this time, and he didn't say it to me!?'

'Why!? why!!' Kate felt betrayed. She thought that Fein had cheated on her. She thought that Fein liked her back because of how well he treated her when he trained her. Negative thoughts started to appear in her brain, one after another.

Kate's expression became hideous for a second before it turned normal again. Fey shuddered when she saw this and thought. 'Am I seeing things?'

With this, the bad feeling in her heart grew stronger. She wasn't really sure if she saw it wrong. That was too scary! She literally changes her expression in an instant. She didn't even know if she was hallucinating or something.

"So, your brother has a boyfriend?" Kate smiled gently, with a calm tone in her voice. It was as if nothing really happened just now.

Fey lifted her guard up once again. 'Is this woman crazy? So this is why I felt a bad feeling just now.' She tried hard to stop herself from swallowing the saliva due to nervousness. Although the woman in front of her was calm and gentle, it made her even more scary in Fey's opinion.

Fey looked back at their conversation and tried to find out why Kate suddenly became like this. What could be the trigger? Then, as if something clicked inside her as she realized the cause.

'Does she like my brother?'

"Answer me... Your brother has a girlfriend?" Kate stretched her hand and held Fey on the shoulder with an amicable smile.

Fey was ready to activate her ability once the other party do something. She took a deep breath and smiled sweetly at Kate. "No, I thought you were her girlfriend because you're so beautiful."

'I hope she buys it.' Fey thought inwardly.

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