Chapter 283 Two Faced?

Hearing this, Kate's eyes widened. Then she hugged Fey. "I'm glad you like this, big sister."

Fey didn't know that. Kate, who was hugging her, has a cold face at this moment, and she didn't really buy what she said.

Kate noticed that she had scared Fein's sister. So she calmed down, but various thoughts were going through her mind currently.

'Who was his girlfriend?' She felt threatened. This is her true self. Once she liked something, she won't let other people take it. Since wife and husband can still break up, what more for boyfriend and girlfriend right?

Just like that, Kate came back to her previous self. But Fey had already excused herself, unwilling to stay around the crazy girl even for a second.

Kate looked at Fey's leaving back with a complicated expression. She knew that it would take time to become closer to the girl again after what had just happened. She just hopes that Fey won't tell this her brother.

'Damn, why can't I control myself!' Kate cursed inwardly.

Then, as if she thought of something, she took out a glass of potion filled with pink liquid. A blush emerged from her face, and Fein's silhouette flashed through his mind. This is a special potion that is as valuable as an A-rank peak artifact.

She had obtained this from a powerful S-rank witch acquaintance. But she didn't expect that would have to use it someday. She clenched the potion in her hands and a crazy grin came out on her face. 'Fein is mine...'

If Fein saw her state, she won't even believe that they were the same person! This is a two-faced bastard.


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"Finally." Fey walked through the hall. Some boys in the surroundings were giving her winks. And some of them even tried to invite her to dance, but she rejected them. Though she still prefers this place more than being with Kate.

When her eyes scanned the vicinity. She saw her brother talking with Michael and an unknown blonde woman. She saw that Michael seems to be closer to the woman. 'Is she Sir Michael's girlfriend?' her eyes lit up and quickly ran towards them.

As for the matter about Kate. She decided to report it to her brother. Who knows if Kate has something going on with her and needs help? Fey wasn't the type of person to judge early. She would consider every side and judge if she knew the whole story. After all, she wasn't familiar with Kate. What if she has just some problem that made her like that?

These are the values that her mother has thought her. So Fey wasn't really mad at Kate or scared. But she still didn't want to be around here for the time being. Who knows what might have happened if she didn't act earlier?

'It's my brother's fault for being too handsome.' Fey sighed helplessly. Kate asked her about this, but who should she ask? She didn't even know her brother's girlfriend. She only mentioned that it was noble.

It's also the reason she thought that Kate might be her brother's girlfriend. Fey had to admit that Kate was indeed beautiful and had a certain elegance around her. That's why she thought at first that Kate was of noble descent. Plus, she was close to her brother, which made her assume and asked Kate. But she didn't expect that it would trigger Kate!


"I didn't know you have a girlfriend." Fein walked to Michael and Celine.

He stretched his hand to a luxurious golden chair, which has different gems etched on it. Fein sat on its red-like pillow, and he felt the soft fluffy pillow on his butt.

"Ex-girlfriend." Michael corrected, which made Celine glare at him.

"This is?" Celine turned her head to Fein and Michael.

Michael rubbed his forehead. He knew that his friend was here to tease him. In truth, He and Celine were really considering a comeback in their relationship. "He's one of my teammates in the Ranger's Eye and my best friend."

"Hello, I'm Celine Drior. It's pleasant to meet you."

'ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ NovelB(i)n. ᴄᴏᴍ',

Celine extended her hand at Fein when she heard that it was Michael's best friend. She was here this time to attend Michael's birthday. She doesn't have anything to do since she became the commander of the Knight's Heraldry and she knew that it was the opportunity to meet Michael again and fix the regret she had. They were gradually coming back to each other, and she was happy about it.

"Me too." A polite smile appeared on Fein's face. 'Michael has good taste in women.'

Fein gave his friend a thumbs up on his heart. Of course, although beauty is important, what's even more important is the personality of the person. Because in the long term, it's what makes the relationship stronger. Beauty or appearance only attracts people, but what made them stay is their personality. Of course, this is only his opinion, and it might be wrong.

"Well, I just wanted to meet your future girlfriend." Fein chuckled and gave his friend a tap on the shoulder. "I'm sorry for disturbing your lovey-dovey moment. I'm gonna go now. And play the piano for the two of you.' He winked at Michael.

"It's not like this..." Michael muttered speechlessly.

"If it's not, what then?" Celine snorted. "Though it seems your friend was quite upset."

Michael spread his hands helplessly. "Well, it's because I didn't tell her about you. And he's not upset, you're just making things. Fein, a laid-back type of person."

"Well... What can I say?" She was just really joking about the upset part. But when she met Fein, she was amazed that he wasn't at all affected by her aura. "Your friend is amazing. What is his full name again?"

"Fein Bonifacio. He is an amazing friend and the most talented person in human history. More talented than even you." Michael said proudly.

Hearing this, Celine couldn't help but raise her eyebrows. "Are you sure about that? You should know that I became S rank at the age of twenty-nine. Only one year later than the strongest infamous criminal."

Michael shook his head. "Fein is now twenty years old. And he was promoted to S rank last week." Since he knew that he could trust her, he might as well brag about his friend's achievement.