221 Eye-Witness

She had been with Zhuang Meng all the time. If she had not suddenly had a stomachache and returned to the bar to use the toilet, she might have been the one to die that day.

However, she did not want to bring trouble upon herself by saying this.

She had never mentioned this matter to anyone. Even when the police came to question her, she kept her mouth shut. How did Shen Yin know so much? Did she already knew everything?

Shen Luo pushed against the ground to force her upper body off the ground. She glared fiercely at Shen Yin and warned, “Don’t talk nonsense. If I die tomorrow, you’ll definitely be the culprit!”

“Before you die, I’ll have to ask you to come upstairs with me for questioning.” After confirming her suspicions, Shen Yin stood up and looked at Meng Heng, who had rushed over after hearing the news. “I’ll leave her to you. She’s very likely to be a witness. Bring her back for a proper interrogation.”

“Yes, Sister.” Meng Heng nodded and gestured for the security officers to let go of her. He grabbed her arm tightly, afraid that she would suddenly go crazy and hurt Shen Yin again.

“Sister, you should treat your injury first.” Meng Heng pulled Shen Luo along. When he passed by Shen Yin, he frowned and looked worriedly at the wound on her arm.

Shen Yin used the tissue Zheng Ling had handed her to wipe it briefly, then threw the ball of dirty tissue into the trash can. She said indifferently, “It’s fine. It’s just a small wound.”

“Where are you taking my daughter? What were you talking about just now? What eyewitness?” Lin He glared as she prepared to rush into the police station.

This time, the security officer did not dare to allow her to cause another disturbance. After dragging her out of the police station, he walked back and apologized to Shen Yin. “I’m sorry. We’re to blame for letting her cause a disturbance for so long and disrupting Dr. Shen’s work.”

“Mm, be careful next time.” Shen Yin glanced at the security officer indifferently, then turned and followed Meng Heng back upstairs.

The people in the police station were just ordinary people. It was inevitable that ordinary people had selfish motives. The fact was that if someone else was involved, they would not have let the matter drag on for so long. The reason why the two of them were able to cause trouble for so long was because someone wanted to embarrass Shen Yin.

The term “third party” would probably spread very soon. However, Shen Yin did not care about the opinions of others.

She did not care about how others looked at her. As long as she lived comfortably and the people she cared about understood her and her difficulties, it was fine.

She had promised the chief that she would come downstairs to handle this matter personally because she wanted to confirm her suspicions.

Considering how stupid Shen Luo was, Shen Yin was almost certain that she could take advantage of Shen Luo’s agitation to get some information out of her. To her surprise, she had really discovered some interesting news.

Shen Luo’s testimony gave them hope of solving the case.

When Shen Luo arrived at the interrogation room, her arrogance suddenly turned into panic. She rapped the table hard as tears streamed down her face. “Why are you arresting me? I don’t know anything. Let me go now.”

“Miss Shen, obstructing justice is also a serious crime, but if you can atone for your crimes, we can let bygones be bygones.” Wu Zheng looked at the woman opposite him expressionlessly. She showed no trace of Shen Yin’s cold and calm temperament.

Apart from their surnames, the sisters had nothing in common.

“What do you mean by atone? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Shen Luo looked away guiltily, not daring to meet Wu Zheng’s eyes. Her hands that were on the table subconsciously slid down to her lap as she nervously fiddled with the corner of her shirt.

“Shen Luo, it’s useless to deny it. My colleagues have already checked the surveillance footage of the bar that night. They will also ask your boss and colleagues to verify this. Do you know what will happen to you once they find out that you didn’t report it?” Wu Zheng knocked on the table, half threatening and half deceiving her. He wanted her to be aware of how serious the matter was so that she would confess.

Shen Luo’s eyes suddenly widened in panic. She uneasily clenched her hands that were on the table. “You’re going to ask my boss? No, if my boss finds out, he’ll fire me!”

It had not been easy for her to find this job. She must not become like an unwanted stray again because of Shen Yin.

Ever since she met Shen Yin again, she had first been fired by the manager of the restaurant and then chased out of Lian Corporation by Lian Jing. Not only had the HR manager taken his revenge, but even the few companies and restaurants she interviewed with later seemed to be in agreement to refuse to hire her.

However, her family situation did not permit her to loaf about at home. In the end, she chose to become a lowly hostess. Someone only agreed to hire her and provide her with a salary after she humbled herself.

But now, she would lose her job again because of Shen Yin. Of course she hated Shen Yin!

“Alright.” Shen Luo lowered her head and smiled bitterly. “I can tell you what I know, but you have to promise me that you won’t let this matter blow up. If you cause me to lose my job, I won’t let you off for the rest of my life.”