Chapter 220 - 220 Telling the Truth

220 Telling the Truth

“Yes.” Shen Yin received the order and went downstairs expressionlessly.

When Shen Luo and Lin He saw her, they quickly got off the ground and pounced on her.

The security officer hurriedly raised his hand to block them, not daring to let them cause trouble in the police station.

Shen Luo struggled against him in vain. She pointed fiercely at Shen Yin and scolded, “You’re finally willing to come out and see us! Do you feel too ashamed to see us? You’ve something on your conscience, so you feel that you’re in the wrong, right?”

“What did I do wrong?” Shen Yin crossed her arms and stood coldly at the side, staring at the shrewish mother and daughter.

When Lin He saw that Shen Yin was not going to lose her temper, she tugged at her daughter’s arm and glared at Shen Yin sternly. “You framed your father and still have the cheek to ask us?”

“I framed him?” Shen Yin found it funny. Her gaze swept across the surrounding police officers, and she could not help but shake her head and laugh. “Did I tie the woman to his bed for him to have sex with?”

“Do you have any sense of shame?!” Lin He’s face flushed red with anger. She pointed at Shen Yin and scolded her. “You’re as shameless as your mother. Your mother was the third party who destroyed our family! We raised you, but you repay kindness with ingratitude and insist on sending your father to prison. You have no conscience! Our Shen family raised you for nothing!”

As Lin He spoke, she squatted on the ground and started crying. “We put in so much effort to raise you! Is this how you repay us? Your father has never done such a thing. Why would he break the law the moment you returned to the country? You must have instigated someone to seduce your father. You unfilial daughter, are you trying to drive me to my grave?!”

The colleagues who did not know the truth were stunned by Lin He’s words. Even Zheng Ling and Han Xu were shocked and forgot to react for a moment.

Seeing that her words were effective, Lin He hurriedly covered her face and continued to wail, “Officers, don’t be deceived by her. This is all her scheme. You can’t listen to her and slander honest citizens like us. I request for my husband’s case to be re-opened. I don’t believe my husband would do such a thing!”

“This…” Everyone looked at each other, not knowing how to react. Even the security officers who had reached out to stop Lin He and her daughter subconsciously let go.

When Shen Luo saw that no one was restraining her, she immediately stood up impulsively and pounced on Shen Yin to give her a loud slap.

Shen Yin’s reacted very swiftly. She raised her hand to block Shen Luo’s arm, but the studded bangle that Shen Luo was wearing cut her. Even the bracelet that Lian Jing had given her was stained with a few drops of bright blood.

“You’re assaulting a police officer!” Zheng Ling quickly gave Han Xu a look, and the two of them grabbed Shen Luo’s arms.

The security officers finally reacted and looked at each other. They took Shen Luo from Zheng Ling and pressed her to the ground, so that she was unable to move.

Shen Luo was humiliated when she was pressed onto the cold floor in front of everyone. Tears flowed from her eyes. “You’re too much. Can the police bully people like this?”

Lin He’s heart ached her daughter. She pounced on the security officer and started hitting him. As she hit him, she scolded, “You’re unreasonable. The police are beating someone! Come and look! The police are beating someone for no reason!”

The security officers resisted for a while. Finally, they could not take it anymore and roared, “If you continue fooling around, I’ll lock you up in the detention center!”

Only then did Lin He calm down and shut her mouth. However, she kept pushing the security officer, trying to get him to let her daughter go.

Zheng Ling looked at Shen Yin’s bleeding arm worriedly. She took out a tissue and handed it to her. “Boss, better clean your wound or you might get an infection.”

“No need.”

Shen Yin, who had been watching coldly from the side, brushed her hand away and squatted down. She looked compassionately at Shen Luo, who was pressed to the ground.

Shen Yin lifted her chin and forced her to look straight at her. She said coldly, “Do you know why Shen Cheng’s case was closed so quickly? That’s because the woman who was caught in bed with him had evidence of him whoring many times. In that woman’s phone, there were nearly ten records of Shen Cheng transferring money to her.”

Lin He and Shen Luo suddenly paused. They were so shocked that they even forgot that they should be struggling.

Shen Luo’s pupils constricted as Shen Yin grabbed her chin. She stared blankly at Shen Yin.

Shen Yin sneered and continued, “Also, do you think I haven’t investigated why you happened to be so near the crime scene?”

“Shut up.” Shen Yin seemed to have hit a sore spot. Shen Luo bowed her head and muttered to herself in a daze.

However, Shen Yin did not plan to let her off. She slowly pronounced what she had guessed. “That’s because you’re were with the deceased that day. You’re also a hostess at that bar, and you were together until the morning of the murder, right?”

“Shut up! I told you to shut up!” Shen Luo began to struggle with all her might and glared at Shen Yin like a madwoman.