Chapter 1849 I Have Decided to Turn Over to the Light and Join Your Holy Temple! (3)

Chapter 1849 I Have Decided to Turn Over to the Light and Join Your Holy Temple! (3)

Darn this Divine Oracle!

The next question dropped by Number Two landed like a verbal grenade, delivering a jolt that took one's breath away.

"What do you think of the 'Water Ghost'?"

The bronze cauldron suddenly trembled.

The vitality breath inside the cauldron had become very rich. Yu Lingdi had evidently regained consciousness and sensed the movements outside.

Number Two's question seemed to interest him as well.

Immediately, the water-type Power Upanishad Formation shimmered, and the flesh inside the cauldron wriggled as if trying to poke a head out.

However, Yu Lingdi, who had suffered severe injuries, had not yet recovered enough to move freely and could not show himself for a while.

"Water Ghost?"

Xu Xiaoshou caught himself just before blurting out a response.

Wait a minute!

Number Two's words implied that he could deduce Water Ghost's alliance with the Saint Servant.

Indeed, the deep sea of Lone Cliff was connected to Abyss Island, which was summoned by Bazhun'an.

To say that there was no significant connection among them...

Rao Yaoyao would not have been able to think clearly, but Number Two would undoubtedly be able to draw a logical conclusion.

Hmm, so the key question was whether Number Two was aware of Water Ghost's true identity as the fifth-in-command of the Saint Servant.

Xu Xiaoshou maintained a neutral expression and promptly recalled, "Regarding Yama Water Ghost..."

"Remove Yama."

"Uh, oh."

A touch of awkwardness crossed Xu Xiaoshou's face, and he said begrudgingly, "I've seen Water Ghost once. He's a terrifying guy, proficient in water-type Upanishad, powerful, intelligent, and extremely cunning..."

"Just mention the shortcomings, no need for his strengths." Number Two knew that this guy was stalling for time again. If he did not interrupt, Xu Xiaoshou might never stop with the adjectives.

Xu Xiaoshou raised an eyebrow and glanced at Number Two. Showing no restraint in executing this act of betrayal, he said, "Well, he has many shortcomings."

"Water Ghost is not someone who can perfectly control his emotions. He can be easily provoked through calculated moves."

"He's narrow-minded, prone to seeking revenge, and dislikes being controlled by others. As for Jiang... Well, I won't give specific examples, or I'll truly become a traitor. I'm actually a loyal person."

"Hmm, he also has peculiarities, such as a fondness for pinkish-purple... uh, stripes."

Number Two was puzzled.

He could understand everything mentioned earlier.

The powerful knowledge and information repository of the Divine Oracle allowed him to thoroughly register Water Ghost's flaws.

But why would a preference for pinkish-purple... stripes be considered a peculiarity? Was it a flaw?

This clearly touched upon the second question. Honoring the spirit of the game, Number Two refrained from asking.

Xu Xiaoshou felt a sense of helplessness when he noticed that even this could not delude Number Two.

"It's my turn to ask..."


At that moment, the water-type Power Upanishad Formation beneath the bronze cauldron flashed intensely, and a weak voice echoed from within:

"Holy... Holy Blood..."

Number Two turned around and reached into the cauldron.

Xu Xiaoshou's hair stood on end, sensing an impending disaster.

With the aid of "Perception", he could clearly see that Number Two was letting drops of golden Holy Blood drip from his fingertips into the cauldron.

At this point, Yu Lingdi no longer relied on his body's natural recovery. Instead, he would rely on the Water of Great Path and the Water of Upanishad to rapidly heal his injuries!

Before long, various Saint Stage powers on his body, including the power of the ancestral source, sword cognition, demonic aura, and Holy Power, faded away.

A figure of a young man with well-defined and sculpted muscles slowly rose from within the bronze cauldron.

Yu Lingdi's face was incredibly pale, but he saw his archenemy Xu Xiaoshou, his eyes were filled with killing intent so overwhelming that it could shatter the skies.

"Number Two, that's enough." Yu Lingdi gritted his teeth. "I can now protect myself and won't be a burden anymore..."

Number Two retracted the smile on his lips, and silently turned his gaze toward the north.

The Saint Calamity still rumbled in the north, its sound much louder and closer than before.


"Xu Xiaoshou, it seems that your guardian won't make it in time to save you."

Number Two calmly withdrew his gaze and looked at the distant youth. His eyes shone with crimson light, and his killing intent was fully exposed.

"Hold on!"

"I have one final question. It's a rule, and I have the right to ask!"

Xu Xiaoshou frantically backed away, desperately interrupting, and said:

"I can offer myself to you!"

"Divine Oracle, you're not aware... When we were at the White Cave, your red-clothed people had a formidable senior called the Night Guardian."

"He told me that at any time, as long as I wished, I could inherit his mantle and become a member of the red-clothed people."

"Now, I've made up my mind. I've decided to abandon darkness and join your Holy Divine Palace!"

"I can sell all the information about the Saint Servant to you. It's worth a lot of money. How about it?"

Yu Lingdi, who was already wearing the clothes handed to him by Number Two inside the bronze cauldron, looked at Xu Xiaoshou with disdain.

"Xu Xiaoshou, I used to have some respect for you, but the shamelessness you exhibit at this moment is incredibly disappointing."

"What's more important, dignity or your life?"

Xu Xiaoshou glared fiercely at Yu Lingdi and was moments away from unleashing his sword cognition. He furiously said, "You better shut your mouth! This is a game between me and my Lord Divine Oracle! He is a reasonable man and knows how important I am!"

Number Two tightened and then loosened his fist, disappearing in an instant.

When he emerged again, he had already come to stand before Xu Xiaoshou. Lifting one foot in the air, a blinding burst of darkness enveloped the space.

"Sorry, the game is over, you should hit the road."