Chapter 1848 I Have Decided to Turn Over to the Light and Join Your Holy Temple! (2)

Chapter 1848 I Have Decided to Turn Over to the Light and Join Your Holy Temple! (2)

Earlier, he had considered creating a "Kong Yuhen" for Number Two in an attempt to manipulate the "lie detection" process.

Upon further reflection, however, he decided against it.

Honesty was the best policy.

Perhaps by being forthcoming, Number Two would instead doubt the truthfulness in his words – that was how one dealt with intelligent individuals.

"Indeed, you haven't lied."

However, Number Two clearly rejected the set of plans Xu Xiaoshou had come up with and had his own set of criteria for lie detection.

From the very beginning, Number Two had never expected to obtain the information about Bazhun'an on Abyss Island through conversation.

It was a pleasant surprise.

It also indirectly demonstrated the worth of Xu Xiaoshou. He was truly valuable!

"What did you talk about?" Number Two continued to inquire.

"This is unfair!" Xu Xiaoshou refused to be passive in this situation. "If we truly want a fair conversation, I ask one question, and you ask one. That would be fair."

A surge of killing intent loomed in Number Two's eyes, and he said, "In front of me, do you have the right to discuss fairness?"

"I do!" Xu Xiaoshou nodded firmly and said, "I have great value. If you want to extract information from me, I can provide it to you."

"I can give you my full and transparent truthfulness if it means saving my life."

"But if you want the donkey to work, you should feed it grass. How can you expect someone to work diligently for you if you don't provide what they need?"

"You're an intelligent person, and you should understand this principle."

Number Two stared at the distant youth for a moment. As the intensity of his killing intent slowly dissipated, he calmly said, "It's your turn to ask."

Xu Xiaoshou's eyes instantly lit up.

He finally gained a bit of autonomy and immediately asked, "How many cronies... um, partners do you have?"


"You're not lying, are you?"

"I'm only responsible for answering. It's up to you to determine whether it's a lie or not. It's none of my concern," Number Two responded stoically.

Xu Xiaoshou realized that this Divine Oracle was not going to play by his rules, making it impossible for the Information Bar to detect lies.

Moreover, this guy was far too intelligent!

Forcing Number Two to answer with "yes" or "no" would likely raise suspicions that he also possessed a "lie detector."

Number Two seemed to be able to cause fluctuations in the Information Bar, while also behaving like an inanimate object at times, rendering all attempts to extract information completely futile.

Therefore, risking exposure of the system to test whether Number Two was lying could result in misleading information.

Xu Xiaoshou contemplated for a brief moment, but ultimately abandoned the risky idea and decided to use his brain to test for deception.


No matter how sharp Xu Xiaoshou's mind was, when it came to Number Two's words, he could only obtain answers with fifty-percent accuracy, unlike Rao Yaoyao, whom he could discern the truth from at a glance.

"It's my turn."

Number Two interrupted Xu Xiaoshou, who seemed to be grappling with his words.

"What did you discuss in the All Time Forgotten Sorrow Pavilion?"

"That's a lot of questions." Xu Xiaoshou politely refused to answer Number Two's question directly, pushing the boundaries little by little.

Number Two remained composed and graciously said, "Then let me change the question... Is Kong Yuhen on your side?"

This time, Xu Xiaoshou was a tad startled.

Number Two was indeed a Divine Oracle with the most powerful brain. The range of his questions was not only broad but also sharp and incisive.

"I'm not sure. From my perspective, not yet, but perhaps soon..." Xu Xiaoshou recalled and spoke earnestly.

"Not yet means not yet. There's no need to add the second half of that sentence. You can't deceive me."

Clearly, Number Two became more interested in Xu Xiaoshou. He did not take his life for his elusive hints.

He was now more interested in asking questions.

"It's my turn!" Xu Xiaoshou could not stand Number Two's relentless pressure and counter-questioned, "Who are the two people you work with?"

"That seems like a lot of questions?" Number Two imitated Xu Xiaoshou.

However, Xu Xiaoshou seemed prepared and maintained a poised smile as he said, "Then it's necessary for us to discuss how to define whether a question belongs to a single question or multiple questions... I think it will take a long time."

The muscles on Number Two's face slightly lifted, and a brief flutter of his eyelids unveiled a touch of delight. The corners of his lips curved upward.

He was actually laughing!

Clearly laughing!

"Alright, I can answer that question..." Number Two did not want Xu Xiaoshou to waste his time and extended a small concession.

"Wait!" Xu Xiaoshou suddenly became nervous. "You don't need to reveal their real names..."

"What are you afraid of?" Number Two smiled and sized up the young man in the distance as if he were observing a tender and naive baby who was still in his diapers.

"Yan Wuse."

"Dao Qiongcang."

Xu Xiaoshou's heart skipped a beat, and a tingling sensation ran through his scalp. He felt as if there was a presence of two menacing gazes piercing him from a distance.

A chill ran down his spine. He even readied his "Vanishing Technique," preparing to disappear immediately at any sign of abnormality.

"You're still wet behind the ears!" Number Two let out a very human-like sound and waved his hand. "It's your turn."

After hearing those two names, Xu Xiaoshou realized that nothing terrifying had happened around him.

He felt slightly relieved, but he no longer wanted to continue the conversation.

This damn robot was baiting the dialogue, even providing evasive answers to simple questions.

Who knew? What happened earlier could have been a covert signal...

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment and said, "Let's make a deal. You release me..."

"I refuse. It's my turn," Number Two quickly responded, abiding by the rules of the game. A question demanded an answer. Xu Xiaoshou was infuriated, gnashing his teeth in anger.