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Name:Her Super CEO Author:十六夜少主
When Zhan Qian and Pei Ou went on their honeymoon, they both cut their hair.

Zhan Qian cut her hair short and looked sassy and beautiful; while Pei Ou cut an inch of her head, because of her tanning, her whole body exuded the bravery of a soldier!

Now the two seem to be more and more married!

When Zhan Qian was looking at the door of the delivery room, looking around, Pei Ou answered the phone from his home, "It's okay, we have been exercising for our honeymoon this half-year, and she'll be okay after running for such a short time..."

When Zhan Qian heard An Xia'er's cry, she was frightened again, "I said, is it really that painful to have a baby?"

"Then you can dissect." Pei Ou hung up the phone and came to her side with his hands behind his back.

"That won't work!" Zhan Qian glared at him, "Xiao Xia has the courage to live, and I must have it too!"

Pei Ou glanced at her, and then took her to the waiting area to sit down, "My mother called you just now to ask you, you said that you ran out of the house after throwing the phone, making the elders worried? Which do you see? Pregnant women are so dishonest?"

Zhan Qian said, "My child won't be so delicate, besides, I'm not worried about Xiao Xia..."

Zhan Qian is now pregnant, and they found out when they were about to return from their honeymoon for more than a month.

On the other hand, after Mr. Lu made the phone calls one by one, he returned the phone to Butler Wei.

Butler Wei smiled ashamedly and said, "Old man, you don't need to call in such a hurry. You can also notify relatives and friends after the young lady's child is born, so that relatives and friends can ask if a boy or a girl is born, and we can say."

Lu Laoyi hummed, "It will be announced sooner or later? Boys and girls don't have to report, and now tell them the same!"

Butler Wei had no choice but to add, "Yes, you are right."

Old Man Lu began to wait anxiously for An Xia'er and the child to come out. During this process, Old Man Lu paid attention to a new bodyguard of Lu Bai. The bodyguard was standing by the window on the other side of the corridor, looking out.

This new bodyguard had just arrived at Repulse Bay a month ago. He had waist-length hair and was tall.

Mainly, no matter how he looked at him, he looked a bit like Lu Bai...

Thinking of this, Lu Lao couldn't help but inquired with Butler Wei out of curiosity, "What is the origin of this bodyguard?"

Butler Wei glanced over, but he didn't know about the bodyguard either, "I don't know much about this, I only know that his name is 'No. 2', the eldest young master is so arrogant that he is listed as a guard bodyguard, and the eldest young master goes out. He will follow."

Lushang No. 2 stood in front of the window and looked outside the hospital. The sky in the city suddenly changed. Dark clouds were gathering at a speed that the naked eye could see, covering the entire sky!

This sudden change in the sky was not even predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology, and countless people were shocked when they saw the sky outside!

And the dark clouds were still changing, and they began to gather over the hospital where An Xia'er gave birth, creating an indescribably terrifying sense of oppression!

When An Xia'er's fourth child was born and the first cry was made, the sky suddenly rumbled with a loud bang, and lightning flashed and thundered!

Several power stations in the whole city were powered off at the same time, and countless buildings fell into darkness because of the power outage, and there were constant exclamations!

Soon, it's pouring rain!

A figure stood on the top of a tall building with a cat on its shoulders. He looked at An Xia'er in the rain at the hospital where the baby was born, with a beautiful smile on his lips, "Lu Bai, Princess Manxiali, even if you catch the Snow Owl Man, you won't be able to stop the speeding gear of this world, this world is about to turn enter a

A new era, an era in which intelligent technology and capable people coexist..."

The cat on his shoulder suddenly pricked up his ears, looked around, and found a vigilant cry, "Meow!"

He glanced at the corners of his eyes and sensed meaningfully, "Oh, so there are still capable people here."

A car galloped down the road, heading to the hospital in the torrential rain.

In the car, An Suye answered Lu Bai's call, "I brought him here..."

The person in the co-pilot wore a white hooded sweater, with strands of hair showing at the brim of the hat.

Suddenly, he seemed to feel something and looked out the window.

An Suye hung up the phone, "Sister is giving birth, Lu Bai said she has been asking about you, you can call your sister later..."

A gust of wind and rain is blowing in!

An Suye turned around and saw that the co-pilot was empty and the window was open!

At the same time, by the window of the hospital corridor, Lushang No. 2 also felt something. When everyone was watching the delivery room behind him, he jumped out of the window, spread his wings behind him, and flew in one direction in the rain!

When Lushang No. 2 landed on the top of a nearby high-rise building, a burst of frost appeared next to it, and a man wearing a white hoodie appeared in the frost!

The two stood back to back, standing in the rain!

An Jinchen looked around, "The person I felt just now was you? No, there was another person here just now."

"I don't think it's you either." Lu Shang No. 2 also looked around cautiously, "The other party's aura is very evil..."

As the same 'ability person', they all perceive each other!

In the hospital, in the delivery room.

"Wow~! Wow~!"

Newborn babies cry loudly!

The nurse gave Lu Bai a look when she was taking care of him. Lu Bai turned around and said to An Xia'er, who was weak, "It's a boy. It looks like I'm going to use your name."

They agreed that An Xia'er would name the boy, and Lu Bai's name would be the girl's name.

The name An Xia'er took was 'Lu Jinting'. The character Ting hoped that the child would act as fast as thunder in the future and would protect the person he loves, and the character Jin was to thank An Jinchen.

"...Jin Ting?" An Xia'er pulled out a smile from her pale lips.

"Yes." Lu Bai held her hand, "Our youngest son Lu Jinting was born, Xia'er, you have worked hard."

There were tears in An Xia'er's eyes, and she smiled, tears streaming down the corners of her eyes, "Lu Bai, we have four children, and it feels like it's been... for too long."

"Yeah." Lu Bai nodded, leaning his forehead against her, "But there will be no more unpleasant things in the future, and we will not be separated again. We, our family will be together for a long time."

An Xia'er nodded slowly, "Together for a long time...never separate again."

"By the way." Lu Bai put his arms around her again, smiled and said to her, "I have a surprise to tell you. I called An Suye, and he came with a surprise."


When An Xia was thinking about what surprise Lu Bai had prepared for her, the nurse came over with the wrapped child, "Mrs. Lu, look, this is your little boy, with really dark hair and beautiful facial features, he must be a handsome guy in the future. ."

An Xia'er slowly stretched out her hand that was still infusion, and held the child in her arms.

The child is really beautiful, his hair is as black as ink, and he looks like Lu Bai!

"Of course he will be handsome." An Xia'er smiled happily, looking at her younger son's face, "Like my husband, he will naturally be handsome and good-looking..." Lu Bai laughed again when he heard his words, "I I feel like you."