Chapter 2639

Name:Her Super CEO Author:十六夜少主
The baby is still crying, and the little hands are fluttering in the swaddling clothes!

The sound of lightning and thunder came from outside, and the rainstorm was so heavy that a hole was pierced by the sky. The world seemed to be responding to the arrival of this extraordinary man from Fourth Young Master Lu!

But the atmosphere in the delivery room was not affected at all. The doctors and midwifery nurses were congratulating An Xia'er and Lu Bai's youngest son.

The doctor also said, "Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu, let me take a group photo for you!"

Lu Bai turned on the camera function of his mobile phone, handed it over, and put his arms around his wife and young son, "Okay, come here."

In the end, the doctor took a warm picture for them in the delivery room, and then the nurses pushed An Xia'er out on the bed.

The people who were waiting outside immediately rushed over, but without exception, they all asked An Xia'er's condition first, and then the child!

Zhan Qian and Pei Ou looked at An Xia'er and the baby, and Zhan Qian exclaimed, "Oh, Xiao Xia, the baby looks like you!"

Pei Ou said, "I feel like Lu Bai!"

"It's all the same, it's all the same!" Lu Lao was very happy, "Xia'er, grandpa has decided to give you a red envelope of 100 million yuan, and you have added another member to the Lu family! And sent a special plane to pick up your father and Xilai's relatives. Come here!"

Butler Wei also said, "Congratulations to the eldest young master, congratulations to the young lady, I have sent someone to pick up the young master and them at school, and they will come to the hospital later..."

An Xia'er rolled her eyes and smiled happily. Although it was hard to have a baby, the joy at this moment made her feel that everything was worth it!

The nurse urged, "Okay, Mrs. Lu is very weak just after giving birth. We have to take her to the ward to rest first."

Lu Bai felt distressed for An Xia'er, and said to the relatives and friends who were blocking the way, "You all get out of the way!"

After An Xia'er was sent to the ward, Old Man Lu called again to announce the good news to relatives and friends, telling the Lu family that a young master had been added.

Zhan Qian called to inform Ye Shali and Luo Yanfeng, while Pei Ou called Mo Hengjin and Ai Er, hoping to tell all their friends about the good news...

On the ward side, because An Xia'er just gave birth, everyone didn't come in to let her rest for a while.

Only Lu Bai and Jingjing Xiaowen were there to accompany her.

An Xia'er looked at the youngest son in her arms, "Is he hungry, why is he crying all the time?"

Jingjing said softly, "Young madam, the doctor said that the baby can't drink milk within two hours after birth. I'll go and pour some water for the fourth young master."

Xiaowen also hurried over to help, and found a small feeding bottle from the mother and baby supplies they brought. These things have been sterilized before they were brought here, because An Xia'er is due to give birth in the past few days, and the family has been preparing it every day.

Lu Bai sat in front of the bed, looking at the heavy rain outside, his eyebrows slightly raised.

Because the thunder outside seemed to be in sync with the cry of their youngest son, the louder his young son cried, the more frightening the thunder flashes outside!

Perhaps, his youngest son is also a...

Thinking that An Xia'er was a descendant of the 'Violet' family, Lu Bai had a guess.

An Xia'er also heard voices outside, and looked up at the window, "What a... exaggerated weather."

Lu Bai smiled, "I have a hunch that our child will become the bridge connecting the future world and the hope of the new world."

An Xia'er looked at his handsome profile, and only thought he was looking forward to his son Jackie Chan, and couldn't help smiling, "Are you placing too much hope on your child? I just want him to grow up happily."

Lu Bai retracted his gaze and hugged the baby in her arms, "Come on, put the baby in the crib, you can rest well."

The cot is next to it.

An Xia'er nodded.

As soon as Lu Bai put his youngest son in the crib, Butler Wei knocked on the door twice and came in, "Eldest Young Master, Young Madam, An Sanshao, they are here."

An Xia'er immediately wanted to straighten her body, "Su Ye..."

Lu Bai sat on the edge of the bed, supporting her and making her lean on him.

After An Suye came in, she looked at An Xia'er, "Sister, I'm here to see you, and..."

Saying that, he stepped aside and pulled An Jinchen who had just returned behind him, "Look, Jinchen is here too, Jinchen is fine!"

An Xia'er's eyes slowly enlarged!

The person standing opposite the hospital bed, wearing a white hooded sweater, is not An Jinchen.

She has been worried about the person for nearly half a year, really, it's all right, standing in front of her!

"Jinchen?" An Xia'er couldn't believe her eyes, "You really saved him?"

Because there was no news of An Jinchen in the past few months, and Lu Bai and An Suye didn't mention it to her, she was mentally prepared to accept the worst. Lu Bai smiled at An Xia'er, "He just woke up three days ago, but maybe due to special circumstances... In addition to his skills, knowledge, and common sense are not affected, he has no previous memory, and the ability to transfer to him is also not affected. hard to control

, An Suye and I have been letting him learn the ability to control him for the past three days. Today, when you give birth to a child, let An Suye bring him here. "

An Xia'er looked at An Jinchen, "You prepared it for me, a surprise?"

"Yes." Lu Bai looked at An Jinchen in front of him, "Xia'er, I don't want to make you sad anymore, so I tried my best to save him."

An Xia'er burst into tears and opened her lips, "Thank you..."

An Jinchen in front didn't look at her, his expression was unfamiliar, as if everything in this ward had nothing to do with him.

His gaze was in the crib next to An Xia'er, looking at the newborn baby.

An Suye teased him, "I told you, this is my elder sister, call me elder sister!"

An Jinchen didn't move, just looked at the little baby.

"It's okay, it's okay if you don't remember the past." An Xia'er held back the tears in her eyes, pulled the crib next to her and said to him, "Jinchen, this is my newborn baby, do you want to come over and hug it?"

But An Jinchen didn't respond. After looking at the little baby for a while, he turned and left the ward.

"Jinchen?" An Suye said to An Xia'er again, "Sister, I'll call him back!"

"No need." An Xia'er smiled with red eyes, "He's fine like this... He can do his own thing in the future."

Yes, you don't have to care about her, and you don't have to think about her sister!

For him, he is now at ease!

"No, I can't let him go anywhere now." An Suye chased him out anyway.

Lu Bai hugged An Xia'er, with his cheek against her forehead, and asked softly, "Xia'er, do you blame me? Do you blame me for hiding An Jinchen from you?"

An Xia'er shook her head gently, leaned in his arms, lowered her eyes, "Lu Bai, thank you, thank you for everything you've done for me, I'm very happy now."

An Jinchen's return made her feel that everything was complete, and she would have no regrets how the world would change in the future.

Lu Bai lowered his face and kissed her lips gently.

An Xia'er responded with happy tears on her eyelashes.

How could she blame him, everything he did was for her, he was her favorite when she was young and the sweetness of the rest of her life! ——End of the text, thank you for your love, thank you for watching!