Chapter 521

"What's going on?!"

Chu fan looks surprised and calls Qiao Xue quickly, but no one answers.

"What happened?"

Seeing that Chu fan was so nervous, Chen Mengyao also took out his mobile phone and looked at it.

As a result, her face also changed dramatically.

Obviously, she also received relevant phone calls, text messages and news reports.

The whole Yunhai city has been blocked by the army.

According to the pictures previously circulated in Yunhai City, the city is occupied by a kind of genetic monsters. These genetic monsters are fast and powerful. What's more terrible is that their attacks are infectious.

Once injured by a monster, ordinary people will become the next monster.

Looking at the monsters attacking people in the street in the mobile phone video, Chu fan and Chen Mengyao had an idea in their mind at the same time: biochemical crisis!

Yes, this scene is too similar to the biochemical crisis series that swept the world.

Monsters are ferocious and terrible. They bite when they see living people.

The people who were bitten obviously had no life characteristics, but soon they all got up and stumbled. Once they smelled the fresh smell of Qi and blood, they all flew over.

"What's going on here? We've only been away for a week. How did this happen?"

Chu fan's face was full of disbelief.

Chen Mengyao opened an article and put it in front of Chu fan, "brother Chu fan, look at this."

Chu fan then took a look at an article entitled: "risking his life to uncover the secret, the source of the virus of the biochemical crisis!" Article.

It turned out that it was Liang Zhibin, a biologist who was welcomed home a week ago, who caused the disaster.

And he did it on purpose. The article published photos of Liang Zhibin and a blonde Western man standing in an office.

With a red wine glass in their hands, they looked at the man eating purgatory of the monster downstairs with a smile.

"This guy, what's the origin!"

Chu fan holds his mobile phone and looks angry.

Chen Mengyao thought for a moment and said, "I have a little impression of him. When we were in high school, he was a very famous biologist in China."

"He wrote the biology paper in the college entrance examination that year. Later, I heard that he went abroad for research. A week ago, he was invited to return home to carry out a project. Is it difficult..."

"That's right!"

Chu fan squinted. "This guy certainly didn't carry the sugar coated shells of capitalism. He was corrupted by those guys in the West. Now he turned to deal with us!"

"What shall we do?"

Chen Mengyao asked anxiously.

"Anyway, we'll go back to Yunhai city. Our family are there. It's impossible to leave them alone!" Chu fan thought for a moment and said in a deep voice.

Chen Mengyao nodded in support.

That's where she was born and raised. It's impossible to let Yunhai city become a purgatory.

Having made a decision, the three immediately took a taxi and set off for the railway station.

After almost a day, Chu fan and others finally came to the city next to Yunhai city. Yunhai city is now closed and no one or means of transportation can enter.

Except for a few groups of people who reacted quickly at the beginning and escaped, the rest of Yunhai city were locked in and none of them were released.

Chu fan and others came to a pass outside Yunhai City, where a large number of soldiers were stationed. Everyone was fully armed and looked unprecedented dignified.

After all, this time they faced an enemy they had never met.

When he saw Chu fan coming towards the pass, he immediately stepped forward to stop him.

"Who are you? It's dangerous here. Don't get close!"

The leader was an officer, who solemnly persuaded Chu fan.

Chu fan came forward and said, "brother, we are residents of Yunhai city. We left here because of some things before. I didn't expect this to happen."

"But now our brothers and family haven't come out. We want to save them, can we?"

"To save people?"

The officer stared, "if you want to say to die, I still believe and save people. Do you know how terrible those monsters are? You think this is a biochemical crisis game. This is a reality. If you are not careful, you will die!"

"But even so, we can't leave our family!"

Chu fan was a little worried, and his tone naturally rushed a lot.

The officer was also a grumpy man. He fell in love with Chu fan in a few words. Seeing that the two were about to conflict, a small group of people immediately ran from one side.

"Hey, instructor Lin, let me deal with these people. We know each other!"

Chu fan followed the sound and found that the visitor was Xu Wanshan.

However, he looked a little embarrassed at this time.

His clothes were not only in rags, but also stained with a lot of red mucus. He looked a little nauseous.

The officer looked at Xu Wanshan and said coldly, "Captain Xu, even if you know these people, you can't break the rules. If a monster is released, it will be a great threat to the country and even the whole world!"

"I see. Don't worry!"

Xu Wanshan patted each other on the shoulder and promised.

The officer then left with his men.

"Chu fan, you are back!"

Xu Wanshan sighed with a sour look.

"Lao Xu, what's going on inside now?" Chu fan asked with concern.

"What else can we do? It's already the worst case!"

Xu Wanshan took out a map of the city from his bag, pointed to it and said, "according to the UAV observation we put in, most of the remaining living people in Yunhai city are concentrated in your Tianmen building!"

"Tianmen building was not conquered by those monsters because its floor was high and the security facilities were in place."

"But those monsters seem to have the ability to search for the breath of living people. They have found that all the remaining people are hiding here, so they surround the bottom of Tianmen building."

"Some mutant monsters can climb the wall and have occupied the rooftop of Tianmen building, which makes our helicopter unable to land, otherwise they would have been rescued."

"More importantly, there are a few survivors who have not arrived at Tianmen building and are scattered all over the city. Even drones can't find them in time. Saving them is the most troublesome point!"

After hearing this, Chu fan frowned.

He asked Xu Wanshan to take some videos taken by the UAV and looked at them casually. Sure enough, he saw many familiar faces in the Tianmen building.

Ding Bo, Qiao Xue and others are all inside, as well as those employees of Tianmen. Many of them are known by Chu fan.

"Lao Xu, I'm going in to save them. Do you think there's any way?"

Chu fan looks at Xu Wanshan road.

Xu Wanshan looked puzzled and then said, "it's impossible for me to let you in, but this matter has attracted the attention of the top. Many big people are meeting at the headquarters for discussion."

"If you really want to go in, I'll take you to see them. Maybe they can give you a chance to go in."