Chapter 522

"Well, take me quickly."

Chu fan hurried.

The communication of the whole Yunhai city has been paralyzed. Needless to say, it is a good thing done by Liang Zhibin.

Chu fan's phone can't get in at all, and he doesn't know how the situation of Tianmen building is now and whether there is a greater danger.

Xu Wanshan took the three of them to a tent.

At the door, two heavily armed soldiers stood guard. When they saw Xu Wanshan bringing people, they immediately came forward.

"Captain Xu, an important meeting is being held inside. Please don't bring people around."

"Well, my friend is the owner of Tianmen building. He is very familiar with the internal structure of Tianmen building. If he is discussing the rescue plan, he will be of great use!"

When the two guards heard this, they thought it was important news.

One of them immediately entered the tent, apparently to report the matter.

Before long, a middle-aged man wearing glasses walked out quickly, "who is the little owner of Tianmen building?"

"I am."

Chu fan takes a step forward.

The other party looked at him, "please come in with me."

"Aunt mu, you go in with me."

Chu fan looked at Mu Ge and said.

Muge knows what Chu fan is thinking. She asks Chen Mengyao to stay outside and enters the tent with Chu fan.

In the tent, a group of powerful men dressed in military uniforms sat around a long table. When they saw Chu fan and Mu Ge coming in, several eyes came one after another.

"Young man, are you the owner of Tianmen building?"

On the first seat of the long table, an elder asked.

"Yes, I am Chu fan."

Chu Fan said in a deep voice.

"Surname Chu..."

The elder was stunned for a moment, and a flash of light flashed in his eyes, "are you a child of the Chu family?"


"So it is!"

The elder laughed and then said, "your grandfather and I are old acquaintances. He's not seen so much. Is he all right?"

"My grandfather is in good health. Thank you for your concern."

Chu Fan said in an unassuming tone, but he was really worried.

He doesn't want to talk about the past now. He just wants to rescue Dingbo and Qiao Xue quickly.

The elder saw Chu fan's anxiety and did not delay any more. Instead, he began to discuss the rescue operation.

With Chu fan, who knows the internal structure of Tianmen building, it is more convenient for the rescue operation to start.

Soon, a rescue team led by Chu fan and Mu Ge entered Yunhai city in expectation.

Just entering the urban area, Chu fan's team was attacked by a group of monsters.

Fortunately, all the people in the team are martial arts. They were overwhelmed at the beginning, but soon calmed down and solved these monsters who came to harass.

"Yunhai city is a metropolis in the central region, with a permanent population of nearly one million. This disaster is a devastating blow to the whole Yunhai city."

A person in charge of statistics in the team sighed.

Chu fan kept silent and looked at the direction of Tianmen building in the distance. From where they came in now, if they want to go to Tianmen building, they must pass through several main roads in the city.

But according to the information fed back by the UAV, the main roads are now full of monsters.

If you want to pass safely, you must pay a certain price!

More importantly, the entrance they entered was selected in advance. Theoretically, there should be no monsters nearby, but as soon as they came in, the monsters found them.

Even if monsters can smell living people, they shouldn't react so fast.

So there is only one possibility, that is, Liang Zhibin, who caused the incident, is not dead, and he is still secretly manipulating these monsters!

"Aunt mu, I have a plan."

Chu fan took a deep breath and turned back to Mu Ge.

"Chu fan, don't be impulsive. Mengyao is still waiting for you outside. If you want to mess around, I won't agree!"

Mu Ge frowned and said in an unhappy tone.

She is so many years older than Chu fan. She often sees more thoroughly. She doesn't say she fully understands Chu fan's ideas. At least some of his ideas can be guessed.

"Aunt mu, that guy obviously didn't break the Tianmen building on purpose!"

Chu Fan said in a deep voice.

"He wants to use the survivors in Yunhai city as bait to attract batch after batch of rescue teams in, and then kill them."

"Just in the conference room, you should have heard that we are not the first rescue team. All the people in front have been sacrificed."

"If we just go to the rescue foolishly, the end will certainly not be anywhere, so I want to do the opposite. I want to catch the thief and the king first!"

Hearing Chu fan's loud words, Mu Ge understood that he couldn't stop the boy.

She sighed and said, "then I'll go with you."


Chu fan's tone was firm: "there are many dangers on the way to Tianmen building. If aunt Mu leads the team, there will be no accident. I believe you!"

"You... Aren't you going to die?"

Mu Ge is a little angry.

Chu fan smiled and looked in another direction. It was the central area of Yunhai, where the official office was located.

According to the UAV observation, there are no living people there, but the number of monsters is unprecedented. You don't have to guess. Liang Zhibin is there.

"Aunt mu, Yunhai city is the place where I have lived for so many years. Here I met Mengyao and many important people in my life!"

"I don't allow others to destroy this place. Liang Zhibin, if he does, I will make him pay the price!"

"Besides, I haven't married Mengyao yet. It's impossible to die. Trust me!"

Hearing this, Mu GE's eyes softened a little.

She nodded. "Well, let's act separately. After I save the people, I'll wait for you in this place for three days. If you don't come back within three days, I'll let them leave. I'll continue to wait for you here."

"You didn't come out safely. I can't explain to Mengyao!"

"OK, I'm sure I'm ready to come back."

Chu fan grinned and turned to rush to the official office.

Without delay, Mu Ge rushed to Tianmen building with the rescue team.

It seems that there is a reason why Chu fan attracts fire. Mu Ge and the rescue team have a smooth way along the way. They can easily solve when they encounter a small group of monsters.

After only one afternoon, they entered the Tianmen building and found the survivors.

By the way, use the radio of Tianmen building to inform the whole city that the survivors will gather here and stay for two days.

Two days later, all the survivors in the urban area rushed to the Tianmen building. Mu Ge took them all the way to kill the monsters and finally arrived at the periphery of the urban area safely.

The people who met here were so excited that they almost cried when they saw this scene.

After everyone evacuated safely, Muge didn't leave.

Because... Chu fan hasn't come back yet.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed.

Because there were no surviving citizens in Yunhai City, the army directly used large-scale firepower to strike indiscriminately, and finally eliminated all monsters.

Within a year, the city was rebuilt on the ruins, and the life of citizens gradually tended to be normal.

But no one has forgotten that accident.

At the headquarters of Tianmen building, Chen Mengyao sits in the position that once belonged to Chu fan and handles group affairs. Although she has not officially married Chu fan, she has been recognized by the Chu family.

Now Chu fan has disappeared for three years, and she should take over Chu fan's position and manage all this.

"Mr. Chen, there are a group of new interviewers outside who want to apply for your assistant."

The door opened and the president's secretary came in and said.

"Let them in. Hurry up. I have a meeting in an hour." Chen Mengyao said hurriedly without raising her head.

The Secretary answered and left the office.

Soon, the door was pushed open again, and a steady footstep came in slowly from the outside.

Chen Mengyao has a cluster of eyebrows. Doesn't it mean that there are a group of candidates? Why is there only one footsteps.

She subconsciously looked up and looked at the man standing in front of her quietly.

When she saw that yearning face appeared in front of her, Chen Mengyao's eyes suddenly turned red and her tears couldn't stop falling.

"Asshole, you... Finally come back!"

(end of the book!!)