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The Villain Of The Horror Game Dreams Of The Heroine Every Night 05-26 06:05
I Became A Ghost In A Horror Game. 05-22 12:05
Saving Cannon Fodders with the Villain 05-20 18:05
Having the Same Name as the Demon Lord of the Abyss 04-28 18:04
Confined Together with the Horror Game's Male Lead 04-27 12:04
I Can See the Correct Rules of Ghost Talks 04-25 12:04
I Reincarnated as the Little Sister of a Death Game Manga's Murder Mastermind and Failed 04-24 17:04
Top Horror Novelist 04-24 15:04
I Became a God in a Horror Game 04-21 13:04
After Being Revived As The Cannon Fodder NPCs Are Obsessed With 04-08 01:04
Be The Sixth Anchor In The Escape Game 04-08 01:04
Woke Up, The Love Game Became A Thriller 04-03 07:04
My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes 03-27 07:03
Boyfriends Always Turned out to Be a Horror Movie Boss 03-09 06:03
I Upended Yet Another Campus Urban Legend 03-07 07:03
I am the Villain on Infinite Studios 03-04 07:03
I'm Flirting with a Man in the Supernatural World 02-22 13:02
Virgin Impair-the Making of a Saint- 02-13 19:02
After the Full-Level Boss Entered the Infinite Game By Mistake 02-06 01:02
I'm A Male Mom in a Nightmare Game 01-22 10:01