Chapter 30: Thanks from Isabella

From Alexander's perspective, Isabella's neckline was perfectly exposed, and her flawless cleavage resembled a mountain stream in a steep valley. Her perky breasts were enclosed in a buttery yellow strapless bra, emitting a seductive fragrance that made Alexander harden instantly.

But he remained rational and tried to wake her up: "Isabella, we can't do this here. Sophia is sleeping next to us."

"It's okay. Sophia sleeps very deeply, and she won't be disturbed by any noise. You don't have to worry about it," Isabella replied with a smile, and suddenly hugged him, allowing him to smell her enticing scent from such a close distance.

Isabella held Alexander's hand and asked gently with her tender lips: "Do you want to... have me?" You'll discover the inception of this content at n0v@lbin★

The air seemed to freeze at that moment, and Alexander and Isabella fell silent, making the large bedroom quiet.

Seeing that Alexander didn't answer, Isabella smiled slightly and placed his hand on her thigh, letting him touch her freely.

At that moment, Alexander couldn't resist anymore. He reached for Isabella's silky thighs, removed her stockings, and then went into her narrow skirt to explore the cave inside her high-end lace panties.

Isabella felt embarrassed and grabbed Alexander's hand, then reached into her pants and took out a small sanitary pad. "My period is coming soon, so today is a safe day. Don't worry."

Isabella's words made Alexander even more excited, and he quickly took off his clothes and helped Isabella take off the rest of her clothes one by one, leaving only the buttery yellow bra and silk panties.

Alexander's penis was already raging and bouncing underneath. Isabella lifted herself up, said, "May I?" and grabbed his weapon, bent down, and gently used her lips to suck him.

Alexander held Isabella's head and repeatedly thrust into her small mouth. "Isabella, I never thought you would..."

"It's like a dream. The beautiful neighbor is using her lips to swallow my cock and licking the most sensitive veins under my glans."

Alexander grasped her ample buttocks with his hands, asking, "Who fucks you better, me or your ex-boyfriend?"

Isabella moaned, "Of course... of course it's you..."

Pretending not to hear, Alexander deliberately slowed down his movements and asked her to say it louder, word by word.

Isabella hugged Alexander's shoulders with both hands and whispered almost inaudibly, "I... like... you... fucking... me... like... this... You... fuck... me... better... than... him..."

This process lasted for about half an hour, and Alexander felt his arms getting tired, so he told Isabella that they should switch to the doggy style position.

Isabella cooperatively sat up, letting Alexander's penis slide out of her warm and moist vagina, the fluid from their genitals breaking as they changed positions.

Naked, they climbed onto Sophia's desk, with Isabella facing away from him, her tight and firm buttocks slightly raised, her pale pink female genitalia exposed in front of him.

Alexander used his hand to spread Isabella's labia, and then thrust into her vagina again. Isabella moaned, "I'm contracting... ah! It's too much... I'm coming... I'm coming..."

Alexander's whole body collapsed on Isabella's body, grabbing her messy short hair. The lower part of his body was tightly and elastically wrapped by Isabella's vagina, and the pleasure from the friction of the mucous membranes was so intense.

At that moment, Alexander couldn't hold back any longer.

"Isabella, you are the best!" he exclaimed.

He thrust hard again, and then felt a warm liquid enter Isabella's body from his lower abdomen.

Taking advantage of the moment, Alexander pulled out his still-twitching penis. He then ejaculated the remaining white semen onto Isabella's delicate face, hair, neck, and lovely breasts. A thick white liquid slid into Isabella's cleavage.

Afterward, the two of them got dressed, and Isabella held onto Alexander's arm with satisfaction and fell asleep.