Chapter 322: Credit (1)

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Dahu left.

Qin Canglan was sitting a little far from the small courtyard.

In the night, one could vaguely see dancing flames. Su Ergou and Erhu were playing and laughing.

Dahu fell.

The little milk bottle was thrown out. It hurt.

He got up and blew on his knees himself.

He limped over and picked up the small milk bottle.

“It doesn’t hurt.”

He shook his head.

Wiping his tears, he continued walking.

Suddenly, a broad palm lifted him up and carried him into a strong embrace.

Dahu stared blankly at the other party’s cold and blurry outline in the night and asked, “Big Great-Grandpa, aren’t you sad anymore?”

The night wind on the grassland was very cold, and Dahu’s body was a little cold.

Qin Canglan unbuttoned his cloak and wrapped it tightly around the little fellow.

“Great-grandpa has been sad about too many things in his life.”

“Why are you sad? Dahu will be sad if he misses Mother.”

After saying that, Dahu recalled carefully. “It’s sad to be locked up. It’s also sad to be hungry.”

Those painful memories had gradually blurred in his mind. Dahu could only occasionally recall incomplete scenes.

Qin Canglan was a little stunned.

Had the little guy been locked up before? And starved?

“Who locked you up?” His eyes darkened.

It better not be Wei Ting. Otherwise, he would definitely beat that kid to death!

Dahu scratched his head. He couldn’t remember.

Qin Canglan looked at the helpless little fellow. For some reason, he thought of Su Cheng.

He took Dahu’s hand off his head. “It’s all in the past. Don’t think about it anymore. Great-grandpa promises you that no one will lock you up in the future.’

“Yes!” Dahu nodded. “Big Great-Grandpa, will you still be sad in the future?”

Qin Canglan carried him towards the bonfire.

He was in darkness, but facing the light.

“Yes, but it’s fine if Great-Grandpa is sad. Great-Grandpa only hopes that the person he protects won’t be sad again.”

Dahu seemed to understand.

Qin Canglan looked at him and said, “Does Dahu like Mother?”

Dahu nodded heavily. “I like her!”

Qin Canglan continued, “Will Dahu always protect Mother? If he doesn’t let

Mother be bullied, your father can’t bully her either.”

“Yes!” Dahu clenched his fists solemnly. “Dahu will protect Mother! No one is allowed to bully her! No one!” Qin Canglan smiled. “You have to keep your word.”

Dahu nodded repeatedly!

Qin Canglan looked at the vast and ethereal starry sky above him.

The Imperial Inspector said that if the general star was displaced, a general would definitely die.

Perhaps he would be able to find Hua Yin soon.

Before that, what else could he do for the children? “Dahu, do you want to practice martial arts?”

“What’s martial arts?” “Learning kung fu.”

“Can I protect Mother after learning martial arts?”

“Then you have to learn like me, or at least like your father.” “Who’s stronger, Dad or Big Grandpa?”

“Of course, I’m the powerful one! Your father, that brat…’

Qin Canglan’s sadness was drowned in his complaints about Wei Ting.

On the other side, the lamb was almost done roasting.

The fat of the mutton sizzled out and was roasted into a crispy skin. Then, it was sprinkled with dried and stir-fried sesame seeds. It was so fragrant that Su MO, the number one young master in the capital, swallowed his saliva without caring about his image.

The three little ones hugged a lamb leg each and gnawed on it with their glutinous teeth.

The family surrounded the bonfire.

Su Xiaoxiao brought out the mixed sauce noodles. Every noodle was wrapped in a salty, fragrant, and oily sauce. When they slurped it in, their souls sublimated!

After dinner, Su Cheng lay on the lawn with Su Ergou and the three little ones to air their stomachs.

After eating and drinking his fill, he was really proud of his life!

Su MO brought two horses over and said to Su Xiaoxiao, “Do you want to take a walk over there?”

“Are you going on a horse?” Su Xiaoxiao stared straight at the two horses, her eyes shining.

Su MO held back his laughter. “If you don’t know how to ride, I’ll teach you.”

Su Xiaoxiao said seriously, “Of course, I know how to ride!”

She came to the two horses and casually picked one.

Su MO led the other horse diagonally in front of Su Xiaoxiao. “We have to check the saddle first. If it’s too loose, it will be dangerous. If it’s too tight, the horse will feel uncomfortable. This level is just right.”

“What’s so difficult about that? Who doesn’t know how to do it?” Su Xiaoxiao followed suit and adjusted the saddle.

Su MO slowly got on the horse.

Leng Zhiruo got on the horse a little quickly. Su Xiaoxiao only saw a rough outline, but Su Mo’s actions were much clearer..