I was thirsty and the rays of the sun were slowly draining my strength.

I’m going to die…

I will die soon…

Such negative feelings enveloped me and…

“Towa-kun? Please don’t escape reality with monologues.”


“Hello? Can you hear me, Towa-kun?”

“I shouldn’t be surprised that Rin can hear anything…”

I always wonder if I’m that easy to read?

If there is a way to avoid being read, please tell me…

I’d die of embarrassment if I had my mind read every time.

So I’m, you know, exercising.

Of course, it’s for practice for the sports festival, but as soon as I got up, Kenichi called me…

“Let’s have our youth, too!!”

So it was called.

Exercising on a Sunday morning is a first-time experience for me…

I thought it would be moderate, but they started to take it very seriously.

I’m surrounded by physical monsters who are so out of place that I feel like I’m going to die.

Fuji-san seems to be good at exercise, so she’s in a good mood. …When it comes to Rin, she’s even more enthusiastic than usual…

Haa… I don’t have any allies.

I looked up at the sky and tried to escape reality again when Rin hugged me from behind covering me.

“Umm… Rin? What are you doing?”

“Because your back was right there.”

“No, no, it’s not exactly the same as the ‘it’s because there’s an ocean out there’ kind of thing… Well, okay.”


I said that in a blunt manner and Rin laughed happily.

I think my back is too slender to be worth hugging, but …she doesn’t seem to care about that.

A sweet smell emanating from Rin.

It is strange that she does not smell sweaty at all, even though she is supposed to be sweating after exercise.

“I’ve been looking at her for a while now, and I don’t see any blind spots. Even the untrained eye can tell that you’re not in bad shape.”

“I don’t feel like I’m being praised somehow… But one thing I will say is that there is no sport I’m not good at, but sports festivals are group events, you know.”

“Oh, come to think of it…”

“So, there are some things I can’t handle on my own, you know?”

“I see. It is true that there is no need to go to the trouble of going head-to-head with Rin, is there?”

“Therefore, I will act after considering with measures. And I assume it is also being read further …”

“Hahaha… I didn’t know sports were supposed to be readable.”

It’s supposed to be more carefree and fun…

Well, maybe real rear enders are going all out in their activities as well.

“The next step, play fetch. Towa-kun, you practice too!”

“Oh… I’ll do my best. Can I just throw for now?”

“Yes! Just don’t throw with all your might, okay? Warm up your shoulders little by little and try not to exert yourself too much.”


I took the ball and threw it to Rin.

A huffing, powerless ball was thrown…

Yeah, it’s still a short distance away, but it got there with no problem.

I’m sure it’s an unsympathetic and awkward throw, but … there’s no point in worrying about it.

“Is this how it’s supposed to be?”

“Yes, … It’s not bad, but the rotation is uneven and the ball return is not stable. So first, you should be more conscious of your release point when you throw.”


“Oh no!”

When I attempted to throw it, Rin hurriedly came to stop me.

Then she grabbed my arm and straightened my position.

“Let’s see… The elbow angle is like this… That’s good.”

“With this form, all I have to do is throw?”

“Yes! Anyway, be careful not to overdo it or you will hurt yourself.”

“I did it without thinking, so I don’t know. Thank you, Rin.”

“No, no, it’s only natural.”

“I mean, don’t you know a lot about this stuff?”

“It’s just general knowledge.”

No, no, no, if this level is general education, the level of education in Japan would be quite high…

Or, it indirectly means I’m not educated.

“…Tokiwagi-kun. May I have a word?”

“Fuji-san, what’s wrong?”

“…Rin has been studying hard in order to teach you. If you don’t take it seriously, I’ll pity you.”

“Ah! Wait, hey! Kotone-chan, what are you talking about?”

“Ohoh~. That’s …… quite a cute thing to do, isn’t it Wakamiya!”

“Um… is that so?”

“Um, uh… are you saying that’s not the case…”

“Oh, I see… it’s different.”

“Oh, if you shush me like that, …….. too!!! That’s right!!! I studied! I studied because I wanted to teach Towa-kun~~!!!!”

Her face turned red and she hid it with her hands.

Shaking her head from side to side, she was distraught.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her unusual upset state.

“… Rin, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that?”

“Ugh… It’s okay, I would have been prodded by Kato-san when I was trying to look good with the false impression I made…”

“No, I didn’t say that, okay? Even if what Wakamiya was saying was exactly as it was in the how-to book.”

“… You found out, didn’t you? Hah… if there was a hole, I’d like to go in and mount iron bars directly on it.”

“No, Rin. I am happy in general, so cheer up.”

I gently patted Rin’s back as she moped on the ground, depressed.

This kind of gesture is so cute.

Is this what you call gap moe?

There was a guy in class talking about how he couldn’t get enough of the gap, but I understand it now.

“Okay, Towa. I guess I’d better get going!”

“… Huh? Where are you going?”

“Secret training. It’s a few hours of separate activities from the girls’ group. Come on, don’t just sit around in the meantime.”

“That’s right, … I’m going to go out there and do my best~”

Practicing with Kenichi is going to be pretty tough.

But I’ve decided to do what I’m going to do, so I have to do it.

I rotated my wrist and huffed out a breath.

“Um! Me too–“

“Sorry Wakamiya. This is a secret.”

“Muu! I’m not going to say anything, and that’s fine.”

“You say that, but don’t you want to get in trouble with your classmates for asking questions about this and that? “I really don’t know” is more truthful here.”

“B-but! I’m sure I’m good at acting too.”

“Even if Wakamiya is okay with it, Kotone is not good at acting. It shows on her face.”

“… Am I at fault?”

“No, I think it’s good to be honest and down-to-earth. I think it’s ‘the best’.”

“… I see. If Kenichi is okay with it, then …”

For a moment, her eyes were sharp, but as soon as she was told that she was “the best”, she began to blush.

Why are you getting so embarrassed there?

I asked myself.

” And, well. So, it’s easy to understand like this. So…”

“… Kenichi? Did you think that was a … lie?”

“No, no, no, it’s not a lie~. It’s just that I wanted to get a quick glance at …. Kotone?”

“… The man who plays around… will be vanquished…”


Kenichi held his stomach on the spot.

Although it was supposed for him to suffer in his groin, he said something awfully positive, “Heavy love ain’t bad, man!”.

No, Kenichi denied it, but I have a hunch that he’s really into getting dominated…

Why does he have such a proud face?

“Hey, Kenichi. Are you alive~?”

“This is no problem. It’s business as usual.”

“I’m a little worried about your ‘usual’, you know?”

“Haha. Well, there are many forms of lovers!”

If taking kryptonite is a form of lovers, then I’d be out in a day.

It’s not like I would run away, but I would normally lose consciousness.

“Anyway, Wakamiya. You’re not allowed to come here. Please be patient.”

“……Wu. I’ll try to be convinced. I wanted to see Towa-kun’s growth by my side.”

“Rin sometimes has a lot of childish remarks.”

“It’s not a bad deal. It’s possible to spend time looking forward to what Towa will do at the festival, isn’t it?”

“Spending time looking forward to it, that’s… possible. That’s more delusional… no, it’s more imaginative.”

“Rin, you can’t hide it if you rephrase it…”

“What are you talking about?”

“Wow, you’re being wonderfully sloppy…”

Rin tilted her head and looked mystified…

Brilliantly acted, I’m afraid I’m a bit distrustful of people.

Yeah …?

But this.

“Ah, I see. Rin’s acting seems strange here…”


All three of them looked surprised at my words.

“Well, I didn’t expect you to react like that.”

“…Which part? Tell me, Tokiwagi-kun.”

“Seriously!? I don’t know either!! Towa, tell me!”

“I-I want to know too! What was wrong!?!?”

I folded my arms and reconsidered.

Should I tell them about this…?

No, but…

“Then I guess this is a secret.”

Please tell me~!

Rin shook my shoulder, but I didn’t tell her.

Well, it’s good sometimes, isn’t it?

It’s good to keep a secret like this.