“Towa-kun, when our classes have to play against each other, who would you root for, your class or me?”

When the four of us were having lunch as usual, Rin suddenly asked me such a question.

I’m not quite sure why such a question came up…

Is that it?

Is it a question like, “Which is more important, me or your work?” type of question?

Well, the answer to such a question is obvious.

“I will support Rin.”

I answered immediately without hesitation.

For some reason, everyone but me laughed at those words.

“Towa~? I’m glad to hear you say that. It’s an easy way of thinking.”

“I like your stance on … Tokiwagi-kun. I support it.”

“No, no, no, no. Kotone is so emotionally weak~. Well, it’s fine for Kotone to support me, but you should be careful with Towa.”

“Well…no. I’m not saying no, but cheering is free, isn’t it? I think it’s up to anyone to do whatever they want.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, Towa-kun. I’m glad you feel that way, but you can’t do that, can you? It is both freedom and inconvenience at the same time.”


I tilt my head and think.

The reason why Fuji-san… agrees with me is probably because she wants Kenichi to cheer as well.

I would support Rin if I could, too.

That’s why I don’t understand why Fuji-san is in favor and Rin is not…

I’m sure Rin and Kenichi mean well.

“Towa-kun, think about it. The Sports Festival is an event where each class gets excited, right?”

“Indeed, it’s already very exciting. Kenichi is stirring things up…”

“Haha! It’s better to have a good morale boost. I’m doing this because I want to be the best at everything I do! The competition starts before the matches even begin~!”

“You mean you’re building motivation to win?”

“Oh! That’s what I mean! That’s why it’s so difficult for Towa to do what he does…”

“In creating team mentality…, that is to say, if you act differently when you are acting collectively, it can be a factor that leaves a bad mark.”

“Is that so…?”


It’s true, I’m standing out in a bad way right now…

I know that myself.

The bad rumors have not disappeared yet, and if I act without reason, the bad impression will be accelerated. …I guess they are concerned about that.

As far as Fuji-san is concerned, she’s just a “beautiful girl supporting her boyfriend,” but as far as I’m concerned, I’m just a “getting on the bandwagon with Rin around”.

Haa…School life is difficult.

I sigh and drop my shoulders.

Kenichi pats me on the shoulder and nods.

Huh, the sympathy is sobering…

“Well, Towa is learning how to include this kind of thing!”

“I can’t stop worrying… students.”

“You sound so old-fashioned. It’s a sad thing, but it depends on the person.”

“I think you’re right… I don’t think it’s a problem for Towa-kun, a third party, to cheer for me against a class that is not his class, though.”

“Then, I’ll do that.”

“But it also depends on the occasion…”

“It’s kind of hard to do a lot of things. I feel like I’m playing a game as restrictive as a video game.”

“Reading the atmosphere is an essential part of life, especially for Towa-kun. It’s even more so because of what you’ve been through.”

“Hahaha… my ears hurt.”

Read the atmosphere…

I used to think that doing nothing and not interfering was reading the atmosphere, but I guess it’s not that easy.

It’s hard to say that just doing what you think is right isn’t enough.

If I could, I wanted to support without having to think about it.

When I looked at Rin, she looked kind of sad.

“I’ll find the right timing, I’ll … find the right timing.”

“You don’t have to push yourself. Towa-kun, please fulfill what you have to do.”

“Yes… that’s right. If I don’t do that, it won’t work…”

Rin made me aware of my position once again.

To restore trust and for the future… it is absolutely necessary.

“I’m going to see Class F receiving Towa-kun’s support…, to stir up their fighting spirit and boost their strength.”


“With flames of jealousy, she said, “It’s not fair that Towa-kun is cheering me on!” I wish I was in the same class as you!”

“I was relieved to see Rin as usual, even though what she was saying sounded like something…”

I chuckled involuntarily.

I still have to do my best to make her laugh alongside me someday.

Once again, I think so.

“Well, I think about it every time. I feel like Rin teaches me more than just studying.”

“Fufu. I can only make up for what Towa-kun lacks.”

“I wish I could do something too…”

“I’m happy to see Towa-kun’s growth and change, and that’s enough for me, okay?”

“Well then, I’ll have to absorb it well and do my best! I don’t want my teacher to think I’m unworthy~.”

“Then you must respect your teacher.”

“No, but that doesn’t make it right, does it? Petting my teacher, that’s not right.”

“I like being stroked, so no problem!”

She puts her head on my shoulder and makes a cute “Ehehe~” sound.

When I glanced at her, our eyes met and she smiled at me.

Then she whispers in a voice so quiet that it can only be heard faintly.

“… Even if you can’t support me outwardly, I hope you’ll support me in your heart.”

“Oh, of course.”

I replied, and she looked satisfied and leaned her weight on me.

“…Kenichi. Those two, did they forget we’re here?”

“Hahaha. Perfect, it’s just the two of them, isn’t it~. Well, I don’t want to ruin that atmosphere, so let’s just leave them alone. It’s like a TV romance show.”

“… Maybe so, but it’s not fair. Later I’ll …”

“Wakamiya is no different, and Kotone is no slouch either.”

I spent the rest of the day feeling the benign stares of Kenichi and the other students.