C71 How could it be you?!

When Yue Han disappeared, Yue Han originally wanted to look for him, but in his heart, he didn't know how.

Just then, a girl walked over to entangle him. Yue Han pushed the person away impatiently: "Zhen Ni, I'm not free right now."

"I know who you're looking for. I think I saw him run away with a woman."

When Bei La took Huo Mochen away, he immediately gave Zhen Ni money to stall Yue Han.

Afterwards, Zhen Ni would still be able to get the money, and how could Zhen Ni give up such a good chance to earn money?

Now that Yue Han was leaving, Zhen Ni naturally did not hesitate to entangle Yue Han.

It's just that Yue Han was not stupid, he did not have any women and he looked at Zhen Ni suspiciously: "Really?"

"Indeed." Zhen Ni nodded her head, and took a few cups of wine from the counter.

Yue Han was already a little drunk. Knowing that he could not continue drinking, he immediately rejected Zhen Ni's offer.

Zhen Ni's expression changed as she pondered on how to make Yue Han drink.

Bei La had said it before, he wanted Yue Han to sleep for the night and not ruin her good fortune.

Thinking about that, Zhen Ni immediately leaned towards Yue Han and provoked: "Why aren't you drinking? Are you afraid you won't drink me down? "

What a joke. Even if he was slightly drunk, he wouldn't be able to drink a woman.

Yue Han sneered in his heart, but he did not pick up the wine cup. He only looked at Zhen Ni for a moment, then closed her eyes and rubbed her head.

"My head hurts a little."

Zhen Ni gritted her teeth as she ignored Zhen Ni. She was angry to the point of being ruthless, but she still went closer to Yue Han and asked: "What's wrong? You don't believe me. "

"Why should I believe you?" Yue Han found it funny. Zhen Ni was at most a alcohol woman, what right did he have to trust her?

On the other hand, Zhen Ni shrugged her shoulders helplessly after hearing those words, "Indeed, but I also saw that person following a woman."

Since that was the case, why didn't this woman let him pass?

Yue Han raised his eyebrows, stood up and pushed Zhen Ni away: "If something were to happen to that person …"

"I think so. After all, what can a beautiful woman do to hook up with a man?"

really trusted his words. Yue Han knew clearly about this kind of place, any man who was hungry would naturally have a woman who wanted to hook up with Kai Zi.

If one were to stand amongst the crowd, one would definitely notice Huo Mochen's clothes. It was not because of his handsome appearance, but because of his expensive clothes.

He would truly be a ghost if he didn't get hooked away in this bar.

Yue Han, who had thought it through clearly nodded, turned his head and raised an eyebrow at Zhen Ni: "I also don't know how to pull."

"The bad guys will get their retribution for their good deeds." Zhen Ni chuckled softly. Seeing that Yue Han clearly believed what had happened, he also heaved a sigh of relief.

Yue Han was actually still not satisfied with Zhen Ni. She was currently not in a good mood, and had drank a few more cups. By the time he left, Huo Mochen was already completely drunk.

However, it would be fine even if it was a time of spring snack, but seeing how that brat Huo Mochen was so restrained every day, it would be hard to hold him in. Now that there was someone willing to help him, it naturally couldn't be any better.

Thinking of this, Yue Han let out a low laugh, and changed the from Zhen Ni's bad impression of him to a good impression of him.

"Let's go and drink." Since his brother was fine, he naturally didn't worry about getting drunk. In any case, there really wasn't anyone here that could do anything to him.

Zhen Ni, who had successfully tricked her back, heaved a sigh of relief and quickly poured some wine for Yue Han to drink.

Yue Han, who was already slightly tipsy, had been worried that he would be able to save some of his mental energy to find Huo Mochen, but now that Huo Mochen was fine, he naturally did not care anymore. No matter how much he wanted to drink, he directly drank until he fell asleep.

"He really can drink." Zhen Ni looked at the wine bottle and ridiculed them before he left.

On the other side, Bei La brought Huo Mochen away and directly brought him to his villa in the suburbs.

Huo Mochen was drunk, and unconscious, so he was brought to his room by Bei La.

Bei La himself was a little drunk, she had originally been playing in the bar, but he did not want to see Huo Moting again. Huo Moting was a person that she had yearned for wholeheartedly, now that he had seen him, how could he let him go?

Bei La immediately walked up. Originally, he was still troubled over how to get closer to Huo Moting, but Huo Moting was too drunk so he didn't have to be troubled. He just laid at the bar counter and let her lead the way.

How could Bei La miss such a great opportunity, so he directly brought them back here.

Huo Mochen, who was brought back by Bei La, was thrown onto the bed.

"Sleep." Curling his lips, Bei La patted the sleeping Huo Mochen and pulled him away, then shakily entered the bathroom to take a bath.

Although bathing could remove some of the alcohol from his body, Bei La was already quite drunk. When he came out of the bathroom, he was still in a daze, and directly fell asleep on the bed.

Outside the window, the moonlight shone on the two people who were leaning against each other. It was a beautiful scene to behold.

As soon as Bei La woke up, he felt a splitting headache. He suddenly remembered that she had pulled Huo Moting back home last night, and couldn't help but look to his side.

When she saw it, her eyes widened.

What Huo Moting, this was basically Huo Mochen!

"Why are you here?" Just as Huo Mochen woke up, he saw Bei La's eyes widened in astonishment, and couldn't help but frown as he sat up.

Once he got up, Huo Mochen was immediately shocked.

He wore no clothes on his upper body.

Of course, this was because Huo Mochen had vomited a few times last night, and his clothes were all dirty, so Bei La had no choice but to help him take off his clothes.

But what Huo Mochen did not know was that, when he looked at his naked upper body, he was immediately shocked.

"And I wanted to ask why it was you?"

Seeing Huo Mochen like this, Bei La was already angry to begin with.

She clearly remembered that the Huo Moting she brought back last night, how did she become this illegitimate child?

Recalling the fact that Huo Mochen was the illegitimate child, Bei La took a step back and curled his lips, "The person that I brought back last night was obviously Huo Moting, why did it become you?"

This sentence was obviously because Bei La wanted to bring Huo Moting back last night, but he couldn't see it clearly and directly brought him back in the end.

Huo Mochen felt that Bei La might have been blind last night. His body was similar to Huo Moting's, and his face was similar to Huo Moting's, after all, they were brothers.

Even though they were of the same father, they were still related by blood. Even so, it was not to the point that they couldn't recognize each other.

Bei La also remembered the situation last night. The bar was already dark, and in the end,hee had drank a lot, so when he first saw Huo Mochen like Huo Moting, she immediately admitted his wrongs and brought him back home.

When he saw Huo Mochen's expression, he instantly scolded angrily: "What are you afraid of? As a woman, I don't feel like I'm at a disadvantage. You're only taking off your clothes, what's there to be afraid of, what kind of expression is that?"

Being scolded by Bei La in this way, Huo Mochen also came back to his senses. He scrunched his eyebrows when he saw Bei La's unhappy look, and only then did he pull up the blanket on his body and laugh coldly. "So what if I'm a man? Men are also afraid of female perverts. "

After calling Bei La a female pervert, Huo Mochen felt that there wasn't anything different about him. At most, it was because of the hangover that gave him a headache, and he finally understood that he didn't do anything with Bei La last night.

Immediately, Huo Mochen heaved a sigh of relief. This Bei La was Huo Moting's ex-girlfriend, although he was one he didn't want before, he didn't want to pick up the second-hand goods.

Even more so, he did not want to pick up this woman who had followed Huo Moting before. After all, Huo Moting was his respected big brother.

"Female pervert?" Huo Mochen heaved a sigh of relief, but he was not so relaxed, she stared at Huo Mochen fiercely. When Huo Mochen heard the words female pervert, he clearly wanted to bite Huo Mochen a few times.

After all, which woman would be willing to be called a female pervert?

Hearing Bei La's scream, Huo Mochen rubbed his ears and looked at Bei La helplessly: "Why are you so excited for? "Not a female pervert. Why did you drag me all the way from the bar to your bed last night?"

In fact, Huo Mochen knew clearly that Bei La was trying to pull Huo Moting away, but by mistake, the person who pulled him was.

Thinking about that, Huo Mochen heaved a sigh of relief. After all, big brother is now a married man. If he were to be taken away by Bei La and his family's sister-in-law get into a divorce, wouldn't he be in trouble? Fortunately, it was him who was taken away.

After thinking it through, Huo Mochen was no longer so bitter and vengeful. He turned around and wanted to leave, but seeing that, Bei La immediately decided to hold him back.

"What are you doing?" He never thought that this woman would do such a thing. Huo Mochen was shocked, and immediately pushed her away and asked angrily.

Bei Laleng snorted, and said disapprovingly: "Even though I'm rather regretful that I didn't bring your big brother away, taking you away would also be the same. I'll exchange you for your big brother."

"You're crazy." ~ thought that Bei La had gone crazy trying to use him to threaten Huo Moting. He immediately pushed her away.

However, Bei La could only hug him tightly, he could barely push him away, like a sloth, sticking to him.

Huo Mochen was so angry that he almost died, and said unhappily: I had an argument with him, he won't come over.

Speaking till here, Huo Mochen's eyes dimmed a little. His mother's actions were indeed too excessive, and Huo Moting was also in the midst of retaliating justly. However, he went to find Huo Moting for a fight because of the retaliation, and even said some words that hurt.

Huo Mochen, who was immersed in grief, pursed his lips, but Bei La disapproved: "So what? Although you are the son of Xiao San, I know that Huo Moting has never treated you badly, and has never raised you as his younger brother. But it's just a quarrel between brothers, if I give you a phone call, wouldn't Huo Moting rush over just to be wary of you? "

Bei La said complacently, obviously believing that Huo Moting would not let him go.

When an outsider thought of this, Huo Mochen immediately felt guilty.

Even an outsider could tell that Huo Moting did not care about his identity as the third son and had treated him as his younger brother. However, he had always misunderstood Huo Moting.

After thinking of this, Huo Mochen was even more unwilling to cause trouble for Huo Moting, hence he decisively pushed him aside and wanted to leave.

How could Bei La let him do as he pleased? He stood in front of him, and behind her was the staircase.

Bei La raised his eyebrows in satisfaction: "Go, if you want to walk past, you can only go by my side, I cannot let you go, unless you directly push me down, at that time, you will become a murderer."

After saying that, Bei La laughed even more complacently than before. He swept his gaze across Huo Mochen's body and curled his lips: "If you go out like this and something happens to me, what do you think the people outside will think? You're also a famous illegitimate child of the Huo family, how do you think the media will report you? "

Hearing Bei La's words, Huo Mochen realized that he was still not wearing any clothes, and hurried back to his room.

Bei La snorted, and chased after him: "You should just obediently wait here for your brother to trade for you. If you don't want to cause trouble for him, then why are you going to the bar? "I see that you're just a cat crying for a mouse, pretending to be merciful. How can you feel at ease in your heart?"