"Heh, Big Bro's luck with women is truly not shallow. The red flags in our house do not fall, and colorful flags are fluttering outside. It was not enough to marry Gu Xiaoxiao who was beautiful and virtuous. There was even a wild and barbaric girlfriend outside who followed him wholeheartedly. "But this woman is really stupid. My brother is already married, yet he's still so persistent. If you look at me again, I don't even have a proper girlfriend, and my family is causing trouble for me every day."

Huo Mochen tried his best to organize his thoughts, and sat on the bed as he thought. Why can't he compare to his big brother in everything? No matter if it was the business mind or the appearance and body, even the women they met were crazily pouncing on their big brother.

Although this woman was not as gentle or virtuous as Sister Gu, her figure was much sexier. She had wheat colored skin, a flat stomach, deep facial features, and a sexy and sexy body with protruding front and back.

It seemed that everything else was fine, just that his temper was too explosive. It was fine, since it wasn't his, there was no point thinking about it.

Huo Mochen was too focused on thinking about his own things, he completely didn't notice that Bei La had seen all of the changes in his expression.

"What are you thinking!" Bei La saw that Huo Mochen was sitting on the bed looking at him with ridiculing eyes, and was muttering some words that he could not hear clearly, but a fool should know that it was related to Huo Moting and himself.

When he saw Huo Mochen's expression, he flew up angrily to the top of his head and could not help but slap at Huo Mochen, "Speak louder and let me hear you speak so that I won't sit there and mutter to myself. "If you're a man, then just say it. What is the point in hiding it!"

Huo Mochen inexplicably suffered a lot of slaps on his face, as he cried out in pain, scurrying all over the place to avoid the slaps that landed on his face while shouting out with grievance: "Luckily, my brother didn't marry you, or he really was going to be beaten to death by you, he definitely doesn't look like a woman. Looking at her in this way, my sister-in-law Gu Xiaoxiao is truly great. She is both gentle and considerate, as well as understanding the general situation and the people's hearts.

You crazy woman, you only know how to solve problems with your fists and violence, always hitting people, and yet you beat them so viciously. Are you really a woman? You didn't come back from Thailand, did you? Oh, stop it! I won't say anymore. "

Bei La grasped the main point of his concern from Huo Mochen's long string of wails, "Who is Gu Xiaoxiao, your sister-in-law? Where did you get this sister-in-law? Is your brother married? "I'm asking you, tell me clearly!" Bei La tugged on Huo Mochen's collar and asked him, "When did your brother get married? Who exactly is your sister-in-law? Quickly tell me her background. Say it, tell it! "

Huo Mochen had originally wanted to pretend that he would not yield at death, but at least he had to maintain his dignity as a man. Just as he was thinking, he was suddenly shot by Bei La's eye cannon. A lot of little stars immediately floated up in front of his eyes, and couldn't hold on any longer and collapsed onto the bed.

Then, he saw Bei La kneeling on the bed, waving his fist towards him, hurriedly giving in and saying, "I say, I say, aiya, I don't know too much, just that I saw Gu Xiaoxiao a few times when I went back to the Old Residence. They all said that she was a new sister-in-law who had just entered the house, but before my brother and she had even gotten married, he said that he had already received his marriage certificate. I don't know about anything else. Really, that's all I know. If you beat me to death, I won't be able to say anything else. "

Bei La's eyes became even redder, he averted his eyes and pretended to look elsewhere, but the back of his hand secretly touched his nose. However, he still spoke forcefully: "What, there's no wedding, what kind of husband and wife? Mo Ting definitely didn't really want to marry her. Otherwise, how could he not hold a wedding ceremony? I must take it back to put on an act. "

Huo Mochen was rubbing his own eyes that had been beaten up, thinking that it would affect his handsome appearance. But hearing Bei La say the thoughts of these little girls, he thought that no matter how hot and violent a woman is, she must be soft in her heart, hearing my brother's matter is so sad, it seems like she is a girl with a genuine temperament, and should be sincere towards her big brother.

At this moment, he raised his head and saw that the beauty in front of him was half-kneeling on the bed. Because of her mixed bloods relationship, she had a high nose bridge, deep eye sockets, three-dimensional facial features, smooth and flawless wheat colored skin, a body that had been tempered for a long time without any excess fat, a protruding front and rear, and a collar that was slightly low, vaguely exposing half of her plump chest.

Huo Mochen secretly swallowed saliva in his heart, at the same time, in order to hide his reaction, he smiled mischievously at Bei La, "Where is there no grass in the world? Why do you have to hang yourself on my brother's tilted tree, and also look at the surrounding towering trees? There are all kinds of single men in good condition in society, such as me right in front of you. This handsome guy has a good appearance and has a good hobbies. Not only will he talk to girls and make them happy, he will also be more willing to serve you physically. "Well, consider it?"

With that, he reclined on the bed, leaned on his face, and assumed a coquettish pose, changing to a handsome yet lewd expression, his eyes teasingly looking at Bei La's well-developed upper body, and his eyebrows twitched uncontrollably.

"Try again!" Bei La did not hesitate at all, and slapped him again, "Try again! Little pervert, you really don't know your limits. Where are you looking? Close your eyes! If you keep looking, I'll dig out your eyeballs! " Bei La felt wronged in his heart. Seeing that the little pervert was interested in her, even more so, his hands were merciless as he prepared to ride on Huo Mochen's body to teach this little wolfdog a lesson. He actually dared to tease him in his own home.

"Aiyo, I was just thinking about you. I was afraid that you would never marry for the sake of my brother. Isn't that delaying the life of a young lady from a good family? I am thinking of your happiness. If not, then treat me as my brother. I'm so handsome, and my personality is also better than mine. I definitely won't treat you unfairly, believe me. " Huo Mochen talked to himself, avoiding Bei La's fists and palms as he secretly took advantage of this unique posture to take advantage of Bei La's body.

Bei La saw that not only did Huo Mochen not have the intention to shut his mouth, but he had even become more of a tease. The anger and grievance he felt made his go even further to teach this little wolfdog that did not know what's good for his, "You're not going to say anymore, you're not going to say anymore? "I'm not that old, but I have quite a few tricks to take advantage of little girls. I'll let you know that I'm not like those silly and sweet little girls outside."

"Aiya, I won't say anymore, I don't dare. I was wrong, my aunt. Let me go …" Huo Mochen laid on the bed pretending to be dead after being beaten up, "Beat me to death, you should just beat me to death. Such a ferocious woman, let's see who dares to marry you in the future …" As soon as he finished, he was slapped once again.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and the door was pushed open. A tall figure flashed in, and saw two people on the bed with their clothes all messed up. At this time, Bei La was riding on top of Huo Mochen's body, preparing to pinch his arm, but when Huo Mochen tried to push her away while holding Bei La's arm, anyone who saw this kind of ambiguous posture would misunderstand. The two people in front of him didn't even notice that someone had entered the room. They continued to engage in such an alluring battle on the bed.

The one who opened the door and entered was Bei La's bodyguard, Lee. Seeing this, Lee frowned, then cleared his throat and said: "Miss Bei La, we should go today …"

Hearing the voice, the two of them stopped moving, and turned to look at the door at the same time. After that, Huo Mochen's doubtful face turned into an ambiguous look at Bei La, thinking, why is this woman secretly raising a pretty boy? Bei La saw through Huo Mochen's crooked idea, pinched his thigh, and said to the man who entered: "Lee, who let you in?"

Bei La pulled at the collar of his shirt in front of his chest and changed to a less ambiguous position as he sat on the bed. Then, he covered Huo Mochen with a blanket, "Go out first. Don't tell others that Huo Mochen is here, knock on the door when you enter later, don't be so shocked. "

When Lee heard Bei La's orders, as well as saw the expressions and actions of the two of them, she thought about what they had said just now and determined that Huo Mochen must have some evil intentions towards Bei La. Although she was unhappy, she still nodded her head and went out to wait for Bei La's orders.

Standing outside the door, Lee suddenly felt a nameless anger burning in his heart. Thinking about it, his relationship with Bei La is already closer than most people, so why can't he get her attention? He didn't even spare a glance for himself. In the past, he was entangled with Huo Moting, and after much difficulty, the two finally broke up. Now, they were even having an affair with his little brother Huo Mochen, and even brought him home.

However, when he heard the conversation between the two, they said that Huo Moting was married, that Bei La must be the weakest time in his heart, and that he could use this opportunity to court her, it was a pity that a person named Cheng Ya Jin appeared in the middle of the road, and that this Cheng Ya Jin was related to the Huo Family, so he became angrier the more he thought about it. Lee planned silently outside the door, thinking of a way to teach the roadblock a lesson.

After Lee went out and closed the door, Huo Mochen crawled out from under the bed. He asked with a head of hair that looked like a chicken's nest, "Who's that handsome guy? He's tall and handsome, and has such a good figure. Such a big pretty boy is still willing to follow you.

From the looks of it, you don't lack any men. "I kindly remind you that destroying someone else's marriage is a curse of heaven. You are so beautiful, don't waste your life doing something bad."

Bei La got off the bed, rummaged through the wardrobe and found a translucent, thin, and jacket to put on. He looked at Huo Mochen with disdain for a moment, then turned around to stabilize his emotions, trying his best to suppress the sour feeling in his nose. After drinking a bit, he said: "Enough of the nonsense, I will contact your brother and ask him to trade himself for yours.

If he doesn't want to trade you, I'll leave you here in the wilderness to chop up and feed the dogs. Don't think I'm scaring you. " Looking at Huo Mochen who looked somewhat similar to Huo Moting on the bed, he felt his heart clogging up. He opened the door and went out without looking back.

"This woman is really strange. She was clearly very gentle, yet she still had to pretend to be very fierce …" As he spoke, he rubbed his temples, which were sore from hangovers, and got ready to get up and drink some water. He wanted to find out what the situation was and see what this woman was going to do to him.