Chapter 1613 New Divine Abilities And A Stronger Dark Dragon Bloodline

Chapter 1613 New Divine Abilities And A Stronger Dark Dragon Bloodline



[You have used the [Random Divine Ability Ticket (SSS Grade)] x5!]

[You have Awakened Five Random Divine Abilities.]

[All Abilities Awakened are based on your potential and elemental affinities.]

[You acquired the [Mind-Consuming Dream Flames (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

[You acquired the [Soul-Burning Nightmare Flames (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

[You acquired the [Divine Dragon's Anti-Magic Elemental Scale Armor (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

[You acquired the [Death Awakening (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

[You acquired the [Abyssal Star (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

Looking at the new Divine Abilities, there were some easy to guess offensive abilities, one defensive ability, and then Death Awakening. That one gave me a few hints on what it could be, but I decided to check it to make sure it was what I thought.


[Death Awakening (SSS)]

A Divine Ability often learned by Dark Dragons or Death Dragons.

By channeling Divine Power and Mana into available and compatible carcasses or corpses of Divine Monsters, Gods, or other Divine Beings, it is possible to rise them back from the dead as Divine Undead.

Risen Divine Undead will possess 70% of their Original Stats and Abilities, Divine Magic, Divinities, and other Powers. If the Divine Undead die after being risen, they cannot be turned back into Divine Undead, and will become ashes.

The limit of how many you can raise, and control is based on your Total Stats, the Divine Ability Level, your Soul Ether Stat, Mana, and Divine Power.

[Your Soul has absorbed a large quantity of Phantasmal Soul Ether!]

[Your Soul has grown much stronger and larger, healing from many old scars and wounds.]

[Your [Soul Ether]: [SS+] Stat has Ranked Up to SS++ Rank!]

[You gained +300.000.000 Divine Power.]

Oh, the power ups were insane this time around. Stronger bloodlines, a new Divinity and a new Divine Ability too! And my Soul got stronger, and I even got some Divine Power to boot. I now have over four billion Divine Power, it'll quickly disappear once I begin growing my Ascendancy Law though, so I don't have to get cocky with it.

With this done, there were the other set of items I wanted to take a look. I had some Divine Spirit Evolution Tickets, so I decided to use them right away and power up all my Divine Spirits right away, they were always pillars for my fights and strength, both helping me defend, attack, recover, and also control other spirits.

It was also without mentioning that it was thanks to their powers that I was able to combine Spirits with my Unique Skill I got from the Fox Venerable. So the stronger they become, the better.

"Alright you guys, time to evolve." I said, summoning them.

Gabriel often rests inside my soul, while Ashlock rests somewhere in the divine realm, rooted to the ground. As for Belle and Rose, they're independent. Belle usually goes wherever she wants when there's no fights but likes to hang out with her "mother", as for Rose, she manages most of the Vampires and is still seen as a figure of authority within them, even more now as my Divine Spirit. She's quite fond of Ruby and Ruby's mom, and they get along really well.

With my contract with them, I can summon them to my side at any time. The one that is most of the time with me is only Gabriel, I let the others roam freely for the most part, they're not slaves after all, so they can do whatever they want.

"You called us?" Wondered Belle. "I thought you were done with this? We didn't even need to do much ourselves; it seems, you never called us to fight the boss thingy."

"Oh? Ah! Master Drake!" Rose said. "Good night, I was hunting some wild beasts to drink blood when you called me out of the blue. Is there something you require?"

"Guuuh?" Ashlock seemed to also have been busy hunting or something.

"Yes, I got some new items to evolve you all, so let's use that right away." I smiled, the tickets in my hands, of a golden rainbow color, exploded into particles of light, fusing into their bodies.

[You have used the [Divine Spirit Evolution Ticket (SSS Grade)] x4 to evolve your Divine Spirits: [Belle] [Gabriel] [Rose] and [Ashlock]!]

[Beginning Divine Spirit Evolution!]