Chapter 1612 Kate's Status


We had a celebratory barbeque with grandmother and the rest of my family. I had thought about inviting some of my Dark Dragon brothers, but it was better not to for now. We had a limited supply of Soul Beast meat, and I didn't want to share with them. I might be a bit greedy but that's how it is. Maybe another day I'll make one for the whole family.

Nonetheless, we made a barbeque outside of my castle, right behind it where our farm was located. The nice had already come, so the night sky nicely decorated with stars and a silver moon above the skies. We decided to butcher a lot of the carcasses and started roasting a huge assortment of meat.

I didn't make anything overly complicated this time, just roasted and grilled meat with lots of seasonings, further enchanted in flavor, texture, and all using my Divine Cooking Arts and the tools I was given.

The meat was delicious, even grandmother's Avatar happily ate some, though I was more focused on Kate herself, her soul was slowly growing larger and larger, after she consumed all the phantom heart crystals, she simply started eating piles of soul beast meat I gave to her, while using the Light Dragons Cultivation Technique Divine Ability I let her learn.

Until finally...



Kate gasped, her Aura overflowing from her body, resembling a sea of gold and silver color that reached all the way to the skies for a second, before slowly receding back into her body. I noticed a hint of blackness, could her Dark Dragon powers be awakening, maybe?

"Papa! Papa! My Soul! It reached A+ Rank!" She celebrated. "A-And I got new Divine Abilities! And Divinity! Papa I did it! I did it!"

She exploded in happiness; my little baby ran towards me and hugged me tightly. She was often very calm and silent, but this moment made her so happy she couldn't contain her emotions.

"Hahaha, I saw! Well done, Kate! Well done!" I laughed, hugging her and patting her little head. Now that we were back in my Divine Realm, we reverted into our much smaller, humanoid forms.

"I expected nothing less from you, dear!" Her mother also celebrated, clapping and smiling at her.

"My soul feels so strong now! I don't remember feel with so much energy before. This is a bit weird!" Said Kate. "But it feels nice too? So weird."

"Let se mee your Status." I said, checking her information.


[Name]: [Kate]

"It is fine, I merely did what any good father would." I laughed, patting her head. "No need to get so emotional over this. It is but a small step towards something further in the horizon. Let's eat for now!"

"Congrats sis!" Said Benladra as she ate meat at her sister's side. "Your soul might be A+ Rank now but you gotta keep boosting it. At least reach S+ Rank now!"

"Okay!" Kate nodded, full of a new determination.

As we ate and celebrated, I looked at the rewards I acquired. I wanted to use the Divine Ability Tickets to get some new abilities to play around, or maybe to combine later on. I had a lot of them now.

Exactly, five, actually!

"Let's see...!"

With a single mental command, all five tickets turned into golden divine light and flew into my body, fusing into my body and soul at once. I suddenly felt five new Divine Abilities being born in a split second.


[You have used the [Random Divine Ability Ticket (SSS Grade)] x5!]

[You have Awakened Five Random Divine Abilities.]

[All Abilities Awakened are based on your potential and elemental affinities.]

[You acquired the [Mind-Consuming Dream Flames (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

[You acquired the [Soul-Burning Nightmare Flames (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

[You acquired the [Divine Dragon's Anti-Magic Elemental Scale Armor (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

[You acquired the [Death Awakening (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

[You acquired the [Abyssal Star (SSS)] Divine Ability!]

"Oh? Not bad!" I looked at the five new Divine Abilities with great interest.

Dream and Nightmare Flames, an Armor Skill, and... Abyssal Star must be offensive dark magic I think, but what's Death Awakening?